• Totally agree, Melanie, and I like it when people point out the odd typo to me. I’d rather get it right.

    • Totally with you on that, Sharon! “I’d rather get it right”, too. I just don’t understand the folks who don’t give a hoot about getting it right. In my estimation, they’re missing a prime time opportunity to strut their best stuff and garner new business leads. To me, that’s a priority.

  • We all experience the occasional slip off the keyboard of accuracy. However, I will always care and appreciate when someone lets me know (politely). Because I do care. It’s kind of like someone letting you know you have toilet paper trailing being on your shoe. Wouldn’t you want to know that before heading into that important meeting? 😉

    • “Caring” (about your writing). Ahh … now there’s a concept, Cathy! One I can wrap my heart around. And only YOU would think of toilet paper on someone’s shoe. LOL! 😉

      • What I love is the typo on a post about writing skills. LOL! Make that toilet paper trailing behind (no pun intended) on your shoe. Ah, typos…the great equalizers.

        • Your pun may not have been intended, Cathy, but I love it! Now I’m picturing you walking with T.P. trailing behind. LOL!

  • GiftedWithADD

    I am a former English teacher so I’m with you on this, Melanie. I can’t believe people even ask that question! My biggest pet peeve these days is “On accident.” I fear it’s here to stay.

    • “On accident”, eh, Margit?! Well, I say “Accidentally ON PURPOSE”!

      Happy to meet a former English teacher. Thank goodness your species hasn’t become extinct. I’m an avid lover of language arts and I’ve had a love affair with words since first grade. How some business bloggers can butcher the English language and have no qualms about it is quite sad and disappointing to me. The “I don’t care” attitude is epidemic. 🙁

      Thanks for swinging by!