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  • I’m still going strong and loving writing and finding other great blogs. However I still loved your tips in this post – Thanks for sharing!!

  • Melanie,

    I admire you guys for joining the challenge again. I know it can be tough but so well worth it. It is a great way to build up content on your site. Learning to push through and pump it out can be exhausting and the biggest reward.

    Having good idea of what I was going to blog about during the challenges was big for me. I had a clear plan of what I wanted to accomplish.

    “We all need to support one another, share ideas, collaborate when we can, and help each other to rock this internet thing!”

    How true!

  • “Refreshed” is a good thing, Cindy!

    Quite frankly, I don’t know how you’re managing to stay afloat with this blog challenge along with your super long list of other activities … like coaching! You’ve been holding out on me. You must be an internet wonder woman. 🙂

    As far as recommending others or posting links to other people’s blogs — you’re probably a lot like me, Cindy. I bet you’ve got a ton of really cool professionals in your circle of influence whose work you admire and respect.

    We all need to support one another, share ideas, collaborate when we can, and help each other to rock this internet thing!

  • Hi Michelle,

    I love this post that you put together. Not only did you provide excellent resources, you recommened your readers to others who had great resources as well.

    I am so excited that you and I have connected. You are awesome. !

    I love your recommendations for staying on track with the UBC. I am behind a few days but now I am refreshed again, thanks to you. 🙂


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  • Wonderful to see you here, Michele — thanks for taking a break from the craziness of your day to stop by!
    I’ve made a lot of changes in the past couple of months and I’m so glad you like them. 🙂
    Appreciate everything you’re doing to help make the Ultimate Blog Challenge a super success. Love you.

  • Hey Girl – What a great post and exactly at the right time – my crazy busy week -hmm. Hey your site is looking awesome. I love the changes. Thanks, Michele

  • Great to see you here, Nicole — thanks for knocking on my door today!

    As bloggers (let’s face it, we’re writers), things can become routine, stale, and mundane overnight. I’m with you — I love to get my hands on some fresh (and refreshing!) new ideas. 🙂

  • You’re welcome, Martha! And I know exactly what you mean about grabbing the gusto when you’re in the writing “mood”.

    There have been days when I have every intention of doing a lot of writing and then nothing at all gets written. It’s hard to explain but — I just HAVE to be in the mood to write or it comes across as “forced” and it stresses me out.

    Thanks for swinging by!

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  • I found several of these resources extremely helpful. Thank you for the post. I generally don’t struggle too much with content but having fresh new ideas is always fun.

  • Thanks for the mention Melanie! My trick to getting blog posts done quickly is to keep writing when I’m in the writing “mood.” This usually produces more than enough content to turn into several blog posts. And, -like you say, having a list of fun titles usually gets those creative juices flowing! Thanks 🙂

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  • Paul — you’re definitely not alone.

    Even though my posts don’t run a quarter of a mile long like Tristan’s (Yikes! The guy is writing novels on his blog), it still takes me a heck of a lot more time, too, to write down my thoughts than I wish it did.

    Here’s my issue — I’m too damn fussy! I write, edit, proofread, re-write, proofread again. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why it takes me so long to get a post done. 🙂

  • LOL Thanks, Maureen! Sometimes it’s fun to just have some good old-fashioned fun with your posts. Glad to offer up some giggles once in a while. 🙂

    You’re welcome for the resource links and enjoy the rest of the challenge!

  • Melanie –

    Great recap of resources to make this easier! Generally I am good to go with my blogging ideas, but I still ‘take more time than I want’ to write them. I enjoy them and they are not a chore.

    Knowing that people are reading them make it easier! In the earlier days, I had no idea if people were reading my posts – that was difficult! Now comments come, emails come, and the response is positive.

    Again, thank you for the list of resources.

    Be Well.

  • Melanie, what a great post to give me a bit of a boost to keep me going on this challenge. You are such a wise sage and a seasoned blogger, your tips are invaluable, like the one about writing war and peace..not! Sometimes shorter is better. Thanks so much for the links to other advice and I loved your post “For the love of God”…that made me laugh out loud and is me all over.
    Keep the inspiration coming 🙂

  • You’re very welcome for the mention, Tristan – you already know I love your stuff! And this particular post is one of my favorites.

    Blogging every day isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially for an expert blogger like you who’s re-writing “War and Peace” every time you post!! 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I could sit for hours and read your blog. But I’m just not the 1200-word kind of blogging gal. My ‘signature’ is my super short posts.

    One of these days, just for fun (we all need a little of that, right?), I’m going to put you to the challenge of writing a killer post in 100 words or LESS. Do you think you could do it??

  • Thanks for the mention, Melanie 🙂

    I will never blog daily ever again. I did it for a couple years and I burned out on every blog I did it on. For me personally, writing 3 1200 word articles a week is much easier and less stressful than 7 500 word articles.

    But more power to you for doing it! Good luck with the next few weeks of the challenge!