• Hi Melanie

    Had trouble finding your blog today just thought you might want ot know it took me to the Google subscribe to blog page. Not sure why.

    • Hey Alyssa — thanks for the heads up. Not the first time this kind of thing has happened to my readers.

      Different “browsers” (strangely enough) seem to direct people to different places when trying to access my blog. Here’s the BEST remedy …

      Go directly to my feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/melanie-kissell

      So happy to see you active again over at the TLC Club for Bloggers! 🙂

  • Loved the interview, video and the clarity of your message Melanie!

    You never fail to inspire…thank you!

    • Thank you, Chris, for those encouraging and uplifting words! I appreciate you and I’m grateful you popped over to Yellow Brick Road to catch my interview.

      I hope you’ll connect with Samantha. She’s a really good egg. 🙂


  • Melanie,

    That was a fun trip down the “Yellow Brick Road”. Sam did a great job on the interview and her site is fabulous…bright and interesting.

    Thanks for inviting us along.

    • Hi Sheila,

      Interestingly enough, I found out today that Yellow Brick Road is Samantha’s client she acquired from Problogger (dot) net. Sam is a real go getter! She reminds me of you. 🙂

      She does a wonderful job of putting together interviews.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to give it a read,

  • The interview was awesome Melanie! And the video just another great touch.

    So glad Samantha chose you to be featured, as I believe you represent the ‘mompreneur’ to its fullest! I’m glad that we continue to build our wonderful ebiz connection.

    • It was fun reading your interview on Yellow Brick Road, too, Lynn!

      I’ll be excited to see the “social” aspect of the site when it’s ready. Kudos to Samantha for her efforts and ingenuity. 🙂

      Three cheers for ebiz connections!

  • Having problems with reception on the video but loved the interview. You have a nice style and a giving personality. Part of whey we all appreciate you so much. Thanks for sharing and thank to Samantha for interviewing you

    • Oh, Roberta, you’re a dear!

      I was tickled pink when Sam sent me a list of questions to answer about how to be “unique” and asked if I’d like to be interviewed on Yellow Brick Road.

      She wants to interview you, too! 🙂

      Yellow Brick Road is basically a career blog and she’s going to be adding a “social” aspect to it soon.

      I’ve been around the block a time or two (and I bet you have, too, Roberta!) and I can tell you this …

      Samantha is what I call a “sleeper”. Some might say a “best kept secret”. I’m predicting wonderful success in her future!

      Can’t wait to catch your interview,

  • Enjoyed that interview, Melanie.

    “Mompreneurs need empathy and understanding -– along with rock solid tools, platforms and strategies to build an indestructible business.”

    That is so true. Being an entrepreneur is not easy and being a mom is not easy. Combine the 2, add in solo and you have not only Solo Mompreneur, but you have super woman. I am overwhelmed just thinking about that.

    Thank you for providing that support, empathy, and tools, as well as teaching solo mompreneurs how to take care of themselves. After all, they have a lot of people depending on them.

    • I’m smiling, Daphne, and thank you for your support!

      Yes, being a mom is a full time job, oftentimes thankless, and moms don’t get a paycheck for their contribution to the family, either. It’s doubly hard when you’re flying solo for all the obvious reasons. Toss a biz into the mix and your stress levels can reach new heights!

      I’ve always had an affinity for single moms, even before I became one twenty years ago. I love to lend a helping hand or a listening ear when solo work-at-home moms start to feel isolated, confused, or ready to throw in the towel.

      I appreciate you!