• SandyMcD

    Mel, this is just such a fantastic example of how to tell a story, give a lesson and gently point people in a direction where they can get to learn more. Put together in your inimitable style, it is a great read. So hope that Candice is signing up to Story Bistro.

  • Hi Melanie,

    Great example, and one that rings so true. I wonder if it comes down to our reticence of boasting about ourselves? Not boasting in a gratuitous way (and I have a post coming about that next week), but simply showing exactly who we are and what we can do? That could be stopping us from reaching our full potential, because the public story that results is far different from the one we could be telling.

    • You have a “boasting” post coming out, Danny? Super! I’m looking forward to putting my eyes on it because I know it’s going to be a valuable read. Will it land in my inbox next Sunday?

      You’re making a really good point and, yes, I think you’re on the right track. Tooting our own horns is a challenge sometimes and it can feel a bit icky and awkward. At least for me. I never want to come across as a braggart or make myself sound like I walk on water, know what I mean? BUT I do want folks to know what makes me tick and give them reasons to pick me as their copy editor of choice. So, in essence, it’s a balancing act of sorts.

      Thanks a million for sharing your thoughts! I always love to find you here. 🙂

      • Hi Melanie,

        Hah, unfortunately not – this week’s newsletter will be the last one. After that, I’m switching over to Postmatic for both email delivery as well as the current blog comments set-up I have now. You can find out more about that move, and what it means to my weekly newsletter subscribers, here (hope it’s OK to drop link, please remove if not!):


        I think the tooting of horns thing can also come down to ego, and the pushback we give when we see people with too much of it. I saw someone tweet earlier that ego in itself is fine, as we need a certain amount to ever get things done, or convert people to our way of thinking (for want of a better description). But too much ego is where the issues start.

        So perhaps that ties into talking about ourselves too, and wondering of we’re crossing that ego line?

        • You can drop a link here anytime you wish, Danny. Thanks!

          “Too much ego” is a real problem. I guess the question then becomes “How much is too much?” Yes, we definitely need to win people over … but we sure don’t want to turn them off by acting like we’re full of ourselves. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for your upcoming post. I bet it’s going to create a lively conversation! 😉

  • Lisa

    Melanie I would love to attend! Tea is awesome. Unfortunately I’ll be traveling during that time. Thanks for spreading the word because it really is a great opportunity for folks to dig deep and think about their business in a new, exciting way!

    • Many thanks for chiming in, Lisa! And I agree with your sentiments, BIG TIME. Tea is a rarity, isn’t she? I swear everything she touches turns to gold … and well it should. I know this year’s Soiree is going to be awesome. 🙂

      Happy travels!