• You’ve definitely got a handle on social media, Jane!

    The only thing we really need to remember is …

    Get rid of the word, “selfish”, and put “selfless” in its place. It’s really that simple.

    You rock!

  • Michelle ~

    Relationships are never a “one-way” street. And marketers who choose to post one-way messages are walking alone down a dead end road.

    And I’ll agree with you totally about people who charge to share their tips and strategies for using social media. If you’re not going to practice what you preach (or teach!), don’t bother. That’s a surefire way to turn people off and lose your credibility … forever.


  • Great post Melanie, thanks! I 100% agree – relationships matter! In fact, I just posted a silly question on Twitter about interacting! lol I tend to mix in personal & professional posts on Twitter (my main avenue of “socializing” & mktg.). I’ve actually been pretty frustrated lately with it though, because it seems no one wants to connect/engage. If someone asks a question, & I reply, I never hear a peep from them – no general comment back, no gratitude… nothing.

    I’m finding no one answers anything I ever ask, hardly visits any link I post, & just remains content to not interact at all! I don’t understand it. I agree with you – no one cares about me – & perhaps that’s the reason. lol But, I’m there to just “be me” & have fun, & maybe throw a little information out there at the same time (some useful, some not).

    Not all of my followers are like this, surely I have made real connections, but the majority seem to just be fine with never coming out of their shell. Don’t even get me started on the active vendor accounts out there who don’t take providing customer service via Twitter seriously… lol. Thanks again! 😉

    • Please don’t get discouraged, Shana!

      It took me THREE years of consistently and persistently participating in social media venues to finally get the ball rolling. I know that sounds like forever, but I learned a whole lot along the way and it was worth hanging in there and sticking it out.

      Here’s what I’ve figured out about asking questions on Twitter:

      1.) Ask more than once!
      2.) Post your question at different times of the day (not everyone is in your time zone)
      3.) Oddly enough, I’ve gotten the best response to questions on Sundays. Go figure.
      4.) Instead of just asking a question, do a short write-up on your blog and pose the question there. Then you’ll also be creating fresh content for your blog and that’s a good thing!

      The biggest key is making sure you’re connecting with the RIGHT people — your target audience. Be sure to follow @MrTweet on Twitter for some great recommendations and do a search for people you resonate with at http://www.search.twitter.com

      Don’t give up or give in!

  • Hi Melanie-

    Awesome post. Thank you for the reminders that online social media is not all about me, but more so than what I can do for you and being of service. That’s why some social media online marketers are successful while others bite the dust.

  • Congrats! Melanie you wrote the perfect post about you.

    I appreciate the comments you make on my blog. And I am witness to the great comments you leave on other blogs.

    You have been a real trooper during the 30 Day Blog Challenge…I would almost bet you have commented on all our sites. And I mean comments that add value.

    It has been a pleasure doing this challenge with you. Thank you, I have learned tons from you.

    • Sheila ~

      Your words are golden and your compliment means the world to me! I love building community and I love blogging so the 30-day challenge provided me an opportunity to do TWO things I’m passionate about. Ya can’t beat that deal! 🙂

      Hope to stay connected after the challenge,

  • I think a lot of people still don’t understand Social Media. They know how to treat their friends on social media, but when it comes to building relationships with potential clients, other professionals and colleagues, they go into this self-promoting buy-from-me… buy-from-me… mode.

    But I think those who take the time to do it right, will see the best results long term, and if they follow your advice Melanie, they’ll be right on track.

    • You’ve just touched a chord here, Fiona, that’s absolutely paramount.

      You’re right and I’ve seen this scenario in action over and over again. I can’t understand why people don’t see or can’t grasp the “crossover” from using social media to communicate with friends to using it to communicate to their target audience.

      For people who post nothing but , “buy, buy, buy” …

      I say, “GOODBYE”!

      Hope to keep bumping into you after the challenge. 🙂


  • Brilliant, it everyone followed this model, how empowered the Social media world would be

    • Thank you, Suzie, and I LOVE your smile! I can tell you’re someone who enjoys interacting with people and your upbeat personality always shines through!

      Best of success to you,

  • Such a true post! One thing that always makes me a bit sad is when I see “social media experts” charging to teach others, and when I visit their Facebook or Twitter page there’s no interaction at all but just a one-way broadcast of promotional tweets. It’s a misunderstanding of how to succeed with social media. Off to share this post! 🙂

  • Thanks for your comment, Linda!

    I believe most people go about social media the wrong way because they simply aren’t aware of how to make it work for them. It takes persistence, for starters, and a LOT of patience.

    Please pat yourself on the back for clearly understanding that success in implementing social media strategies begins by developing and nurturing relationships first.

    So happy to see you here today,

  • Hi Melanie,

    Just love this post, and the information here so right on. Sometimes in the rush to become well known are to get the word out about their business, some tend to go about social media all wrong. What I have found out about Marketing and presenting ideas and views on any social media site; is ideas do not spread because they are good it’s the relationships that you have made with the people that you are talking with.