• I too find the rich and happy moments are simple ones. I feel rich indeed when my grands run into the door and seem to be excited to see me. We had a great get together on Labor Day and everyone was happy and well. What riches!

    I often crawl in bed at night with the comfort of clean sheets and warm blankets and think how rich I am in comparison to so many of the world’s population that go to bed without such luxury. I am truly grateful.

    • You definitely know the true meaning of rich and happy minutes, Kathy!

      And I’m with you — we have so much to be grateful for and sometimes we just don’t take the time to savor the special little moments in life. Yes, everyone would like to make lots of money and have the luxuries that go along with a having a big bank account. But what will enrich our lives even more is embracing the net worth of things like family, friends, good health, and …

      Clean sheets and warm blankets! 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts,

  • What a wonderful post and I totally agree. Since downshifting and simplfying my life. The things that bring me the greatest feelings of happiness are so simple. Every night I write in my gratitude journal about the ‘gifts’ of the day. Now I’m going to notice the moments of ‘rich and happy’ that I’m taking and record those as well.
    Most of my ‘rich and happy’ moments are spent as ‘family time’, it’s so precious and I make the most of it everyday. But I also love ‘me time’ moments too and I’ll make sure I take more of those this week.
    Much love
    Heather xx

    • Thanks, Heather – You’re the perfect person to comment on this post! It’s wonderful to know that you and your family have reaped the rewards of downshifting and simplifying your lives.

      And you’re right! “Me Time” is absolutely essential and needs to added to everyone’s calendar. 🙂

      Wishing you a lifetime of rich and happy minutes!

  • Melanie –
    Like your blog, and always enjoy Lyman’s posts. I really liked your ‘give me one good reason…’ post – but couldn’t leave a comment for some reason. Very clever and fun.

    • Thanks, Leisa, and it’s a joy to see you here! The 31DBBB challenge is wonderful, isn’t it?

      Sorry you weren’t able to post a comment. There’s a shaded box below each post. Just look for the word, “comments”, and click there.

      And, yes! I got a fabulous response to my offer to link to others in the challenge (working on those posts as we speak). 🙂

      Knock on my door anytime,

  • Wow, thanks for the shout out, Melanie! I appreciate you taking the time to share the ideas from the book. And now I’ve got a new title for myself – “Personal Development Advocate.” I like it. 🙂

    • You’re quite welcome, Lyman, and I’m glad you like your new title. 🙂

      Happy Blogging!