• Hi Melanie !!!
    According to me, the Pigonhole posts are short as compared with a normal, but its say all things that the writer want to convey to the readers. You have shared the sharp points, when I finished the last one, I wondered to read more about.

    But When looked above, I got what you want to share with us.


    • Great to cross paths with you in the blogosphere again today, Ravi — thanks for catching this post!

      You definitely “get” what a pigeonhole post is! Let’s face it … you’re a quick study. LOL!

      I enjoyed reading your post regarding the qualities of a GOOD internet marketer … and your “bonus” tips are awesome.

      Write On! 🙂

  • PowerSellingMom

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  • Melanie – My definition is short, to the point, a perfect bite of information. Funny, to me pigeonhole has always carried a more negative connotation. For example, Keifer Sutherland will be forever PIGEONHOLED as Jack Bauer. 🙂 In your use, however, it’s a positive, quick, salient piece of advice. And great advice at that.

    • Drum roll, please, Lisbeth …

      YOU’RE RIGHT !!! You guessed it. 🙂 Thank you for reading my post and chiming in here with your definition.

      A pigeonhole post will simply ZERO IN. You start with a brief intro, lay out some short bullet points, close quickly and … you’re outta there!

      Kudos to you, Lisbeth! 🙂


  • Hi Melanie,

    I think a pigeonhole post is one that goes straight to the recipient – into their pigeonhole. Easy to talk about, of course, but next to impossible to do unless you have a very specific product or service aimed at a very specific target customer.
    If I could hit the correct pigeonhole, as well as several others nearby and some that are some way apart, I’d be happy!

    best wishes


    • Wow, Rob, you’ve really taken this to a whole new level!

      All I can say is that this blogging challenge has brought the most clever, intelligent, and creative people into my life — the kind of folks that aren’t afraid to think outside the proverbial box. And that definitely includes you!

      Hold on just a little longer while I finish reading what the rest of the commenters have to say.

      Be back at ya,

  • Maybe a pigeonhole post is one you can easily categorize? Or one that can be divided into clear categories?

    • You’re another brilliant thinker, Fiona!

      I can’t believe all the wonderful guesses everyone is turning in! I really like your definition of a pigeonhole post, but it doesn’t fit the bill in this case. However, now you’ve got me thinking that I should start categorizing my posts. What a terrific organizational idea! 🙂

      There’s another guess or two I need to respond to and then I’ll get back to everyone.

      Warm regards

  • Hi Melanie,

    Well, I’ll go with the opposite of what Jeanne says… It’s not that YOU get your post out of the pigeonhole, but this will be a post that I put into MY pigeonhole. It’s a post that’s so useful and straight to the point that I want to save it and refer to it at a later time.



    • Another GREAT GUESS, Gwen!

      I love the way you think. 🙂

      And I’ve certainly tucked away quite a few of your posts because the information is super duper and I want to refer back to it again.

      But that’s not what a pigeonhole post is. As soon as I read the rest of the guesses, I’ll spill the beans, okay?


  • I think there is a thing that is called the pigeonhole principle. Basically it means that if one thing is one way then the results would have to be a certain way.

    You say – Be a good listener and then you give how it should be.

    It’s guess….

    • Thanks so much for taking a stab at this, Sheila!

      I like the way you described the pigeonhole principle and, actually, I had never heard of it before. Really interesting, but a pigeonhole post means something different in this case.

      Stay tuned …


  • I like Leo’s definition:


    My original thought on pigeonhole posts was: a wooden pole that collects pigeon dung…LOL

    Mtn Jim

    • Good evening, Jim!

      I’ve been following Leo B. on Twitter — you have good taste in friends. 🙂

      Nope – In this case, it’s not a wooden pole that collects pigeon dung. LOL


  • Well, let’s see…would a pigeonhole post be one that you pulled out of storage? Do you have a secret cache of them somewhere? Hmmm…
    Ok, I’m listening, tell me dear Melanie!
    Your blogging buddy,

    • GREAT GUESS, Jeanne!

      You’re brilliant and I can see where you might instantly think in terms of a compartment, recess, or cubbyhole. That COULD be a definition for a pigeonhole.

      But nope – in this case, it means something different. Humor me, would you? I so rarely get to have any fun. 🙂 Let’s see if some other folks chime in with a guess. And I promise I’ll get back to you.

      Sound fair?

      But I loved your guess!