• i know what you mean
    its important that we understand that people won’t come on their own
    thanks for the post 🙂

  • Great information. I enjoyed visiting your blog. I will visit again.Betty

  • OK. I am actually going off to sleep, but bookmarking your post for tomorrow so I can come back and get your information.

    I teach hands-on social media workshops and have been fairly successful in reaching out and getting people to attend, but I haven’t been sold out yet! I hope to learn some new tricks and I am excited I ran across your post!


    • TOTALLY enjoyed your recent post, Dorien — commented and shared it all over cyberspace! 🙂

      Sleep well, have a sweet dream and I hope you’ll visit again soon.

      For getting outrageous attendance at your hands on workshops, follow my awesome friend, “Daphne Bousquet”, at @BousquetCMP on Twitter! Daphne helps people get “butts in the seats” of their seminars and workshops. 🙂

      • I just did tonight!
        Did you know she is Dutch, like me?!
        I remember her competing in the Olympics…I bet she’s about my age and we left the Netherlands at the same time.


        (I signed up for her FREE webinar as well)

        • Woo-Hoo! Way to go, Dorien!

          I’m SO jazzed you decided to connect with Daphne! And I’m doubly jazzed to know you two have something very special in common.

          It warms my heart and gives me such a great feeling to bring my online friends together. Social networking is great! 🙂

          Glad to hear you’ve signed up for Daphne’s webinar — me, too. I’ll see you there!

  • Hey Melanie,


    I actually promised myself that I will attend but I still haven’t! I don’t know why; maybe at times the time differences made it a little difficult. And many times, the topic doesn’t interest me because I have a personal blog and feel I won’t stand learning anything or I won’t be ever putting to practice.

    So that makes it a little difficult for me to be a part or this. I must try something out; maybe just for the experience.

    • Great outlook, Hajra!

      You never know …

      One of these days soon you may be hosting your own teleseminars or webinars. 🙂

      “I must try something out; maybe just for the experience.”

      That’s the spirit!

      • People would kick me out if I hosted one! I talk way too much 🙁

        • Wrong! Wrong! Wrong, Hajra!

          People would fall in love with your personality and your unending supply of wit. 😉

  • It’s like you read my mind Melanie! I just know there will be lots of juicy content if you are involved in this! Sounds terrific and just in time because I’m working on my first real tele conference. whohoo!

    • Awesome to hear, Bonnie!

      Ask … and the universe shall answer. 🙂

      The webinar is definitely content-rich and here’s the really great news …

      There’s nothing for sale during the presentation. Can I hear an Amen?! LOL

      Thanks for catching this post and for your uplifting comment.

      Go get ’em, Bonnie!

  • Brilliant!
    Looks sooooooo professional.

    2012 appears to be the year that we’ve stopped messing about and are getting down to it.

    Looks to me as though you’ve really thought this one through Mel.

    Wishing you every success.


    • Many thanks, Keith!

      Working with Chris Makell is a joy and we really poured our hearts and souls into helping people stop experiencing dismal attendance at their virtual events.

      “2012 appears to be the year that we’ve stopped messing about and are getting down to it.”

      You betcha!! 😉