• daniellemcgaw

    @MelanieKissell I found that. I’ve fixed your feed on my rss reader and on hootesuite. Hope it is working now.

  • Thanks, Martha. You and I can both personally attest to the power of social networking! 🙂

    And, yeah, I came pretty close to crying. But it’s awesome to know I have friends like you and Michelle I can always count on for help and support. AND … our relationships are a two-way street!

  • Wow! That was SOME list of problems you had. I felt you pain, girlfriend! I would have been crying in my milk, or beer, or something! Good going Michele and great post Melanie for letting us know how the power of social networking REALLY works!

  • If we all got together, Sheila — the fun would be non-stop! 🙂 Can’t wait to make that happen.

  • Melanie,
    First of all Michelle is great. Her blog is one of my favorites.

    The networking is so much fun. We need to all get together and meet. I bet we would have so much fun.

  • You know, Yvonne, this is the second time you’ve called me “Melissa” — and I still love you anyway! 🙂 All I can conclude is that you must have a lot of “M’s” you connect with online and it’s just too darn hard to keep them all straight. LOL!

    In the ophthalmology office where I work we have “Marty”, “Melissa”, “Maureen”, “Michelle”, “Mitch”, and me, “Melanie”.

  • Online friends are essential when you work from home. They are your network and it’s good to know you have someone you can call on. Beautiful public demonstration of gratitude, Melissa.

  • Thanks Melanie I’ll have a poke about…

  • Yes, Sandy — just visit Amazon and go to the “Kindle Store” and follow the instructions. Have fun!

  • Kindle publishes your blog?

  • I hear ya knockin’, Annie, and ya can come in!

    Social media venues have opened up a literal sea of opportunities to connect with the most fascinating, interesting, and talented individuals on the planet.

    Now I may be a little biased, but …

    I’m crossing paths with the majority of them in the blogosphere. 🙂

  • Good question, Eydie! Here’s what Michelle discovered:

    “I found the problem! Feedburner limits feeds and if yours is over that it stops pulling new feeds. Info here”: http://www.google.com/support/feedburner/bin/answer.py?answer=79626

    Keep this link handy — just in case — but I hope you never have this experience! 🙂

  • My experience has been the same Melanie through the power of the web and particularly social media my life will never be the same! New and great friends I have made have changed my life, added value to it and earned my eternal gratitude – nice post!

  • Would Michelle share her remedy – just in case the rest of us experience the same issues??

    Isn’t it great to have this network of talented friends?

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  • sanyt

    RT @MelanieKissell: [New Post] My RSS was a Mess – Michelle Shaeffer Saved the Day! – via #twitoaster https://www.melaniekissell.com/2011/01/my