• I knew something was coming! I am so glad you found your love! 🙂

    I haven’t 🙁

    • It’s really easy to find loads of love, Hajra!

      Just visit your local Humane Society or watch out for a litter of pups your neighbor has up for adoption. 😉

      • Lol! I was chased down by a dog when I was a kid and almost bitten. The experience was frightening for me and since then I have turned into a cat person!

  • Hi Melanie,

    Thanks for a wonderful post. I esp like what you say about stopping and counting your blessings. It’s so easy to take the people and animals in our lives for granted in these busy times, and then being filled with regrets when they’re one day suddenly gone.

    • You’re absolutely right, Marianne. I’m keenly aware that my two dogs won’t be around forever so I shower them with as much TLC as I can. 🙂

      Thanks for swinging by and stop back again soon!

  • I thought “dog” as soon as I saw the title…

    I have been dogless for about 2 years after saying goodbye to my 17 year old Gypsy, so I know all about the wonderful companions and partners they make. Happy Valentine’s Day, Max!

    • Must have been hard to say goodbye after 17 years, Daphne.

      I bet Gypsy was a fine companion.

      Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU and all the four-legged furry friends out there! 🙂

  • Hi Mel
    HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to you and all the lovely ladies who visit your blog.

    A little present… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwuO2dfqrF4


    • Hey Keith

      Happy Sweetheart’s Day to you and Hilary!

      Thanks for the James Brown video. 😉

      • My pleasure Mel.

        Glad that Hiten has found you.

        He is a great guy, I know you will like each other.

        • Hiten is really cool, Keith, and he crafted a gem of a guest post for you!

          Great guy to bring into your circle of influence.

          He mentioned he’s single at the moment (a comment he posted on Zeenat’s blog). So maybe you and I should collaborate, work some magic, and find him a companion.

          Do you know if he likes dogs? 🙂

          • Like dogs?
            I don’t even know if he likes women. LOL

          • What do you mean you don’t know, Keith?

            Don’t you screen your guest bloggers before they take a seat on your blog?! For heaven’s sake, you might be entertaining and showcasing axe murderers. LOL!! 🙂

            Be careful next time.

            Gather up a few pertinent details about these folks, would ya? 😉

  • Sorry to hear you had to give Cosmo up, Cindy. Eleven years is a mighty long time. I’ve been on the brink of having to part with these two dogs of mine more times than I care to think about. I’ve had to change residences four times in the past seven years and most rentals here won’t accept pets. But somehow we’ve gotten lucky and I hope I don’t have to move again any time soon!

    Thanks for coming by … had a hunch you were a dog lover. 🙂

  • Well, thank God you didn’t tell me he could play the piano, too! LOL

    Oh, Keith … no one should be entitled to this much laughter and fun in a lifetime. 🙂

    You’re good for my soul.

  • Hi Melanie,

    What a nice post. When I read it, I was reminded of my dog, Cosmo, who was my love. He was with us when I was married and then stayed with me after my divorce. He traveled with me, spent the night with me when I went to visit family and was a devoted friend.

    Unfortunately, I had to give him to another loving family after 11 years with me, and my heart was ripped out.

    Thank you for sharing such a love story about families and their pets. They are special parts of our lives, that’s for sure.

    Have a great day,


  • As I live and breathe Melanie – he could open doors.

    We have a small room that my daughter used for piano practice and we noticed that the door was always open.
    Then one day we saw him open the door.

    The only disappointing thing was… he was hopeless on the piano. LOL

    No video evidence, but would I lie to you?

    Hope you and Max have a relaxing weekend.

  • For once, you’re telling the truth?! I’m declaring this a global holiday. Mark your calendars, folks. Keith told the truth today. LOL!

    A cat that could open doors? Do you really expect me to believe that?? Show me the video.

  • I’m sure that I’d get on famously with Max… but not sure about my cats!

    On of my wife’s favourite cats was called Max – he was really bright, for a cat, he could even open doors.
    For once Melanie… I’m telling the truth.

  • I’ll do that, Keith. Maxwell would be absolutely enamored to meet you.

    My mum disliked animals. I was never permitted to have one around when I was growing up. So now I’m making up for lost time! 🙂

    Have a great weekend and I hope to talk to you soon.

  • Nice one Melanie
    I’m a cat person, got three cats, but my mum had a dog for many years.
    Dogs are such loyal companions and they ask for very little in return.

    Enjoy your Valentine’s day and remember me to Max.

  • Many thanks, Paula! Yeah, I guess my description of Max would be a little too good to be true of any “human”. 🙂 But every word I’ve spoken about Max is true here. He’s got the most PLEASANT temperament of any dog I’ve ever befriended. I think it’s because he’s a great “mix” of Golden Retrieve, Labrador, and Springer Spaniel. Don’t ask. 🙂

  • Awww. When I started reading how great he was, I caught on! ONLY a dog could be that great! Lord knows no man is. 😉

    What joys they are. I’ve had the pleasure of three wonderful companions, one of whom literally saved my life when I didn’t think I could bear things one more day. But hey—I had to feed her, right? So I climbed out of bed, and life did go on. The other idea faded away.

    They are gifts from above. Just the best things ever. I’m glad you’ve got Max…I can see that he is your significant other, and I see why! Enjoying the site, Melanie. 😀

  • Hey Dennis — it’s always nice to connect with a fellow dog lover. My grandmother used to say people who love animals have very warm hearts. 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and really enjoying “The Salvatier Daily”!

  • Thank you for this, Melanie. You just reminded me of my two dogs that are gone now. I miss Scrappy and Dixie. Have a Happy Valentines day!