• What an awesome case study. Too bad I have no records coming out, or I would be all over this. Although, I must say, even with all this promotion any records of mine would NOT be doing well. Although I have plenty of talents, musical talent is not one of them :-)!

    • You’re a sweetheart, Daphne. Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

      You may not have musical talent …
      But no one (and I mean NO ONE!!) rocks the seminar event strategy arena like YOU!

  • Great ideas for your musician! Don’t forget Reverbnation.com too. It’s the perfect site for up-and-coming (and old hats too!) Good luck!

    • Ooh, Martha … appreciate the tip! You’re a keeper. 🙂

      ReverbNation is new to me. I’ll scope it out today and pass the link along to Shannon.

      Have a marvelous week and thanks for the visit!
      Love ya.

  • Great tips for getting started on finding your target audience! I think it’s important to note that you have to actively STAY involved, too. It’s not enough to put out a few tweets, posts or updates and expect a return. If you stay involved and have many, many ongoing CONVERSATIONS – that’s your best bet.

    • You’ve hit the proverbial “connections” nail on the head, Brooke!

      You’re 100% RIGHT.
      That’s why I think it’s nuts when online marketers go after the big “numbers” of fans and followers on social media venues. I mean, really. C’mon. Is it humanly possible to have meaningful one-on-one conversations with 10,000 people?!

      Your point is a valid one — “stay involved”. And in order to do that, you need to be very selective and smart about who you choose to invite into your circle of influence … including potential customers or clients.
      Thanks for swinging by!

  • Great post, Melanie. And a great reminder that we who market others need to look for new ways, opportunities and means to promote our talents and skill sets. I’m a huge music enthusiast, so great to see someone mentioning Last.fm and other sites.

    • Hello Mallie and welcome!

      I’m constantly scouting around for new and creative ways to help others market their talent. You and I just connected very recently so let me share one little personal tidbit … my all-favorite route to travel in business and in life is “off the beaten path”. I’m one of those people often referred to as “different”. And that’s A-Okay with me. 😉

      It’s always a joy to meet a fellow music lover and thank you for knocking on the door of Solo Mompreneur!

  • Great article Melanie. Good timing too since I’m creating the 2nd ed. of my book and will be marketing it soon.

    I have engaged with loads of folks on LinkedIn, by commenting on related blogs and as host of an Internet radio show I interview guests.

    You’ve given Shannon some great suggestions.

    • Delighted to see you back for Part 2, Flora, and CONGRATULATIONS on crafting the second edition of your book!

      Do you ever sleep?!

      People like you are the epitome of “engagement”. I know you’re one busy lady online!

      You’re such a great role model for the messages I’m sharing in this marketing series. I’m going to give you a brand new title. You are now officially crowned …

      The Countess of Communication! 🙂