• Hey Melanie – You are so funny! I am so excited that we have connected like this because I look forward to seeing what you are going to say! As usual you are right on the money – Michele
    .-= Michele Scism´s last blog ..5 Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas =-.

    • Thank you, Michele!

      So many people keep telling me I’m funny — maybe I better start believing it! 🙂

      I’m very grateful that our paths have crossed, too. I don’t know about you, but I tend to magnetize toward people with that “first impression” positiveness – that certain sense of confidence, professionalism, humor, warmth, and compassion for others. And that’s exactly the first impression you made on me!

      Let’s face it. I can recognize talent when I see it! 🙂


  • Hi Melanie,

    I must tell you I enjoyed your post except for one thing…that old lady designation. Now you are within you right to call yourself anything you want, but that, my friend, is not who you are, or who you look like 🙂 Excellent points in your post and my post for today happens to be about that as I just told Gwen on Facebook. This is especially so since I felt as if I wasted 4 hours trying to create something, which would have increased my day’s productivity if I’d outsourced it.

    Thank you.
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    • I love you, Yvonne. You always make me feel a lot younger in years than I am. May I keep you in my back pocket at all times? 🙂

      Seems a lot of folks are interested in knowing more about outsourcing this week. You probably know this already, but so far, I’ve been doing everything myself … until I met Michelle Shaeffer in this current blogging challenge. I’ve been trying to use Photoshop to design my own logo. Yikes! I just get totally frustrated. So I hired Michelle to design a logo for me and I’m feeling less stressed already … bigtime!

      If you want to check out some good resources for outsourcing, read the response I wrote back to Deb here.


  • Hi Melanie,

    Can you expand on the “short and simple” business plan? What would be the minimum needed for that?

    I like short and simple!!


    PS – I will be taking Jessica’s bootcamp. I just had way too many classes going on at once! Two are over now – Yay!
    .-= Gwen Tanner´s last blog ..Content Creation: A Lesson From Burger King =-.

    • Hey Gwen!

      Let me just boil down the “business plan” in simplest terms:

      1.) What are your goals?
      2.) How do you plan to accomplish them?
      a. finances/budget (How much do you have to spend on your biz? What are your budgetary boundaries?)
      b. resources (marketing tools, platforms, strategies, people who can assist you)

      I could write more here but you get the idea, I’m sure. And I like short and simple, too!

      So happy you’ll be taking the Bootcamp! It’s a self-study course (which I LOVE!) and it took me from zero success to finally moving my business forward. Would you like to use my affiliate link to sign up? 🙂

      Much love,

  • good now I can call you the old lady even if I am older than you. But good points and encouragement to your mom-preneurs. I’m impressed with everything you do for them and would love to see them all succeed. I would be willing to start a scholarship type thingie for people you really think have great potential but perhaps may need a bit of help? thoughts? I love Deb’s outsourcing outsourcing. She and i are on the same road. oh, and by the way i got here from comment luv and now have to go back. maybe there’s a setting for open in new window, ms wise one?


    • Okay, enough with the superlatives, Terrie! ‘Wise one.” LOL!!

      I love Deb’s ‘outsourcing the outsourcing”, too. You know, she just may have something there! 🙂

      Working with single moms is very gratifying and they hold a special place in my heart. Thanks for the scholarship idea. I’ll keep that in mind.


  • One more thing, Deb ~

    You might want to connect with Michelle Shaeffer (blog challenge member @SmallBizMuse). She’s been on both sides of the outsourcing fence!


  • Isn’t that “years young”!!

    I’ve read a few blogs today about outsourcing and that’s one area I haven’t mastered. I find some really great people that do good work and then they disappear! I need to outsource outsourcing! LOL. Any tips in that area?
    .-= Deb Augur´s last blog ..Are You Ready for WordPress 3.0? =-.

    • Good point, Deb! After all, we’re not getting “older”, we’re getting “better”, right? 🙂

      Got outsourcing on your mind today, ya say? Great. I’ve heard really good positive remarks about oDesk (http://www.odesk.com/w/) I’ll go so far as to say I’ve never heard a bad word … ever. My mentor (who, BTW, I respect and adore!) always directs people to Guru dot com (http://www.guru.com/). Connie Ragen Green oftentimes recommends Rentacoder (http://www.rentacoder.com/RentACoder/DotNet/default.aspx).

      There – that ought to keep you busy for the rest of the afternoon! 🙂


  • Melanie, You and your posts really brighten up people’s day! You are a true inspiration. Thanks for the reminder that it’s never too late!
    Bobbye Middendorf
    The Write Synergies Guru
    .-= Bobbye Middendorf´s last blog ..Focus on what is mine to do =-.

    • Thank you, Bobbye. Maybe I should change my name to “The Biz Brightener”! 🙂

      As always, loving your posts and your soul-driven messages.
      Keep ’em coming!