• GiftedWithADD

    People are always calling me a “rebel” but it bugs me. They don’t accept it when I say I’m not a rebel. I’m awesome and I want everyone to see their awesomeness. Rebel sounds negative and like a “bad girl.” I’m just awesome. If you can’t handle that, that doesn’t mean I’m a rebel; it means you’re mediocre or an a-hole. BTW, I too am a lover of the underdog and my engagement ring was a $12 Hematite band.

    • Oh, my goodness! Oh, my soul! Where have you been hiding all these years, Margit?! At LONG LAST, someone who understands what it means and what it’s like to be ‘awesome’ — and NOT in a ‘bad girl’ kinda way.

      Thrilled to learn you’re a supporter and cheer leader for the ‘underdogs’ of the world, Margit. They need us! And doubly thrilled to find out your engagement ring didn’t require the robbing of Fort Knox. LOL! I know a woman who demanded her fiance pay a minimum of $5000 for her engagement ring or she didn’t consider it suitable. Jeez Leweez!! Talk about pretentious (and spoiled and arrogant … and stupid).

      • GiftedWithADD


        • Funny you should mention ‘Twinsies’, Margit. I’m a single mum with four daughters and my youngest are ‘twinsies’. 😉

  • Abigail Rose

    Three cheers for the rule breakers! 🙂

    • Here, here! Let’s give a cheer!

      Dear Rule Breaker, Abigail, thanks for the visit. 🙂

  • Hi Melanie, you’re so right that some rules just beg to be broken. Throughout my life I’ve done things my way and it has served me well. I don’t consider myself a rebel either, and the rules I break don’t seem that big of a deal to me, or result in any unicorns dying.

    I used to have fun in school, for example, when the teacher insisted we write an outline first, get it approved by her, and then (and only then) write the final composition. For whatever reason I needed to write the full-blown composition first. My teacher didn’t need to know. Then I would create my outline and turn it in. Once the teacher approved it, I just had to write the already-finished composition in my best penmanship and turn it in. Boy! I impressed my teachers by submitting the finished paper in record time. It gave me tremendous joy to break that rule!

    • Flora, you little devil, you! Pulling the wool over your (unsuspecting) teacher’s eyes. LOL!

      I’m in your camp. I DESPISED drafting outlines in school. Seemed like such a waste of time. (Of course, I don’t feel like that now.) 😉

      Thanks for catching my post. It’s always a joy to see your beautiful mug. xoxo

  • You see, Melanie, THIS is why I ♥ you. 🙂 I have a similar affliction. I abhor labels. I firmly believe we are each unique (stems from what I call Middle Child of Seven Syndrome). And I will never stand in line to purchase anything because everyone else is. I was probably the last person on the planet to get a VCR (and how’s that for dating myself?), a microwave, and a cell phone (much less a smartphone). One of my mantras is ~ there is no right or wrong – just different. 🙂

    • “There is no right or wrong — just different.” And that’s why I love YOU! 🙂

      I’m a middle child, too, Cathy. We’re our own unique breed, aren’t we? Firstborns and the youngest children in families just don’t get what’s it’s like to be stuck in the middle. Our birth order has its own flavor and funkiness and flair. 🙂

      By the way, if they named a paint color after middle children, I wonder what color it would be? For sure, it would have to be something DIFFERENT. LOL!

      • Sharon Hurley Hall & I already think we’re twins. Maybe we should stretch that to triplets. 😉

        • Yesssss!! Add me to your duo and let’s make it a trio. 😉

          Isn’t it wonderful to meet people online you immediately feel a connection to? Something just clicks and you resonate BIG TIME. Fellow crusaders and kindred spirits. 🙂

          • More kindred spirits; I love it!

            • Thanks for catching my post, Sharon, and for the shares. My world is a better place with YOU in it. 🙂 xoxo

              Write On!!

  • “I Don’t Write Long Blog Posts.”
    I know that.
    And you know that I know that.

    • Darn tootin’ I know you know! 😉

      I get a lot of flack sometimes from SEO types, copywriter friends, website developers (like my son-in-law), but I don’t pay any attention. I’m comfortable with my writing style and I’m sticking to it! (I also know you know how stubborn I am.) LOL!

      • “…but I don’t pay any attention”
        I find that hard to believe…

        • Okay, Keith, I stand corrected. I hear what they’re saying but …
          I choose to ignore their advice.