• Deb – your comment has reinforced, immensely, why I love affiliate marketing so much and the fun of creating some “buzz” for other people’s products, programs, and services. As an affiliate, my focus is NOT on the product itself but on the promo. I love to get other people buzz-ing about things I personally find valuable and use in my own life or business.

    Your point is very well taken — the focus should be on the MARKETING. 🙂

  • I’m SO glad you shared this story, Sheila!! The owner of the restaurant you worked for REALLY understood marketing. He was creating some “buzz” every day. And I just bet he was hauling in the bucks! 🙂

  • Hi Melanie,

    So true! I’ve noticed that people are into what they produce far more than they are into marketing it… and that’s really not okay if you want to make some money! Social media can easily level the playing field for those that don’t feel comfortable marketing themselves or selling their products or services.

    Great tips! You’ll enlightened many people with this post as you are making it much easier to understand being social works!

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  • Melanie,
    “Create Something Buzzworthy” is one of my favorite posts.

    Creating something buzzworthy in the “real world” seems to be much easier. Years a go I worked for a small restaurant. At lunch time people would line up at the door to get a table. The owner did four things that captured the crowd and kept them coming back. First he targeted his market, blue collar workers. Then he made a chicken fried steak that was to die for and served it hot and fast. He knew every customer by name and was genuinely interested in them. Lastly he was entertaining, you never knew what he would do next….chase a customer with a big knife or sit down to the piano in the middle of the rush.

    Now to carry that over on to a web site takes some real work!

  • Spoken like a true (Buzzworthy) expert, Annie! Consistently and persistently adding “value” to your blogging community and target audience is the key.

  • This is so true Melanie it all comes from great content, consistent authentic conversations and adding value to those around you. Just keep at it and it will pay off…