• Thanks for dropping by, Cindy, and I’m glad you picked up the goodies — enjoy!

    Just one more week left in the Ultimate Blog Challenge so …

    Happy Blogging!

  • Hi Melanie,

    I am so thankful to you for sharing this cool tool. I love learning about new internet tools to help me in my business and this is a tool I will add to my list.

    Now I need to catch up on the blog challenge. See you there. 🙂


  • Oh, my goodness, Paul!

    I feel as if I should be wearing a tiara right now and doing that special little hand wave that the homecoming queens do. LOL!

    Thank YOU for being a part of my blogging community! It’s not often one of the guys stop by. 🙂

  • Come on – who are you fooling? You have mastered each of those choices! You are the Master (Masteress?) at blogging and do a great job at it! I am certainly glad that I found you here!

    Thank you for all you do. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

  • To extend a gigantic “Thanks!” for joining this conversation, here’s a couple of cool freebies for you (NO OPT-IN required):

    http://budurl.com/smgv “15 Social Media Power Tips”

    http://just-ask-kim.com/synergy-business-blogging-volume-1/ 31 Bloggers share “The Synergy of Blogging and Business”

    Drum roll, please …

    My biggest blogging challenge is “Implementing SEO strategies”. Every time I see those three little letters, I want to crawl into the baseboard! 🙂

  • Listen, Janet … is there any way to clone you?? Work on that, would ya? I need about a hundred more people like you reading my blog. 🙂

    Kidding aside, thanks a million for your kind thoughts and you’re the first person to guess “planning and organizing posts”. It’s definitely a logical guess!

  • I’ll go with planning and organizing posts. Just an intuition from your comment on writing at midnight and after….:???? May be way off base!

    Love your blog, your sense of humor and your writing. You don’t come off as blog challenged at all!

  • Annie, you’ve made a really good point! To some degree, “engagement” is a challenge for all of us — especially with all the noise and distractions online. It can be impossible (on a good day!) to get people’s attention and rope them in. I’ll let you know tomorrow if it’s my biggest challenge. 🙂

  • Another guess is in! Thanks, Leanne. I’ll let you know if you’re right. 🙂 Missed the “blurb” on the summit page – will have to go and check that out.

    Appreciate the visit today!

  • How about engaging your readers, not that you are not engaging lovely, just that with all the information out there it can be difficult to create and keep engagement 🙂

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  • Well, based on the blurb on the summit page, I’d say monetizing your blog.

  • Three guesses are in! A big thanks going out to Sheila, Cindy, and Elaine! I really appreciate you stopping by today and posting your comments (guesses). I’ll be coming back here tomorrow to divulge my biggest challenge. I want to give a few more of my readers a chance to get on the bandwagon before I let the cat out of the bag. 🙂

    Sheila — you’re one of my best online friends and a loyal reader. It’s because of people like you I’m able to build a wonderful community. Thanks for everything you do to support and encourage me and others, as well. You really warmed my heart today with your comments. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know if you guessed right. 🙂

  • Implementing SEO strategies?

    I am always engaged and you seem to attract a big variety of readers. You have great headlines and do not lack for great blog posts…so SEO?

    Thanks for the tip on winning a seat at the 2011 summit.

  • Melanie,
    This would be my guess:
    Implementing SEO strategies
    Google can change their criteria at anytime so what works one day might not work the next day.
    Thank-you for sharing the link to the Contest! Good luck to you!

  • Hi Melanie,

    I am so excited to be sharing my thoughts with you here. My guess is your biggest blogging challenge is “Monetizing Your Blog”
    Thanks for sharing these challenges with us.

    Good luck with the contest. I hope you win.