Have I Knocked On Your Door Yet?

Listen to this post if you like

Two days ago, on June 15th, we reached the halfway mark in the 30-day blogging challenge.

I would describe this event as fruitful and exhilarating!  Kudos to everyone who’s stayed committed and made it this far.

There’s been non-stop socializing and networking, the likes of which I have never experienced in all the years I’ve been online.

But there’s one big problem with the blogging challenge …

It’s BIG!!

With well over 200 participants, it’s not realistic to think that anyone could master the feat of reading and posting comments at all the member’s blogs.  Let’s just be honest and deem that “impossible”.

So here’s my question today for the members of the challenge …

Have I knocked on your door yet?

There are 13 days remaining until the challenge comes to a close.  If we haven’t met yet, please put a note in the comment box and introduce yourself.  Before the weekend is over, I will read at least one of your posts and leave you a comment.

Knock! Knock!


  • Hi Melanie,

    Yes, you’ve knocked on my door a lot… and I love it! I just wanted to say what an incredibly sweet thing you’re doing here. I know that I haven’t been able to knock on many new people’s doors this time around either and I really wanted to!

    You are such a supportive and encouraging person. I’m so proud of you for all you do, and who you are! Hugs!

    • Your words are golden, Deb!

      Thank you for making my day. 🙂

      This particular blogging challenge is so humongous that I wanted to try and reach out to at least a few more people if I could. I feel bad that I haven’t had the chance to connect with more of the members but I know we’re all doing what we can with the time we have available.

      As far as being supportive and encouraging, I feel the same way about you. We can all learn so much from you and be forever enriched by your friendship.

      Much love,

  • I appreciate your knocking at my door. I have enjoyed getting to know you.

    By the way… I linked to your blog from my blog with a little feature about you… It’s the June17th post.

    Come a knocking anytime!

    • Knock! Knock! Hi, Kathy, and thanks so much for linking to my blog. A little feature about me? Wow – I’ll be heading over there in a jiffy pop!

      The only regret I have about joining back-to-back 30-day blogging challenges is that I haven’t had nearly enough time to get to know everyone. No excuses here, just the facts. I work three part time jobs offline so my time at the computer is very limited. I wish I could have knocked on lots and lots more doors!

      Thank you so much for every visit you’ve paid me here and for the excellent content you’re posting on your blog.

      I’ll see you at the top!

  • I guess you have come by my blog… but you can still come back 🙂


    • Your blog, Gwen?

      I live there part time! It’s my home away from home. 🙂


  • JeanetteCates

    RT @MelanieKissell: @JeanetteCates Have I Knocked On Your Door Yet? https://www.melaniekissell.com/2010/06/ha… #blog30

  • Hello Melanie,

    Yes, I believe you have knocked on my door. Thanks!

    (Nice touch with the audio on this post BTW…)

    • Yes, Sally, I have knocked on your door and I only wish I could knock more often. This blogging challenge is massive in membership! The last one I joined had 50 people and it was almost impossible to keep up with everyone’s posts.

      “Acres of Ideas” sounds really intriguing. Have the doormat out – I think I’ll be stopping by soon.

      Thanks for mentioning the audio clip. It’s a 50/50 split right now as far as who’s finding it a good addition or not.


  • Melanie, if you have visited, my short-term-memory thingie has not done its job well enough for me to know!

    I’m a dad of four grown daughters, second banana to my delightfully insightful and powerful wife, Julia Rogers Hamrick (check out her new book! http://choosingeasyworld.com) and an IT guy currently seeking the ideal opportunity.

    We live in Denver, although North Carolina is my wife’s home and my birthplace. We’re still working through all of those “where are we going to live when we grow up” issues.

    I’d be delighted for you to stop by!

    • You got it, Rick!

      Congratulations to Julia! Writing a book is not easy-peasy.

      And not to worry. At 57, I’m still trying to figure out what I want to “major” in. 🙂 As far as growing up … I hope I never do!

      Be listening for my knock,