• You’ve got a great mission. Based from how you talked in your blogs, I can say that you are a cool person.

  • How could I – or my teammates at TheNextGoal.com – NOT want to help YOU reach your goal this week, Melanie! 🙂 And if you say it’s gonna be good, that’s good enough for me.

    • Hey Holly!

      Thanks SO much for your support — love you!

      I had a royal blast working with Kathleen Gage and we truly created some wonderful “energy” between us on the webinar. But guess what happened? A technical glitch, that’s what!

      The video portion recorded but NOT the audio. *Sigh* So Kathleen went ahead and re-recorded the session and she sent out the replay a little late. Hope you’ll be able to listen in — the training is AWESOME. But, of course, you won’t be hearing my voice.

      So much for my big webinar “debut”. LOL

      About the WBB contest …

      I wanted to turn a cartwheel when I found out you decided to enter. Yay, you!! The Next Goal (dot) com is FAB. But since I’m a team member at WBB, I’m not supposed to show any partiality or even hint at which team I like best. Biting my tongue is killing me!

      BTW, Holly — did you know I have an affinity for frogs? It’s true. I used to catch tadpoles when I was a kid. Tons of fun. Oh, and green is one of my favorite colors. Frogs are green and so is money. 😉

      Ribbit! Ribbit!

      Melanie 🙂

      • Given we support each other even when COMPETING HEAD TO HEAD, I doubt a charge of “favoritism” would stick. 😉 And as my friend Dave pointed out, my friends aren’t afraid to vote AGAINST me if they don’t think I’ve done the best job. I trust you’re like that, too. 🙂

        I used to catch tadpoles as a kid, too! Never, ever, ever leave them in an aquarium with plenty of food and no rocks for a week while you go on vacation. Just sayin’. But my grandmother also collected frogs (frog trinkets and jewelry and prints and such – not the live kind). So they’re special to me, as well. I think our funnyface frog’s a better mascot than a big ol’ BOOT, anyway. But I do hope, in the end, they get the boot. 🙂

        • Hey Holly,

          I thought, for sure, some “frog talk” would give away my favorite team. 😉

          Thanks for the tadpole tip. *Grin*

          Let’s give the “boot” …

          The boot!

  • Just do it, Mel.
    It’s all really frightening, until we jump at it. 😀

    I wish I was an established online professional with a huge following (well, wouldn’t we all wish that, anyway?), to help bring dozens of participants. I’m not. You’ll just have me.

    Kathleen Gage rocks and you’re making wise partnerships, that I can say!

    To your success

    • “You’ll just have me. ”

      That’s awesome, Helenee!

      And, yes, we all wish we had a HUGE following, but you know what? If we just stay focused and persistent, it will happen. If you’re like me, it’s hard to be patient sometimes and having days when we want to throw in the towel is very typical amongst entrepreneurs.

      One positive thing that makes a really big difference is partnering with well-established professionals and doing guest posting — lots of guest posting! (Hint-Hint). 🙂

      “See” you on Monday and thanks for registering!

    • Just finished reading your Squidoo lens, “Find a Good Writer” — wonderful piece!

      Shared it on +1, Facebook, and Twitter.

      Good stuff, Helenee!
      Melanie 🙂

      • Thank you, Mel – you’re precious.
        Took your hint too… 😉

  • Melanie I just stumbled on a tweet that Michele Schaffer shared or else I would have never seen this. I would be more than happy to spread the good word for you and your event. My first webinar brought in 35 registrations, however, I suffered the audio problem from hell!!

    But I’m glad I went through that as it was not only a learning experience but just to get out and actually put an event together was a huge success for me. Even though it ended up only 3 people could here my presentation, it turned out well.

    So I am wishing you positive thoughts for a successful webinar and do what I can to help you attain your 500 goal.

    • Sounds like you had a doozy of a time with the technical aspects of your presentation, Lynn.

      But I’m so proud to know someone who takes a bummer like that and looks at it as a “learning experience”. I’m sure the next webinar you host will have all the ducks lined up in a row and it will be a big hit! Love your mindset.

      What I have come to find out is that most people are very forgiving. And let’s face it … those are the only kind of folks you and I would want to have in our circle anyway. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by — really appreciate your vote of confidence and your support!

      Means a great deal to me, Lynn. 🙂


      • Well as you know Melanie, if we didn’t turn a negative into a positive, we would go insane, right?! lol

        Thank you (back) for the vote of confidence. I’m glad that most people are forgiving, and I think we have to be with all this technology that generally works, but when it doesn’t it can be very annoying!

        I just had to share with you too…. Ryan Biddulph just posted this and I thought it really does say what I think you and I share in our working relationship:

        “Online business building tip – Promote other’s businesses about as aggressively as you promote your own. This blows up your network which grows your business rapidly.” ~ Ryan Biddulph

        Make it a great day!

        • Hey Lynn — Ryan makes a good point and it’s right on the money!

          The rewards of spreading a message for your friends, fans, followers, and colleagues are immeasurable.

          Success stems from sharing! 🙂

          • Hi Mel

            “Success stems from sharing!”

            I’ll drink to that.

            BTW – just gave you a +1 over on the Klout website.


          • And I’ll drink to that with you, Keith! 🙂

            You’ve discovered Klout, eh? Good for you!

            I received a beautiful complimentary Klout “perk” in the mail — Tess Gerritsen’s novel, “The Silent Girl”, (A Rizzoli & Isles novel), a set of DVD’s, and a T-shirt. Quite a nice gift.

            Really appreciate the +k!

            Hope you’re having a nice relaxing wrap-up of your weekend,

  • Wow, Melanie, that is a BIG, HAIRY, AUDACIOUS GOAL. I admire you tremendously for setting it and I won’t doubt for a minute that you will reach it.

    • LOL! You can say that again, Daphne!

      I like shooting for the moon. 🙂

      I know you’re sponsoring this same webinar for Kathleen and the presentation is fabulous — very impressive. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed and saying my prayers you’ll get a really BIG turnout!


  • Hi Mel

    Words that I thought I would never hear coming from my own lips…

    1 No I insist, you bought the last round… I’ll buy these.

    2 Only $250 and you guarantee I’ll make a million. Sign me up pal.

    3 Just tweeted it Mel.

    Wishing you every success.


    • Words I thought I’d NEVER hear myself saying …

      “Thanks for the Tweet, Keith!” LOL

      Would love to be a little bird on your window ledge to see exactly what you do to wind yourself up every day. Your comments are the best! Wish I could borrow your brain for a day. 🙂

      Appreciate your support,

      • Mel
        It works so well because… it’s virtually unused. LOL
        Even I laughed when I typed that.

        Many a true word…


        • You’re a “hoot”, Keith, in the truest sense of the meaning! 🙂

  • Rob

    Hey Mel,

    Just tweeted it. I will be signing up myself (only 499 more needed). I look forward to the education. And, of course, you are involved.

    Live it LOUD!

    • Woo-Hoo!!

      I knew I could count on you, Co-Pres — really appreciate the Tweet and you’re in for a treat! 🙂

      Thanks for registering, Rob.

      Just 499 more sign-ups to go.

      We can do it!

  • Awesome! Glad to see you taking the leap, Melanie. That’s a fantastic goal. 🙂

    • Thanks, Michelle!

      “Leap” is a gentle way of putting it — feels more like jumping off a cliff without a safety net. LOL 🙂

      So happy to see you here,

  • I know you will find that there’s a ton of people who want to help you reach your goal, Melanie. I’ll be happy to do so. All the best with your event.

    • Thanks, Yvonne — you’re a keeper! 🙂

      And you know me by now …

      Let me know what I can do to help YOU! This networking ‘thing’ is a two-way street.