• Hi Melanie:

    Great post and for sharing who you are interested in linking with you. Hoping that I will be able to link with you. Here are my past prior blog posts on blogging, personal development, and time management.

    How to get spammers of your blog comment section
    5 benefits of blogging daily
    7 answers to a bloggers dilemma
    7 questions that keeps bloggers up at night
    Personal Development
    Stepping into your power and facing your fears-Part I and II
    Why did you become an entrepreneur Part I and II
    Time Management
    Take time out! For brunch. lunch and dinner


    • Oh, my goodness, you’re about to launch Sales Success Mindset! KUDOS to you!

      And leave it to you, Jane, to provide me with an arsenal of posts to choose from. Now how in the world can you expect me to pick just one??! 🙂 These are all great and I’m leaning toward “time out and time management” since no one else has submitted a post on those topics.

      Love your work (and you) and I’ll let you know when you’re linked up.


  • Thanks for the offer Melanie!! I’ll be back soon with my post that meets your specs!!!!


    • I’ll be waiting, Gwen!

      You ALWAYS come up with unique ideas for posts and I’d be happy to link to you!

      Your biz partner,

  • Hey, Melanie! You might like my post about duplicate content. I think that might fit into your blogging section. 🙂

    Great idea, by the way. You are a marketers dream.


    • Ditto Kiddo, Lis!

      “Duplicate content” is a hot topic right now — this one should sizzle! 🙂

      Thanks and keep your eyes peeled for your link up post.


  • An Open Farewell to ChicRunner.com — by Shelly Roberts

    • A “farewell” piece sounds really interesting, Shelly!

      Thanks and I’ll head over to 31DBBB to get the url to your write-up. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂


  • Hi Melanie,

    What a cool idea!

    How about this one:
    How to be Rich and Happy – And Help Others Do The Same

    • Sounds like a plan, Lyman!

      I’ll grab the url at 31DBBB and I’ll let you know the minute you’re linked up!