• @Marlee — So delighted you made it over here! Thanks for knocking on my door and for the lovely compliments. No one has ever deemed my blog “cozy” before, but it sure makes me feel good. 🙂

    The ‘No Questions Asked’ interview was an idea I came up with out of the blue and I’m planning on doing more of them. Just wanted to create something a little off the beaten path and people seem to like the format. I would be honored to take a seat on your site some day. Thanks! 🙂

  • Hi Melanie!
    What a cozy and sweet site you have here. Your “no questions” asked interview is INCREDIBLY creative. I love it! I’ll have to make sure I highlight this on Metamorphoself at some point. Great job!

  • WAHMSolution

    Thanks again @MelanieKissell for the creative and fun no questions asked interview!

  • @Theresa — Just glanced up at your link in the comments and it looks like you’re interviewing someone, as well. Interviews are in the air!

    I’ve received lots of positive feedback from this ‘first’ of mine and I’m happy to know you enjoyed the format, as well. Just my way of breaking with tradition and traveling off the beaten path. You know me … I’m such a trendsetter. LOL! 🙂

    I hope you’ll get to know Leanne and Cheryl outside this interview and invite them over to take a peek at your blog!

  • Great free-form style format Melanie! I love that it was a two-person interview—teams are great. It was wonderful meeting Leanne & Cheryl.

    I love the statement, ”The qualities in the people we hang out with play a major role in our success.” Their responses were wonderful, especially Cheryl’s comment “we become who we hang around with”.

    Clearly you are keeping great company Melanie! Loved the ‘interview’!


  • @Kristen — Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read WAHM Solution’s interview. Glad you like the format. 🙂

  • What an interesting format Melanie! Very informative and yes, it is scary at first! 🙂

  • Melanie,
    How fun was that! So very cleaver. I really enjoyed the interview and getting to Leanne and Cheryl.

    • Hi Sheila!

      I really had tons of fun putting this together for Leanne and Cheryl. So glad you took the time to read the interview. They do SO much to feature other mompreneurs on their blog and they deserve some very special recognition. I’ll be doing more “No Questions Asked” interviews in the future. So save a spot for me on your calendar. 🙂

  • SheilaAtwood

    @MelanieKissell – Loved your no questions interview – Well done! https://www.melaniekissell.com/first-ever

  • @Roberta — Sorry to hear about the ‘technical’ difficulties you experienced and I hope the second go-round runs smooth as silk! Leanne and Cheryl are definitely doing things RIGHT. 🙂 And thanks for the cartoon kudos. LOL

  • WHAM and the team are awesome. I am looking forward to our interview with the recording working this time. I love your cartoons for other blogs 🙂