• Hi Melanie,

    We just have to be careful of negative gossip and excitement (think of BP lol)! Although that can sometimes boost your popularity as well, even in a good way. I’m sure you know how a lot of companies and entertainers will do those “publicity stunts” to get people’s attention in either a good way or bad way.

    Nice tips.

    • You’re right, Gwen, and there’s a fine line sometimes. Yes, negative gossip is still considered buzz but it’s certainly not the kind I want! 🙂

      I think basically putting your customers and clients in the spotlight and focusing on how to serve them best will create the most rewarding business-building buzz.

      Thanks for sharing your insight!


  • Melanie,I agree that showing you care to your client base has a great result in building buzz.

    Deb and I have been doing weekly telesinars for over a year, and it’s done the most to create that buzz.

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  • It is interesting to see how the “buzz” had been taken to mean controversial. It works. People are interested.

    I love to watch what companies and advertisers do to create interest and buzz. Coors Beer for example – I mean who really cares about the label on the bottle turning blue when it is cold. Just think of the millions of dollars in advertising that has been spent on the campaign.

    I think there is much more to a good “buzz”. I like the term “buzz worthy” – it gives the buzz value. I guess it all depends on who you want to attract.

    • Good point about Coors, Sheila.

      As small business owners, most of us don’t have that kind of “buzz-creating” money to throw around on our marketing campaigns.

      I’ll stand my ground that if you provide value and treat people right, you will naturally become “buzzworthy”.

      Thank you for visiting my blog today!

  • I noticed that every definition pointed to “happy.” If folks can feel good when they visit your site… they are more likely to return and they will tell their friends about it.

    I find I tell folks about sites that have good “fresh” content that is presented in a clever way… or in a way that is different than a newspaper. I like sites that have personality.

    • I’ll go right along with your thinking, Kathy.

      We all know that we can work to build a list of opt ins or focus on boosting affiliate sales on our blogs, but landing on a site with “personality” and uniqueness will bring people back on a regular basis. And that’s a really GOOD thing!

      No matter what, success boils down to building relationships first. Create a solid, lasting relationship with someone and you’ll have buzz galore!

      Thanks for your comment today,

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  • Word of mouth was my major source of customers for my tailoring business, after I got it going with a continuous newspaper classified ad for a year or two. Word of mouth has tremendous power in it. So I know it’s well worth giving whatever it takes to make it happen. I’m trying to adjust to the online version. Thanks for the post!

    • Karen ~

      Thanks for sharing the positive results you experienced with word of mouth advertising in your tailoring business. You’re living, breathing proof of a business woman who knows how to create buzz! 🙂

      Basically, there’s really not much difference between offline and online buzz when it comes to having people singing your praises. In both cases, it’s all about people having “conversations”.

      From one night owl to another …

      Thanks for your comment!


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