• Great post. I did exactly that yesterday – just to find my centre, and today I feel so much better. I think personally blogging EVERY day is not a great idea in the long term, because I think even bloggers need a day off 🙂 Still, a little retail therapy and an excellent frappe, tend to do the trick 😉

    • Hip Hip Hooray for you, Fiona!

      YES. Even bloggers need a day off (especially if it entails a little retail therapy) 🙂

      Believe me, as much as I love to write, I’m going to welcome a chance to catch my breath and take a nice rest after the 30-day blogging challenge ends. I’m a little crazy for deciding to do back-to-back challenges and now I’m getting a bit tired.

      In ten days, I’ll be taking some “Me Time” — you can count on that!!


  • I’ve always had a rule that if you don’t take care of yourself first you won’t be able to be there for others without exhausting yourself. And, when you exhaust yourself you make yourself sick. And, when you’re sick, everyone else is upset because you’re sick. Better to have them understand that you need your me time to rest and rejuvenate so you can be there for them.

    • TOO TRUE, Joyce!

      What you’ve shared here reminds me a lot of my work as a lactation specialist …

      I tell all the new c-section moms I visit with on the postpartum unit that if they don’t make their recovery their highest priority, they’re no good to their babies. They usually have way too many visitors all day long, they don’t rest or take pain medication when they need it, etc. By the time night time rolls around, they’re exhausted, in tremendous pain, and unable to take care of their babies needs.

      It’s NOT selfish to take care of yourself!

  • Taking time for yourself is a necessary event. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

    Massage therapy, a long soak or shower, deep breathing while laying on the bed or floor, meditating, reading for fun, spending time laying in the sun listening to the birds or breeze–all good.

    Thank you for this article, Melanie!

    • Oh, Kathryn, your thoughts on what to do for “me time” are fabulous!

      I especially like the idea of laying in the sun listening to the birds and feeling the breeze. Ahhh … soothing.

      So glad you agree that taking time out from working a business and the grind of daily life is part of essential “self-care”.

      Nice to see you here today!

  • I confess to not often being deliberate enough about me time, and I also recognize that I need it when my best laid plans, like yours, end up not at all like they were supposed to.

    Going to the movies, getting a pedicure and manicure (truly decadent), catching up on reading Martha Stewart and drinking a really good cup of coffee are things that I do. What is it about those coffee rituals?

    • Hey Janet!

      I think they’re putting something in coffee these days — a special “ritual” agent. 🙂 People gather around the coffee pot at work (used to be the water cooler), coffee shops are popping up on every street corner and inside of grocery stores, and the funny thing … coffee isn’t cheap!!

      LOVE that you include a decadent pedicure and manicure in your “me time” and a trip to the movie theater. GOOD FOR YOU.


  • I have kind of a unique “me time” and my kids tease me about it. When I come home, I turn off the key to my car and just sit and ponder. Sometimes I listen to the radio and some times I just sit in the solitude and “think” for a few minutes before going into the house.

    When I had family at home, it was a kind of “gird up your loins” for the next “round” sort of time. A “Can I face the horde” kind of time. But now… it’s just “me time” …a time to reflect.

    Pssst… I must have past the habit on to my oldest son… because he does it now. At this time in his live, I think it’s more of… “Can I face the horde.”

    • Kathy ~

      Tee-hee-hee – Now you can turn around and make fun of your son! 🙂

      I think you have a cool way of creating “me time”. When I worked at an elementary school for eight years, lots of the teachers went out and sat in their cars for their lunch break. And I would see some of them reading a book or listening to music and I even a caught a few of them snoring away taking a nap.

      If the only solitude you could find when you had the kids at home was sitting in your car, then that’s great – it worked for you!

      Thanks for sharing this funny personal story,

  • Oddly enough, my “me time” almost always includes my computer. I love to wander around the internet, bumping into fun stuff completely by serendipity as I click any link which catches my eye.

    For me, this is relaxation, rejuvenation, and fun. Yes, it is true that when I am doing this as a means of refreshing myself, I don’t check work email or seek to discover the status of work-related projects. So, at least to that extent, I am living by the spirit of the law!

    I think the best “me time” is that which I can define in the moment, not presuppose or put limits upon.

    Certainly, Melanie, this is a vitally important topic for all of us, and particularly for the moms out there trying to do it all: career, kids and quality time with them, spouse who gets attention when he needs it, etc. I don’t know how moms do all of that and stay sane. One key, though, is bound to be not placing their own needs at the bottom of the priority list. Engineering some “me time” is indicative of raising the priority of self-care.

    • “Engineering some “me time” is indicative of raising the priority of self-care.” You deserve a (virtual) hug for this one, Rick!

      And I agree with you. A time out from stressfulness and a break away from drudgery must be defined by the moment.

      Thank you so much for your commentary on this post – really appreciate a gentleman’s viewpoint!


  • I totally agree with taking me time. As you know it can be difficult to do when balancing family and work. I like to take my me time in chunks.

    I live out in the sticks, so drive time is me time. I listen to lectures and music I love.

    Morning coffee me time. I get up early and sit outside or in my new addition and enjoy.

    When I go on fishing trips with my husband, the rule is not cellphones and no computers. This time to relax, hike and enjoy.

    Thanks for the great post.

    • I love your “Me Time” activities, Sheila, and I’m proud of you for sticking to the “no cell phones, no computer” rules.

      I’m a morning coffee (or tea) “Me Time” gal, too.

      Thank you for sharing some wonderful ways to rejuvenate your spirit!