• Melanie,

    The post was simple and to the point.

    In this age of information overload, what I love is simple, straight forward and easy to execute.

    You told us where to go: People we respect.

    And then, you told us how to do it: The 3 C’s

    Well done!

    Suzy Weiss
    Dating Coach For Women Over 40

    • Delighted to meet you, Suzy, and thanks for the visit.

      I’m with you …

      Simplicity rules! 🙂

      And let’s just say none of my loyal readership would EVER accuse me of writing posts that are too long. I like ’em short and sharp — and so do they! LOL

      “Dating Coach For Women Over 40” …

      I bet you’d really enjoy connecting with Deborah and JoJami of “Fabulous After 40”

      I may not be a dating coach (I’ll leave that up to YOU), but I love introducing people to one another. 🙂

      • Melanie,

        Thanks for the props.

        And thanks for the referral to Deborah and JoJami of “Fabulous After 40″

        You just demonstrated how to build a deeper connection.


        Suzy Weiss
        Dating Coach For Women Over 40

        PS Got your Name and site off of Lynn Terry’s Membership Group

        • Hi Suzy — love your Facebook fan page and welcome video!

          Thanks for letting me know you found my blog via Lynn Terry — have been a BIG fan of hers for a LONG time. 🙂

  • Melanie, aloha. Comment, Compliment and Collaborate–these 3 Cs are key to successful engagement. It’s not one 1 C rather it’s each C building on the others.

    While I know that initially it was difficult for me to comment because I was so in awe of the comments I read, I soon figured out that if I did not comment, say something, neither the blogger nor the blogger’s reader would know I was there. Melanie, so many of my wonderful relationships developed as a result of blog commenting–on our respective blogs as well as seeing comments on other blogs. You learn so much about a person by what they say in posts and comments.

    Melanie, I’d like to add another C to your list–Call. Though I interact extensively online, until recently I had not spoken with that many people I knew from online. What I decided to do, Melanie, is to Call people so that we could take our connection to the next level. Calling has been a pure delight. My goal for this year is to take many of my existing relationships to a much deeper level.

    Wishing you a year of exciting projects, interesting people, vibrant health, happiness in your heart and abundance in all that matters to you. Hauoli Makahiki Hou. Janet

    • I’m convinced!

      Let’s add “Call” to the list and make it 4 C’s. 🙂

      Love this, Janet …

      “My goal for this year is to take many of my existing relationships to a much deeper level.”

      I agree with you 100%. I do the majority of my communicating online but nothing beats a good old fashioned chat on the phone! 😉

      I recorded a webinar recently about promoting virtual events where I shared a marketing strategy that involved contacting five or six people. I’ll leave out all the details but suffice to say my FIRST suggestion was to CALL these people.

      Getting on the phone with someone assures you’ll have their undivided attention, for one thing, and it’s the most “personal” form of communication when you can’t meet face to face.

      Thank you for the New Year wishes … and I’m wising you the same! 🙂

  • Now, how could anybody *not* respond to a post like this :- )

    My meaning of life is to touch a billion hearts. I think that’s pretty in-sync with “people connection”.

    I like the phone metaphor too. Though every now and then I might miss a call~


    P.S: when I first came to your blog I pressed “blog” in navigation and page was corrupted. Maybe when you updated to newest wordpress? I arrived at this page via most recent posts link in sidebar.

    • Totally jazzed to have you knock on the door of Solo Mompreneur, Michael — thanks!

      This confirmed the possibility you might be a kindred spirit …

      “My meaning of life is to touch a billion hearts.”

      That’s a lot of hearts, but I suspect you’ve got a great running start! 🙂

      I miss a few calls now and then, too (Glad you enjoyed the phone metaphor)

      See you soon in the blogosphere!

  • Yes! An avatar is in order!

    Not that the silly little pink thing I’m seeing now isn’t cute …

    But maybe something in “blue” would be better. LOL

  • Hi Keith

    “I simply ask people to do things.”

    What a concept!! 😉

    I’d be honored to be the FIRST (to comment on your new site) 🙂

    See ya over there …

    • You may have just missed it Mel.
      I’ve got into bed with Livefyre and I’m having a chat with their man.

      Hope the metaphor is not too graphic. LOL

      • Some of my loyal readership may find your remark a little too graphic …

        But not me.

        Taking a peek at your brand new site makes me think “graphic” is a really good thing. 🙂

        • Thanks for coming over and leaving a lovely comment.
          10.30 in UK – off to bed.
          Night night.

          • Have a sweet dream and don’t snore too loud … might awaken the cats. 🙂

        • P.S. Had quite an interesting experience at the coffee shop this afternoon. Remind me to Twitter DM you about it some time.

        • Darn
          Need to get an Avatar.

  • Hi Mel
    This is my second comment wearing my WM Web Design hat.
    Just commented on Danny Brown’s blog, which is appropriate, because he introduced me to the genesis themes.

    “How do you engage to get the attention you deserve?”
    As you full well know Mel… I have no shame.
    I simply ask people to do things.

    Would love it if you were the first to comment on my new site.
    I did say it… I have no shame.

  • Great post, Melanie! I like to play with words, so I thought I’d add to your great list of C’s. They all have to do with people, go figure! 🙂

    COMMENT so that you CONTRIBUTE your expertise and help people
    COMPLIMENT because you CARE about the accomplishments of the people you are interacting with
    COLLABORATE so you can CULTIVATE the relationships with your fellow entrepreneurs, colleagues, and other people

    Whew, I think that I just commented, complimented, and collaborated into one single step 🙂
    Thanks for your engaging blog posts!

    CommentLuv did not work for me so I’m inserting one of my blog posts that I thought was relevant (hope you don’t mind) http://www.eosgrafx.com/blog/?p=381

    • Spoken like a true wordsmith!! 😉

      You definitely commented, complimented, and collaborated in one single step!

      Your commentary gets an A++ in my book — thank you. 🙂

      Heading over to check out your post …

  • Thoughtful post that gets to the heart of keeping the lines of communication online open and the door to our online world open as well, Melanie. Thank you.

    • Hey Yvonne — really great to see you here!

      YOU have always answered your social media telephone every time I’ve rung you up. 😉

      ” … keeping the lines of communication online open and the door to our online world open”

      That says it all!

  • Hi Mel
    “The meaning of life is people connection. ”

    I stopped reading at that point…. because you’ve said it all.

    A friend of mine used to say…
    “We all want the same thing in life, we all want to be loved.”
    He’d usually had a few drinks when he said it, but he was right.

    Make that connection and make people feel wanted, valued and… loved.

    This blog is a supreme example of just that.

    • Hi Keith

      I’m getting the feeling there’s a lot of booze free-flowing over in the UK.

      Can’t wait to get there! 😉

      This gets my vote …

      “We all want the same thing in life, we all want to be loved.”

      And if you’re like me and you can’t find the “human” kind … the unconditional love of a cat or dog will just have to do! 🙂

      My blog always lights up when you’re here.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Social media is so much more fun when you answer your social media telephone. The rewards are plenty. New friends, great relationships, more opportunities…

    Thanks for this great piece and for always answering your phone.

    • I heard my social media telephone ringing and when I picked it up …

      I got an earful of your fantastic, spot on comment, Daphne! 😉

      ” … rewards are plenty. New friends, great relationships, more opportunities … ”

      Always happy to “hear” from you!

  • Must admit, I’m a little inconsistent in the blog commenting section….but see I’m here now, so I must be working on it. 🙂

    I’ve come to realize over the years, that you can’t do it alone. Connections are the distinction that make the difference. What is it they say?….your Net Worth is directly in proportion to your Network.

    I think there’s always improvements to be made, and I also think its important not to get too comfortable with your existing network and keep looking for new and intersting people to connect with (much like yourself Melanie)

    Some people are just more natural at connecting than others, and what I’ve found is that I need to connect with those people, instead of trying to become that person myself. They can bridge the gap to make the whole networking thing easier and more comfortable to those of us who don’t have a natural affinity for it.

    Thanks for the great post Melanie

    • Oooh … I could give your comment a big fat hug, Jackie!

      “Connections are the distinction that make the difference. What is it they say?….your Net Worth is directly in proportion to your Network.”

      That’s the ticket!

      “Some people are just more natural at connecting than others, and what I’ve found is that I need to connect with those people, instead of trying to become that person myself.”

      Now you’re talkin’ turkey!

      So elated you stopped by to share your keen insights and, who knows? A post on this topic over at your blog might get this ball rolling a little faster. 😉

      • I’d like to see you give my comment a big fat hug Melanie…lol

        Oh…and don’t worry…I feel the stirrings of a post brewing in the cauldron now….off to find some eye of newt 😉

        Thanks Melanie

        • Just curious, Jackie …

          Where does one find some eye of newt these days? Oh, never mind. I’m sure they have it in stock over at Amazon. LOL!

          Looking forward to your post. 🙂

  • Absolutely, Melanie.. your post came just as I was realizing this myself. People who’re interested in what I’ve done are those in whose work I’ve taken a genuine interest.

    *Note to self: Engage more!

    • Hey! You’re back again, Zainab. That’s fabbytastic!

      You’ve hit the proverbial nail on the head with your commentary.

      Once we begin to meet other professionals online, discover and embrace their amazing talents, and begin to form very special bonds with them …

      We’ve got it made in the shade!

      It only takes those first couple of rock solid social media friendships to get the ball rolling.

      I’ve come to realize the really good souls I meet online tend to hang out with people of similar standards, values, and experience. You know what they say — “Birds of a feather …” 🙂

      Bottom line …

      Engagement gets easier and easier (and more enjoyable, too!) by being introduced to the “audiences” of those you befriend, fan, and follow.

  • Very smart suggestions and very easy to follow. These suggestions work both in blogging and in other business ventures, and well…life. They are simple to forget however. The relationships that you build are so important.

    • Great to see you here on a return visit, Kristen — thanks!

      I’m a big advocate of keeping things “simple”. Let’s face it … life (and building a business) is already too complicated. Why complicate matters more?

      Yes, people may become forgetful at times but whittling it down to “Comment, Compliment, and Collaborate” should help to make it easy-peasy to remember. 🙂

      “The relationships that you build are so important.” — Truer than true!

  • Great follow up Melanie to your Hitting the Reply Button post. You offer a really simple and easy way to remember how you can use the 3 C’s for success …. Comment, Compliment and Collaborate! I will certaiinly be answering my social media phone and my door is always open!

    • … and I have rung your (social media) doorbell and telephone many times, Lynn! 😉

      Thanks for coming by to catch this follow up piece. And I’m so glad you feel the 3 C’s will be an easy way for entrepreneurs to understand “how” to engage for social media success!