• Thanks for your Twitter insights, Sheri, and you bring to light an important point. Twitter is one of the very best social media venues for connecting with people in your own backyard or neighboring communities!

    I’m a pretty patient gal, too, and I always make allowances for those who are brand new to social media and the internet. But after several people try to give them “gentle” nudges and ask them to stop spamming all the time and they still don’t “get” it … I remove them from my Twitter stream.

    Happy Tweeting back at ya!

  • I have to say, that I am pretty patient…unless it is sexually inappropriate. I love the free market aspect of twitter, and sometimes I think people just don’t know how to “do twitter”. They think they just need to endlessly post the same message in order to achieve “penetration” with the medium. In my own twittering, I strive to make sure that I am replying, retweeting, and conversing with others as well as getting in my offers for free classes, etc…
    I am very active on twitter and I have found that the twitter newbie can quickly become overwhelmed if they are following any active user… and only twenty or so other people.
    I love twitter..what a great way to build global community…and I have even found that I have gotten to know other people better in my own town through twitter…
    Happy tweeting.

  • More and more I’m getting spammers as followers. It’s so strange to me that this is happening and that these people think anything they’re selling is actually going to get a response. One spammer in fact, called me out and asked me “Are you a leader just because you run a small business? No. But you need to be”. At first I was shocked, but when I realized what this was it was just ridiculous. So I have begun using the block button.

    • Now you’re talkin’ turkey, Dennis!

      Some of your best friends are the “Block”, “Trash”, and “Delete” buttons.

      Since the inception of the internet, spammers have existed and they’re never going to go away – unless and until some “spam eradicating” genius comes along and figures out a “permanent” way to kick them to the curb.

  • I am quick to hit the block and report spam button. The sooner they are gone the better.

    Now when it comes to some of my neighbors! That click an report button would come in handy.

    • LOL! Sheila, sounds like maybe you’ve run into a few pesky neighbors in your lifetime. 🙂

      Love your spunk and quick call to action — hit block and report spam! Works for me.

  • I’m with Barbara. I try to learn from them if I can. But the key to getting the most out of Twitter is using your lists! Then you only see the annoying neighbors that you want to see. You know, the endearing kind 🙂

    • LOL! I love your sense of humor, Tristan – don’t ever lose it. 🙂

      Thanks for knocking on my door,

  • I learn from them (ie, I figure if it annoys me, it will annoy my network, ergo, don’t do it).

    It’s amazing how many things I never consider that people will do online…

    • Yeah, amazing, isn’t it? 🙂 Twitter aside, there’s a lively conversation going on over at Facebook about all the BOGUS invitations we gals are receiving from “strange” men. Marriage proposals, even. Can you believe that?!

      So, you’re right – we never know what kinds of “amazing” things people will do online next. Frankly, I’m not so sure I’m enjoying being amazed. 🙂 I might find more enjoyment in having a root canal.

      I like your outlook of turning annoyances into learning experiences.

  • If they’re just posting their same promo messages I will often unfollow. If they’re sending spam @mytwittername then I block them if they keep sending it directly to me. Agreed. Annoying.

    • Brilliant (Twitter) minds think alike. 🙂

      Thanks, Michelle, for just simply laying it on the line …

      Being annoyed by spammers and irritating, repetitive sales messages? Those folks get UN-FOLLOWED OR BLOCKED!