• Hey Melanie, thanks for posting this to your blog, I certainly would have missed it otherwise. I’ve followed Adam for awhile and have listened to a few of his teleclasses — like him a lot.

    Now here’s where this post was the most valuable for me, tho, as others have pointed out — the “mentor” distinction. Why didn’t *I* ever look it up? I’ve been switching back and forth between calling myself a coach and a consultant, and neither seems to really fit, and I never considered the term “mentor” — I guess because it’s not as common, maybe? Anyway, if Adam’s assumptions are correct, maybe I should start using it, because that’s always been my refrain — so many people are teaching things they have no experience in. And the reason my clients like working with me is because I did what I’m teaching them, for over 25 years.

    Something to think about, for sure. Thank you!

    • This post would not have come full circle without you, Marcia! I’m so elated you’re here. 🙂

      In my eyes and in my heart, you are most assuredly a “Mentor”. With 25+ years of elbow grease and mounds of experience under your belt …

      “Coach” or “consultant” just don’t fit the bill.

      Nothing wrong with being a coach or consultant, mind you, but if the “mentoring” shoe fits … I say wear it!

      I need to give this some thought, as well. I’ve got 30 years of experience in my portfolio and I’m pretty sure that qualifies me to deem myself a “mentor”.

      Thank you for swinging by!

  • Cindy, you are the perfect candidate to share some thoughts about Adam!

    Kudos to you and many congratulations for choosing Adam as your personal marketing mentor! 🙂

    I took a peek at your video and left my mark in the comment box. I really appreciate your candor about your fears surrounding growing your business and the acknowledgement that others have those same fears.

    Thanks for joining in this conversation and I want to wish you a highly successful and rewarding future!


  • I love this! Thanks Melanie and thank you Adam for your direct and honest feedback.

    I just hired Adam as my marketing mentor. I’ve been to his live event and seen him in action. I learned more at that live event than I have ever learned in 3 days! I can’t wait to work with Adam to take my business to the next level of success.

    I just posted a video that shares why people hesitate to take the next step in their business and how to jump over that hurdle.

  • Great answer from Adam.
    I’m glad to hear the distinction between the terms coach, consultant, and mentor. It seems like that’s the ladder one must move up through as their experience accumulates.

    I discovered him just recently, am on his email list, and love the way he confronts things and tells it like it is with gentle kindness. You’re right, Melanie—he’s one in a million!

    • Thanks for swinging by, Jeannette!

      And I’m with you …

      Understanding the differences between coach, consultant, and mentor is very helpful. Too many online marketers have self-appointed titles that aren’t really appropriate and don’t tell the whole story.

      Glad to hear you’re on Adam’s list. He’s got some great reports and videos he offers his subscribers that are really fantastic! 🙂


  • Melanie: thank you! How exciting! I love how Adam Uranbsky thinks and I have found myself slowly inching towards rocking the boat. I am one of these “nice” people; always have a smile on my face, the customer is always right however, it doesn’t meant that the customer has the right to pounce all over me. I am learning that by being too nice others respect me less. I just came across someone the other day calling themselves a marketing mentor who couldn’t even put a luncheon together. Thank you Adam and Thank you Melanie for rocking the boat; I for one am enjoying the teeter tottering of the boat!

    • I hear ya loud and clear, Maureen!

      I’ve been a “people pleaser” my whole life. It’s time we BOTH change that scenario, eh? Time to rock the boat! 🙂

      Unbelievable and shameful, not to mention pathetic …

      “I just came across someone the other day calling themselves a marketing mentor who couldn’t even put a luncheon together.”

      That’s exactly the kind of thing Adam is talking about. A “mentor” is a person with “experience” … period.

      So happy you stopped by!

  • Excellent points, Tambre, and I agree with you!. Adam’s approach is definitely refreshing. And kudos to you for calling attention to the elephant in the room instead of trying to sweep him under the rug. I love your spunk! 🙂

    This is truer than true …

    ” Knowing who we are and what our personal style is makes such a difference in attracting the ideal client … ”

    Thank you for sharing in the conversation,

  • As a coach who is willing to “rock the boat” and talk about “the elephant in the room”, I loved hearing Adam describe his no nonsense approach. It’s refreshing and obviously produces great results. I agree that the distinctions between mentor, coach, etc. were clear and concise. Knowing who we are and what our personal style is makes such a difference in attracting the ideal client who will succeed within our model…and it’s a great reminder that not all clients are a fit for us and sometimes it is best to refer out so we stay true to our styles.

  • Mr.Urbanski sounds like a person that could make a difference and be a business host on the “Shark Tank” series.- successful and no nonscense.

    • Trust me, Veronica …

      It would take a whole lot more than “sharks” to intimidate Adam! 🙂 He’s walked through muck and mire and back and now he’s making a difference in lots of people’s lives.

      Sp glad you’re back but sorry to hear about no electricity right now. I hope you’ll be electrified real soon!!


  • Excellent and wonderful post Melanie. I always enjoy reading and learning from Adam Urbanski. His insight, experience and knowledge has helped me learn about marketing and his direct personality is inspirational.

    I think that is awesome that you asked the question and he responded. Way to go Melanie!

    • Thanks for chiming in, Lynn.

      I honestly don’t spend much time on Quora although I do like the platform. It’s a great place, like LinkedIn, to share your expertise and brand yourself by answering questions.

      Adam really surprised me by offering up such a thorough response. I never expected someone who’s as busy as he is to take the time to go into depth. But I guess that says a lot about the kind of professional he really is. 🙂

      Hope you’re having a relaxing weekend,

  • Hi Mel
    “Adam Urbanski Rocks The Boat And Despises Laziness”

    I’m with Adam on this one.
    I can’t bear to watch other people work – I have to close my eyes. LOL

    Find “something” that motivates and drives you and it won’t seem like hard work.
    The secret is finding that “something.”

    Blog is looking great Mel – have a good weekend.


    • Hi Keith and welcome back to the blogosphere!

      I was beginning to get worried about you and thought perhaps you decided to make London your permanent home. And then I thought maybe your daughter was home from college for a summer break and you were out having a good time. Or you went to visit Tom Breeze to shoot lots of footage for your big video debut. 🙂

      Thanks for swinging by to read Adam’s answer to my Quora question. He’s a straightforward, off the cuff, no B.S. kind of guy.

      “Find “something” that motivates and drives you and it won’t seem like hard work. The secret is finding that “something.”

      I believe you’ve already found it.


      • Read me like a book Mel.
        Great to have Nikki home and we’ve been doing a few things together.

        She wants a photographic website so I’m putting her a Genesis site together.
        Going to use this theme… http://www.studiopress.com/demo/minimum.html
        With a few colourful photos I think it will look fantastic.

        Tell you what Mel… It’s great to talk to you again – missed you.

        • I missed you BIG TIME.

          The “Minimum Theme” looks ideal for Nikki — considering the purpose of her web page.. Can’t wait to see it in action!

          Will you please remember to share Nikki’s new spiffy, specially-designed-by-dad site with us when it’s ready to go live? 🙂

          Have fun!

          • As soon as it’s live I’ll be shouting from the rooftops, but I’ll shout it here first.

            Just got to decide how much to charge her.
            Only kidding.

          • “Just got to decide how much to charge her.” LOL

            Maybe you can have her wash your car or give the cats a bath. 🙂

  • Adam is incredible and proves that simplification, directness gets a job done. Unfortunately, most HR related people would be unlikely to hire the Adam’s of this world but then would he even apply. Have read Adam several times before.
    Quora -joined but did not do anything with it,. Have opened and will go explore again. Thanks Melanie for the interview and asking such a direct and useful questions but more importantly Adam, thank you for being the kind of person who would connect and answer Melanie’s question

    • You got THAT right, Roberta!

      Most HR departments wouldn’t hire someone like Adam. But that’s okay — as you said, he wouldn’t be applying anyway. Phooey on those people! 🙂

      I think it would be great for you to give Quora a second look. I like it because it’s not a big time-sucker and there’s no frivolous “chit-chat” going on over there.

      Quora is a very straightforward Q & A site. Ask questions. Get answers. That’s it.

      Thank you for being here today!

  • Wow! What a response Melanie. I have heard of Adam but this post really made it clear what he’s about…a no nonsense type of a guy. Love it!
    I am off to check Quora and hone up my natural advancing skills by checking out Adam further.
    Thanks for this great post Melanie. It is very true in business work with people who are successful business folk, not someone who speaks the speak but doesnt walk the talk.

    • Your head is definitely screwed on straight, Maureen!

      Love this …

      ” … in business work with people who are successful business folk, not someone who speaks the speak but doesn’t walk the talk.”

      Toooo true! Lord knows there’s more than enough charlatans on the web who claim to be successful. But we know better, don’t we?

      Happy you’re going to “hone your natural advancing skills”!! 🙂


  • I really enjoyed that interview, Melanie. You really asked the right questions to get Adam to open up and explain what sets him apart from the crowd.
    He has a fascinating story to tell. I really like the distinction he makes between mentor and consultant, teacher, coach,etc.

    • I’ll be honest, Janette — I’ve never looked up the definitions of coach, consultant, and mentor so I’m grateful to Adam, too, for making the distinctions!

      Thank you very much for stopping by to read Adam’s story. You’re right — he is truly fascinating. 🙂

  • Great interview. Adam explains why when we reformulated our company, we clearly avoided the terms mentor! And, why our technical background helped us choose the transition from ASTRE to Adjuvancy…
    Thanks for the discussion!

    • Hey Roy — glad you could relate!

      Adam is a very astute, detail-oriented individual (kinda like someone else I know). 🙂

      Thanks for catching this post and I hope you’ll take the opportunity to connect with Adam.