• Sending smiles and virtual hugs back your way, Adam!

    “Search engine love”, ya say? Didn’t think anyone would notice — anyone but someone as astute as you, that is! 🙂

    Thank you, graciously, for the compliments. You have, most assuredly, made my heart sing. And I am so honored that you stopped by today, Adam. Your presence here means more to me than a ticket to the Super Bowl!

    Make every moment magical and meaningful,

  • Hey Melanie,

    Your blog readers are very lucky to have a smart leader like you make them aware of cool things happening online! Kudos to you for being so observant and for sharing what you learn with others.

    Coincidently, very savvy of you to use the names of marketers who are already being searched for online in your blog post; way to score some “search engine love”!

    Thanks for the recognition and for all your support on my FB page. I appreaciate YOU!


    http://facebook.com/adamsfans 😉

  • Thanks, Nicole, and my curiosity is definitely piqued by the title of your recent post (Ways NOT to get people to read your blog). Yikes!! Sounds like info everyone needs to know.

    Thanks for stopping by today — appreciate the visit! 🙂

  • Great tips, some I am already incorporating and some that I plan to start immediately!

  • P.S. Kudos to you, Denise! I see you’ve added a QR Code to your blog. You leave no stones unturned. 🙂

    I coordinate the marketing for an ophthalmology practice in Glendale and we just created our first QR Code for an ad we run in the CV Weekly newspaper. The ad exec was shocked at how “large” the code is but I explained to her the size makes it easier to scan.

    See you in the blogosphere,

  • Delighted to see you here, Denise, and thanks for knocking on my door today.

    Blog On … and On!

  • Thanks for sharing my post about engaging on Facebook, Melanie. You shared some great ideas on that FB thread and I hope to see you run with them. Here’s the thread if any of your readers wish to contribute: http://www.facebook.com/BlogSquad/posts/177463038957358

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