Your Blog is Your Best Attraction Tool

Every success-minded online marketing entrepreneur, business coach, consultant, self-employed professional, and freelancer needs a blog.

Here’s an equation I learned from Lexi Rodrigo that demonstrates the foundational components of online marketing success:


Your business blog is your most powerful tool for attracting prospects, clients, customers, and even joint venture partners because:

1) It’s a platform for showcasing your talents, skills, and specialized knowledge.  It puts you center stage in the spotlight!

2) It encourages interaction and builds community with people who share common interests, objectives, and goals.  It’s the perfect place for your target audience to hang out, enjoy the view, and gather some helpful tips, resources, and expert information from you.

3) It’s a place to share the need for and demonstrate the results others have experienced from using your products and/or services.  Case studies and product reviews are two of the most popular and most attractive types of blog posts.

4) It’s easy to use and provides you a central location for your online marketing and networking efforts.  From all other locations on the internet, always strive to send people back to your blog to gather more information on a topic, subscribe to your list, or learn more about you and what you have to offer.

Your blog is the hub of all your business-building activities.  What are some ways you are making your blog a strong magnet?

  • Hi,

    I want to say that I have learned a lot from having a blog, and I am greatly enjoying the various people that having a blog exposes me to. I cannot believe the kindness that we encounter while browsing other websites and the wealth of information that I have learned from others through blogging.

    Thanks for the great post and I hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

    • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Angie, and bloggers are the best! Bloggers seem to have a spirit of generosity and a willingness to help their fellow bloggers. Pretty cool. 🙂

      Have a magical and meaningful weekend and Write On!

  • Melanie, There are so many great things that can be said about the value of a blog, and you have zeroed in on four important points. In additional to the points you mentioned,my blog has definitely been an effective tool for building relationships with fellow bloggers and readers alike.

    • I’ll second that motion, Yvonne!

      Blogging introduced me to YOU and a myriad of other vibrant and talented bloggers. I love it! There seems to be a genuine sense of camaraderie and kindred spirit in the blogsphere. 🙂

      So happy to see your comment on Cathy Goodwin’s blog! Cathy has been on the top of my list for a long time as one of the most savvy experts in attracting clients online, website makeovers, and writing copy for the web.

      Have a great weekend!