• Paula! Thanks for knocking on my door.

    I had such a good time poking around your blog today and I really love your fabulous tell-it-like-it-is sense of humor (so few people have the knack). 🙂

    You know, Keith Davis said the same thing about my posts that you’ve noted. He went so far as to write his own “short, sharp post” as a result of landing on my little blog and showing appreciation for my signature writing style. And his short post about the Oscars is a winner! (pardon the pun)

    I’m the poster child for “Serendipity”! 🙂

    Delighted to share the blogosphere with you,

  • Well, shoot! I couldn’t agree more. To me, every post needs its own length. Who on earth is anyone else to know what your post hopes or needs to say? I have some that are only 10 or 15 words long! And (sadly?) I have some that go on eons. Those I probably do need to go give some help! 😉

    I love your short and to-the-point style. It’s exactly what I like! I can’t wait to read more, and am so glad we met up today, by chance. What lovely serendipity, eh? 😀

  • Nice to meet you, Roshan, and thanks for knocking on the door of Solo Mompreneur today!

    You’re absolutely right — a particular niche will oftentimes have a big influence on how lengthy a post might be. But your other point is very well taken …

    If a blogger is providing quality content that’s of interest to the reader, it really won’t matter if a post is short or long or somewhere in between. 🙂

  • It really depends on the niche, some people need to write huge posts because there is a lot to day on that particular subject.
    But as general niche blogger, can write how much you want about what you want. If its unique quality content, people will always appreciate.

  • We have many things in common but this not one, Melanie 🙂 Try as I may I find it so hard to write a short post and interestingly I’m not usually concerned about word count unless I’m writing for a specific group.

    While I try to keep the fluff out, I still end up with pretty lengthy posts…but I guess that’s my writing style. I do, however, love reading YOUR articles and appreciate your style as well. In addition, the graphics are always so appropriate and make me smile as well.

    Keep on writing…your way 🙂

    • Whatever number of words you write, Yvonne, will always be the PERFECT number! You consistently produce content-rich posts that I enjoy very much. 🙂

      There’s no wrong number or right number … just your own personal number. Since you tend to write longer blog posts, you’d make an ideal article marketer! I would struggle with that since most article directories have a “required” word count. I’ll admit I’m stubborn and I don’t like boundaries, especially when it comes to my passion for writing.

      See you soon over at #blogboost!

  • Melanie:

    I enjoy reading your blog post because it gets right to the heart of the matter. It’s not about fluff, and more of content that one can apply to their everyday rituals whether for their business or personal development.

    You are a great example that by making it short, straight to the point and providing great content is key. My kind of blogger!
    Keep up the awesome blog posts.

    Jane 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Jane – I always knew we were birds of a feather! 🙂

      I’ve noticed that you write shorter posts, too, and that’s one reason why I enjoy visiting your blog. It’s just a personal preference, of course, but I find it easier to digest info in bite-sized chunks. And I’ll admit I have a short attention span.

  • You do terrific job of getting your message across in such a concise manner. I wish I had your skill. I find your messages to be inspiring and to the point. I like that. I also look forward to your icons because they always match your message so well. For me… they have become as important as your written post. Visual… and to the point!

    • Aw, shucks, Kathy – you’re making me *blush*. Thanks for the compliments. Coming from a seasoned Pro like you, they hold special meaning.

      Lots of folks seem to enjoy and anticipate the graphics I include with my posts. To me, the graphics are a really fun element of putting my posts together. However, 90% of adults are “visual” learners, so that’s the primary reason I like to include them.

      As an aside …

      Thanks so much for the SEO pdf’s you sent out to your list. Those two items are outstanding!