Why I’m Not Following You On Twitter

It’s not because I don’t like you and it has nothing to do with your ethnicity, color, creed, political party, or gender.

When I get a new follower notification from Twitter, here are the factors I consider in making my decision to follow you back … or NOT.

PHOTO: Right out of the gate, if you don’t have a picture on your profile, I’m gone!  And I don’t mean a company logo or some silly avatar or cartoon.  And please don’t use an off-in-the-distance snapshot of yourself.  In order to build a relationship, I need to see your face.  You don’t have to hire a professional photographer to take a pricey  head shot.  Just use a digital camera or upload a photo you have on file.

BIO: Tell me “why” I would want to follow you.  What is your expertise?  Who do you serve?  What words describe you best? I need you to zero right in and grab my attention. If your profile is missing a bio or your bio is bland and boring, I’m gone!

REPLIES: Are you interacting with your followers?  Are you Re-Tweeting interesting and valuable information posted by others?  Or is your home page filled with one-way conversations?  If all your Tweets are “me, me, me” focused, I’m gone!

Twitter is a great platform to showcase your expertise, build community, drive conversation, be helpful, and provide value.

So if you want me to follow you back, please let me see your face, tell me about yourself, and show me that you’re interested in building relationships by interacting with others.