Turn Your Own Mess Into Your Marketing Message

Have you ever stopped to consider what you and your target audience have in common?

And I’m not talking about considerations like gender, race, age, income, education, home ownership, employment status, or location.

Let’s leave the demographics of your audience out of this conversation.

I’m talking about the roadblocks and the problems they face.  Chances are pretty good you’ve experienced the exact same issues.

The reason I say this is because, once you’ve encountered a problem and found a way to resolve it, you can teach others to do the same.  You become the expert or the go-to person because you’ve gone through the learning curve, the ups and downs, and the ins and outs.

You’re all over this problem like white on rice!

The advice, direction, instruction, and resources you’ll share with your target audience will most often come from firsthand experience.

I’ll use myself as an example. 

I know what it’s like to be a single mom and try to start up a business online with very limited finances.  As the saying goes, I can pinch a penny till it squeaks!

I’ve been researching and testing low-cost and no-cost marketing strategies and platforms for the past three years.  And I know, without question, that the single mom entrepreneurs I meet are going to want to get their hands on this kind of information.

This is a good example of what my target audience and I have in common.

What kinds of similarities are there between you and your target audience?

As soon as you figure out what they are, these will be the areas where you’ll be able to help them out the most – where you become most credible and hold the most value to them.

Concentrate your marketing efforts and showcase your expertise in those areas and you’ll be very successful.

What are your areas of expertise that are the biggest benefit to your customers and clients?

  • Melanie,

    Great post. My entire business and most of my sideline projects are all based around this.

    I usually find something that I am struggling with, learn everything I can about it and then share it with everyone I can.

    When I started in business, I had no clue what I was doing. We all have trials we go through and if I can help someone else to not go through the same troubles I did by helping them out, I am more than happy to do so.

    The result has been becoming the expert in my area and a huge following of great tribe of people that want to hear what I have to share.

    It’s a great feeling and has helped my business grow very well.

    Ely Delaney

    • Having already figured this out, Ely, gives you a tremendous leading edge!

      And your admission of not having a clue what you were doing when you started your business will be something that many of your prospect will relate to. Your transparency in revealing this fact to them will be very appealing.

      Keep on keepin’ on!

  • I hadn’t really thought of what we have in common…but that is a great idea. Especially for products. If I have a problem and figure out how to solve it. I can teach that to those who have the same problem.

    • What a joy to see you here, Sheila!

      You’re right – knowing what you and your target audience have in common will help IMMENSELY in product creation!

      I’m so delighted that I’ve given you a little something to think about.

      Please stop by again,

  • Hi Melanie,

    As usual you give such great advice. You are my go-to person for advice, you always know the answer or you have a resource to help! 🙂

    .-= Gwen Tanner´s last blog ..Do You Experience the “Click” Too? =-.

    • Hey Gwen ~

      I CAN’T be your go-to person – You’re MY go-to person!

      Gee, I guess that might just work out fine. 🙂


  • I love how you approached this Melanie!

    When I first headed back to school a few years ago, the instructors talked about the magic of mirroring. No matter what we do, our clients will always mirror back what is going on in our own lives or experiences that we’ve gone through.

    It’s creepy and comforting at the same time because, well, it’s hard to see where we’ve been sometimes but it’s nice to know that we can really help other people because we’ve been there too!
    .-= Annette Nack´s last blog ..Why The Little Red Welts On My Arms Are Not From An Allergic Reaction =-.

    • Glad you visited today, Annette ~

      It’s like walking a mile in someone else’s moccasins. 🙂


  • Melanie, You are so right. You’ve touched on a crucial and practical approach to connecting with your perfect people — by sharing the solutions they need that you have experienced!

    It ties in to the Law-of-Attraction — like attracts like. The other thing to note: you don’t have to know everything in the world to help your people with whatever is their next right step! You just need to have solved that one specific problem– and you can help your people with that specific issue.

    Bottom line: You know more than you think you know and you people are anxious to hear it from you!

    Thanks Melanie!
    Bobbye Middendorf
    The Write Synergies Guru
    .-= Bobbye Middendorf´s last blog ..Focus on what is mine to do =-.

    • Hello, my dear friend!

      Bobbye, when it comes to teaching a skill or sharing a talent, nothing beats firsthand and hands-on experience!

      As small business owners and online marketers, I believe we all know more than we think we know. That’s where YOUR expertise comes into play – Helping us to find the right words, synergistically, to create our marketing messages. 🙂

      Much love,

  • Thanks for the great tip, Melanie! I love this one. As a single mom, we have a tendency to learn things the “hard” way. I have had to figure out a lot of things for myself. I always share tips with my clients because I don’t want them to have to go through any extra stress if they don’t have to. I wish there had been someone there to show me the way.
    .-= Ronda Stroud´s last blog ..Ronda’s Breakthrough Recipe Part 3 (Roll With Winners!) =-.

    • I’m with you on that note, Ronda!

      I can see we’re humming the same tune. 🙂

      Sounds like you’ve gone through a lot of similar ropes and learning curve ups and downs. Now we can truly become valuable assets to the mompreneurs we work with!

      BTW, I just started following you on Twitter thanks to our mutual and really sweet friend, Linda. I’m so glad she was instrumental in helping us to connect.


  • Great post! It can be tough to realize that our mistakes and challenges aren’t something to hide, but something to share so that we can help others through those same things (and hopefully save them the pain we went through to figure it out).
    .-= Michelle Shaeffer´s last blog ..How to Schedule Blog Posts =-.

    • That’s exactly right, Michelle!

      Once you’ve tackled some messy problem (especially one you’ve been beating your head against the wall over), you are now the EXPERT, in my book. And to not turn around and share that knowledge is really doing a disservice to your target audience.

      Also, I liked what you said about not hiding our mistakes and challenges. I think we become much more credible in the minds and hearts of others if we wear our feelings on our sleeves and share our struggles, authentically.

      Let’s Write On!

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  • Hi Melanie.

    Great advice in your post. I completely agree – that’s why I am setting up The Mid Life Opportunity. I have one of two war wounds (redundancy and divorce) and a whole heap of learnings as a result!

    best wishes

    Rob H

    • Been down that divorce trail myself, Rob. Although at this point, it seems like another lifetime ago! I’ve been single longer than the number of years I was married. 🙂

      It sounds like your business is PERFECT for you, especially taking into consideration what I’ve shared in this post. Your prospects, customers, and clients will magnetize toward your firsthand (in the doggone trenches!) experience.

      Appreciate the visit today!

  • annettenack

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