• Congratulations and all the best! I’ll support you as much as I can!

    • Your presence here brought an instant smile to my face, Leanne. Thanks so much for your support! 🙂


  • Darn those pesky rules! I hopped over to the contest page. So it’s about the blogging tips niche — which includes social media! … you are a rock star Melanie!

    I’d love to read a post by you with advice on playing a beautiful game on facebook, to include; how to interact superbly with your fans (you’ve got that one down); how to find the time for social media (including finding all that great content by other people – the stuff you always share); branding your fan page; and what else? I know you’ve got some great ideas!

    Glad you got some quality time with your Mum on Mother’s day.

    • What’s that old saying, Theresa? Oh, yeah …

      “Brilliant minds think alike.” 🙂

      I decided to zero in on social media for my contest entry. Initially, I was leaning toward blogging or writing tips and then a social media marketing idea struck me so I’m going to run with it.

      Thank you for the unexpected and beautiful compliment you paid me over at http://bigfishtopdogs.com. All I can say is “WOW”. 🙂


      • Hi again Melanie!

        The contest is on! Loved your post: 5 Tantalizing Ways To Expose Yourself On Social Media! Awesome post from an incredible social media star. 🙂

        Help! I cannot figure out how to add you as a friend on Blokube and Blog Interact. I just joined both communities (thanks to your post), now what? I also voted for your contest post on blokube after submitting your story. I attempted to submit and vote for your contest post on Blog Interact, however it requires a post image for me to do so. OK if I swipe your man in the raincoat image and use it? I didn’t feel comfortable using it without permission (although I downloaded the image). Just give me the word and I’ll submit your url along with the image!

        Also, and now I’m being a stickler for rules, I don’t see your links to the contest sponsors. Those pesky guidelines! I want you to win this contest!


        Oh and one more thing! I linked to your post from my blog. How do I give them a heads up over at We Blog Better if the trackback doesn’t show up? I know. Details, details!

        • Theresa, you’re an ANGEL!!

          See the word “sponsors” highlighted in blue in this post? That will take you to a pdf I created of all the wonderful backers of this contest. I guess I didn’t make it as obvious as I should have but you know me … I’m a stickler for rules, too.

          I managed to find your profile on Blog Interact — I’m now following you there and I’ve added you as a friend. Blokube is another story. I’ve gone over there three or four times in search of your profile but no soap. I put your name in the search bar and then I also tried entering your blog’s title but neither one pulled up any results. ?? I’m stumped.

          You linked to my post from your blog?! Thank you. That’s better than awesome! The trackback should have shown up on WBB. Really not sure why it didn’t. Probably some technical “detail” I don’t have the foggiest notion how to remedy.

          Right now I’m running a close 3rd in the competition. I’m starting to lose a little faith but I’m going to continue to reach out to people I know and ask for their help. One of the contestants has already racked up 236 comments! I wish I knew her promo secrets. 🙂

          How can I ever repay you for all your support? Just say the word.


          No worries about the image. Feel free to attach it anytime you’re out and about strutting my stuff for me. 🙂

          • Hi Mel!

            First things first. I replied to Deb’s Lady Gaga comment on your contest post. It was comment #200! Amazing numbers. Congrats on getting the word out. I did post your article link on Blog Interact with your graphic. Those votes over count for 20 points. How do we get the word out on that?

            My trackback from my blog doesn’t show. The rules (guidelines) state you can notify of trackbacks via an email to WBB. Same is true of Sheila’s trackback from her blog. That isn’t showing either.

            Now back to those pesky rules. Does a pdf of the sponsors count? Don’t they require actual trackbacks e.g. real links from your post here, announcing your participation? Might want to look into that. It’s all about free links, just guessing. 🙂

            I’ll keep tweeting and encouraging participation in the contest.

            Wishing you ALL the best.


          • Okay, Theresa …

            YOU’RE HIRED! 🙂

            I’m going to have to contact Kiesha at WBB via email re trackbacks. I have no idea why they’re not showing up. They should be! Frustrating.

            Thank you for heading back over there to reply to Deb — you gals rock!

            I believe the sponsor pdf I created counts. It was my understanding the requirement was to “mention”, “list”, the sponsors in any way you see fit. Otherwise, there’s an html code I can insert here, if need be. I’ll look into that.

            Getting the word out re Blog Interact votes? Good question! I just replied to your comment there. THANKS.

            Just use this link in social media updates, a message to FB or LinkedIn group members, a Tweet, a blog post, an email to your list, etc. — takes people to the “voting” page.


            Good news — Martha Giffen is also going to craft a post and include the link to my entry. You, Keith, and Sheila have already gone that extra mile. I hope your blog post mentions will be worth some points, too. If not, I’m going to be an unhappy camper.

            Theresa, I wouldn’t have a shot in the dark of winning this contest without your help. You have no idea how much your support means to me. Won’t forget this, that’s for sure!!


  • Hi Melanie –

    Congratulations on joining the challenge! You’ve got my support… 100%. So, I’ve be re-reading your “Meet Melanie” page. Lots of ideas there. How about writing about how you taught your daughters to design a life that has meaning, and going back to the drawing board and starting your own business? The hoopla, the traps and making the RIGHT choices.

    You wrote, “I made lists of my strengths and skills, re-examined my life experiences, drew upon my knowledge of the challenges of single parenting, and Solo Mompreneur was born!”

    Another idea – and you know I’ve been writing about this lately; living a fulfilling life while treating others with respect. I adore your philosophy as written on your about page. You could write 5 posts on your philosophy alone!


    btw – your site is working beautifully! What did you do? Oh happy day!

    Oh, and don’t forget to call your Mother! 🙂

    • Hi Theresa!

      I remembered to call Mum yesterday and we spent our usual two+ hours on the phone. I stay on with her until I start getting little beeps reminding me my phone’s battery is about to die. Even when I tell her we’re about to get disconnected, she still keeps chattering away. At 84, she’s NEVER at a loss for words.

      Don’t have the foggiest notion what’s happened with my site — just thrilled to know it’s functioning properly and behaving itself. I had some issues a couple of weeks ago where some folks were unable to access the comments. When technical issues ensue, I want to run away in the opposite direction! I’m so envious of Heather Bestel — her hubby is her built-in tech support. Lucky duck.

      Thank you for the wonderful post ideas you came up with by re-visiting my “Meet Melanie” page. I hadn’t even considered the notion of looking there.

      Let’s face it … you’re brilliant! And you should submit a guest post, too, Theresa. 🙂

      There are some topic parameters for this contest so I’ll need to stay within those. Rules, ya know.

      Gotta dash over and catch your recent post — definitely caught my eye!


  • Congrats Melanie,

    I have considered this one too. But like you have said, it is a time factor. Because there is a little more to it than just a guest posting. It looks like I have a little time to decide.

    I will be watching for your post so we can rally the troops.

    • Thanks so much, Sheila, and I’ll be counting on you to rally the troops! 🙂

      I couldn’t help but notice something “new” — love your photo!!


  • Hi Melanie,

    Whatever post you come up with is going to be great! Anyone of these blog posts that have already been published would do well 🙂 Glad you are giving it a go because you will never know where this leads to next!

    I am unfortunately, not going there yet. I think I feel I am still “too inexperienced” to participate in contests! I wish you all the luck and let me know how I can help!

    • Thanks for that vote of confidence, Diana — very sweet of you.

      Listen, there’s no such thing as “too inexperienced” in this guest posting contest. You’re great at blogging and I hope you’ll reconsider. Go for it, Diana! 🙂

      I appreciate the offer of support and I’ll let you know when my post is up at http://weblogbetter.com

      Have an amazing week!

  • Thrills me to see you ‘diving in’ Melanie. Good luck to you and way to ‘stretch’ yourself like this. Very exciting and quite an example for other bloggers too.



    • Thanks, Marcus.

      And let’s hope that “stretching” doesn’t turn into feeling like a rubber band that’s about to snap. LOL!

      It is exciting, though. And I’m most excited about the possibility of people other than my super duper loyal readership getting a taste of my writing and a glimpse into what I’m all about.

      Gotta go and check out your post — sounds like “massive blog growth” might be a real time sucker.


  • Melinda

    Good luck!! I admit I’m the same way wanting everyone to win, but every now and then it’s fun to compete.

    • Hey Melinda – loved your post today!

      You really need to stay as far away from wet paint and tar as possible. 🙂

      Glad to know you’re someone who likes everyone to be a “winner”. I’ll let you know if competing turns out to be FUN. LOL!

  • Keith,

    Since your neighbor, “Colin”, indulges in some white wine on occasion …

    I imagine he invites you and your wife over to join him for a glass. 🙂

    My thoughts on topics?
    ~ writing tips
    ~ social media
    ~ traffic tips
    ~ networking
    ~ business blogging
    ~ monetization
    ~ blogging tips

    I’ll get my thoughts sorted out and narrow it down this week.

    I’ll keep you in the loop,

    • Hi Mel
      Just been commenting on a blog and receiving replies, which I then replied to – you get the picture.

      Made me think how blog comments are changing.
      The interaction is more intense and it is so quick.

      Possible topic for competition winning post…

      “The changing face of blog comments”

      Just a thought.


      • Boy, Keith — you’ve got so much good stuff up your sleeve, I’m about to hire you as my blogging consultant!

        Your fees aren’t too steep, are they? 🙂

        Thanks so much for the topic idea. If I don’t use it for the contest, you can bet your boots you’re going to see it HERE.

        Virtual hugs,

  • Well done Mel
    You will have my support 100%.

    “What do you think I should blog about?”

    I’m going to adopt the analyst’s approach on this one and say…. What do you think you should blog about?

    You must have a little idea at the back of your mind.
    Am I right?

    • Hi Keith,

      Thank you for your support (I love that line from the Bartles and Jaymes commercials!) LOL

      Leave it to you to put me on the analyst’s couch. 🙂

      Yes, I have ideas to blog about for this contest — too many of them. Therein, lies the problem.

      Having fun over at your blog. Looks like Tom Breeze is going to have a few words to say on Monday about Paul Wolfe’s comment. Should be juicy!


      • Hi Mel
        I’d never seen Tom as a talking head.
        I’ve watched his video a couple of times and he had my complete attention.

        For most of us, talking heads is where we have to make a start.
        Then we can move on, if we want to.

        Perhaps that’s your topic Mel…
        ” On the internet, somebody always knows better.” LOL

        Come on Mel…
        “I love that line from the Bartles and Jaymes commercials!”
        No Bartles and Jaymes in the UK.
        Are they a fast food outlet? LOL

        • LOL — Bartles and Jaymes is a wine industry. 🙂

          Here you go, Keith – take a peek at a vintage commercial:

          I agree about Tom — his video didn’t come across as a talking head to me, either. I leaned in on every word. Still can’t wait to read his response to Paul’s remarks. Should be power-packed.

          The blog topic you suggested is fabulous – thanks!


          • Mel
            A wine industry – sounds like my sort of industry.

            Tom’s been running a course this weekend but I am interested in what he has to say.

            ” I leaned in on every word”…
            that’s a great description Mel and it certainly applies to me.

            What are your thoughts on blog topics?
            It’s difficult to come up with something original that would interest the community in general.

            Make sure you let us all know where to go to cast our votes.

  • I am so involved with this guest post that not a single person came by to comment on my latest post at my own blog 🙁
    But it is all for the better I feel.
    So great to have you on board! I learnt a new trick from Brankica, which is very promising, get in touch through email, will pass it on 🙂 Or get in touch with Brankica, she is a darling and loves to help out!

    I will be more than glad to help you out, you will have to be commenting like crazy, that is for sure! Don’t worry we all are here 🙂 Good Luck, I am so excited about your post. You could blog about your blogging journey!

    • Thanks, Hajra — I’ll be on the lookout for a “trick” to appear in my inbox!

      I’m so happy you paved the way in this contest. Your guest post is super popular and for good reason — it’s wonderfully engaging!

      Are your fingers getting sore from all the replies you’re making to comments? If so, that’s a really good thing.

      No one read your post? What’s up with that? Is our blogging group asleep? Maybe a lot of members are busy making plans for a special Mother’s Day celebration and maybe some of them are out of town.

      Me? I’m heading over there right now. 🙂

  • You go girl! Kick it into high gear! Good luck!

    • Thanks, Martha!

      And I hope I can count on you for some cheerleading. You look so much better than me in that little skirt. LOL

      Since you landed in the comment box first, your comment with be my good luck charm. 🙂


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