• Its amazing knowing the multi vitamin supplement for a business. I think that it would be great to have such multi vitamin on my business as well. I know that it would make my business boost and success.

  • Claudia B.

    The combination of your clever writing and my slow early morning skillz led me to think the post was actually about vitamins until about halfway through! Looking forward to following your supplemental links! 🙂

    • Hi Claudia — thanks for knocking on my door today.

      Your comment really makes me giggle.

      I’ll be honest. I almost changed the title of this post because I was concerned people would mistake it for a health-related topic. LOL!

      Like I said to Linda …

      Hope you find some supplements here that will give your business whatever kind of boost it needs! 🙂

  • I’m pretty well blown away by your arsenal of resources. I’ll be digging into a lot of them and expect others will react the same. Thanks for sharing such a fine piece of work!

    • Great to see you here, Linda — thanks for swinging by.

      I’ve got more resources than Carter has liver pills!
      (You’re probably too young to catch my drift) LOL!

      Hope you find a business “supplement” or two here that will keep your biz in tip top shape or rejuvenate it in some way. 😉

      Knock on my door anytime!

  • Clever and engaging way to share all your great resources.

    • Hey Marie – thanks!

      Glad you dropped in and please come back soon.

      Really enjoyed your social media “B’s”! 🙂

  • Love your clever angle on this post, Melanie. I pinned it and it’s queued to go out to twitter later today. Thanks for the shout-out…blog on!

    • You’re just the spark this post needed, Denise — thanks for your support! 🙂

  • Lol! The Indian diet is so rich; that I actually need to cut down to be in shape (a tough job because I am not doing it well!)

    But yes, supplements for business blog; there couldn’t be just enough of it. And you need the right ones to suit your “digestive system” and also to make it all look professional and actually get to work!

    Loved this post Melanie! You are innovative ideas personified! 🙂

    • Thanks for the beautiful compliment and vote of confidence, Hajra — much appreciated! 🙂

      I didn’t realize the Indian diet is so “rich”. Looks like we Americans aren’t the only ones who need to get better at counting calories and pay closer attention to what passes our lips. LOL

  • Hi Lynn!

    “I think we all need the boost every now and then.”
    I’ll second that motion. And we need a boost … often. LOL

    I didn’t have the foggiest notion my blog feeds onto your fan page. That’s just TOO awesome for words! Does it happen auto-magically? 😉

    Double checked and triple checked my links — all of them are working. Sorry you weren’t able to reach one of the destinations. May have been one of those pesky “browser” issues. 🙁

    Thanks for the visit and your unending support – much appreciated.

  • Great way to introduce some really great marketing ideas, information, tips and advice Melanie! I think we all need the boost every now and then. In many ways, sharing all the ways that can help us do that is valuable to our business but also our personal sanity!

    Appreciate you sharing this Melanie. Did you see that your blog feed’s onto my fan page? I love that!! (P.S. there is a link that isn’t working above, just thought you should know)

  • Hi Mel
    Clever intro into a very useful collection of links.

    And rest assured… diet in the UK is about the same as US.

    • Uh, oh.

      Keith, I was expecting you to tell me the UK diet is the healthiest on the planet. LOL!

      Then again, when I check this list of British foods (http://www.effingpot.com/food.shtml) …

      I can’t help but notice British bacon, scones, and crumpets — have a feeling they don’t exactly fall under the category of “low fat, low calorie”. 😉

      Now my mouth is watering for something yummy.

      Thanks for dropping in,

      P.S. Don’t forget to take your supplements today.

      • Mel we are just as bad as you.

        And what about the French?
        Chips fried in goose fat!
        Sounds fabulous.

        We love a fried breakfast… sausage, eggs amd bacon and… black pudding.
        Go on… Google black pudding.

        • Hi Keith

          Your “fried breakfast” remark just put extra pounds around my waist.

          Sheesh! That sounds like a heck of a heavy breakfast. I’m feeling pretty full just thinking about it.

          Me? I’m an oatmeal kind of gal. And if I want to get really creative, I’ll throw a handful of blueberries on top. 😉

          I’m going to pass on Googling black pudding. LOL