• I totally agree on the power of The Voice! I’m going to read my blog entries and podcast it, and collect them into an audio product. 🙂

    .-= Henry Pena´s last blog ..@JeanetteCates “How I Lost IT”… =-.

    • That’s wonderful news, Henry!

      I’ve been using my voice to make a living in the offline world for many years. I find that it’s one of the greatest ways to help people feel more closely connected to you online.

      I’m glad that you’re inspired to create an audio product from your blog entries. Good show!


  • I’m so happy you stopped by, Jean. And I just bet you’ll be stepping out from behind that keyboard of yours … soon!

    And you’ve hit the proverbial nail on the head. Just being able to hear someone’s voice boosts your credibility considerably and establishes a level of humanizing comfort and builds trust.

    So, tell me …

    When and how will we be hearing your voice? 🙂

    Go ahead and poke around all you want and I’d love to have you come back again.

    Hope you’ll think about joining the next 30-day blogging challenge starting June 1st. It’s going to be tons of fun and GREAT exposure for your blog and business.

    Have a wonderful week,

  • Hi, Melanie. It’s my first time here so I’ll be poking around a bit 🙂

    I haven’t stepped out from behind the keyboard as of yet, but I agree that connecting by voice is a great way to build relationships. I was just thinking about it, and every person I’ve bought a product/course from recently has connected with me by voice at least a couple of times before the purchase. It definitely does establish a comfort level and build trust.
    .-= Jean Sarauer´s last blog ..How to Live With Your Inner Critic =-.

  • So glad you enjoyed my interview, Heather. Terrie and I had a lot of fun recording it and she’s great at interviewing others!

    You, my friend, have a divine voice! Your beautiful accent and the soothing nature of your voice are PERFECT for reaching out and connecting with your target audience.

    Hope you’re having a glorious weekend!

    Love and long distance hugs,

  • I love your interview with Terrie!
    I agree that we connect on more levels when we use our voice. For me, it’s always lovely to put a voice to a face. Sometimes I’m surprised that someone sounds different to the way I’d envisaged (isn’t that interesting).
    In my work, my voice is so important. I’ve arrived at events and, before I’ve introduced myself, people have said “You’re Heather aren’t you? I recognised your voice from your CD” That says a lot!
    I will think of more ways that I can connect with everyone using my voice. Thank you xx
    .-= Heather Bestel´s last blog ..Self-Growth: Re-frame the Situation =-.

  • Good day, Ron!

    I don’t often have gentlemen stopping by my blog, so it’s wonderful to see you here.

    Isn’t it uncanny how educators just seem to “magnetize” toward one another? You’ve been teaching for 30 years and me, 29.

    Yes! Your Aussie accent will most assuredly give you a tremendous leading edge. I like it already and I haven’t even heard it. 🙂

    Most definitely keep using your voice in as many ways as you can. It’s one of the very best relationship-building tools and will help folks to feel more closely connected to you.

    Come back again soon,

  • Hi Melanie

    I picked up your blog and this post via Robert Plank’s post on “Roadblocks”. This is a great post and very encouraging and insightful. I started doing somethings with my voice – being interviewed on Blog Talk Radio, podcasts and running webinars. It’s a great experience and you have encouraged me to keep it up by your post. It’s interesting that people comment as much on my voice as they do on my content – my Aussie accent is proving to be a competitive advantage. Hope to connect in the social media space in the near future
    – Ron (an educator for 30 years – still in learning mode but trying to produce content daily!)