The Mainstay of My Business is Not a Tool or Technique or Tactic or Even a Thing

Human kindness keeps my biz turntable spinning

The mainstay of my business is human kindness. (Translation: HEART)

Lots of beautiful heart is the buttress of my business.

No, not my heart, though it beats with conviction through the daily challenges of my work and everything I do.

It’s the endless generosity, undeniable and unsurpassed wisdom, and everlasting kindness of my colleagues — my secret and saucy ingredient for success.

Because …

It’s not by chance that people meet
And the right souls gather together
When such a special bond is formed
It’s bound to linger beyond forever

People fade in and friends fade out
It’s the love and lessons that matter
It’s the memories that we’ll cling to
Everything else is noise and chatter

To say I appreciate the friendship, collaboration, humor, support, and camaraderie of my colleagues would be an understatement. To say I cherish them wouldn’t do my soul justice.

So let me tell you about this distinctive group of characters and you’ll understand why they carry the kind of meaning that can never be measured.

The Heart of My Business

She honors her magic through stories
She’s a Capricorn through and through
Her bold and brilliant creative writing
Will enrapture the very depths of you

A master at anything tricky or techie
He’s got website development wired
I love how he never minces his words
And that his nastiest clients get fired

She can be feisty and argue a point
Bravely challenging the status quo
I’m keeping her in my back pocket
In the event I am attacked by a foe

If they gave an award for diligence
And one for persistence and class
It would go to a freelance writer
Who’s classy and mighty darn fast

I’d compare her writing to a song
One that’s at the top of the charts
Mediocrity isn’t in her vocabulary
She speaks straight from the heart

I can add and subtract and tally
But numbers, I seldom romance
She’s meticulous, smart, and fun
In the realm of business finance

I could rhyme on and on and on
Till I can’t type one more word
To mention every precious soul
Is a notion bordering on absurd

So suffice to say the list runs deep
Of helping hands and listening ears
This poem is a gigantic virtual hug
Sent with my love and happy tears

Make your next stop Mission: Storytelling!

Favorite book, pack of Oreos, lucky rabbit’s foot, four leaf clover, a kick-ass CRM and project management system. We all have our own must-have accessories to complement our day-to-day activities and get to the next level. Here’s a rundown of the things we can’t do without in our business.

  • Love this poem! This from someone who is not a fan of the medium (please don’t throw tomatoes). Most people make it schmaltzy or overworked. Yours was awesome. Two thumbs up.

  • This is outstanding Melanie!

    You’ve got a knack for poetry – have you ever considered making an ebook of it? I have a flair for what I call “Weaponized Haiku”. When I need to motivate a client or a team member, I send them a weaponized Haiku. Sometimes a little mean but always funny.

    Anyway I’m right there with you about the serendipity of business relationships. I always seem to get introduced to someone who can teach me something or help me with some aspect of something just at the right moment. The Word Carnival is a continuous rotation of that and I’m so glad that you’re a part of it!

    • Aw, thanks, Nick! You always make my heart smile and you’re great at tickling my funny bone, too. 😉 Your PSA’s are top drawer!

      You’ve piqued my curiosity. Would love to see an example of your “Weaponized Haiku”. I. CAN. ONLY. IMAGINE. BEING. THE. RECIPIENT. LOL!

      You’re right. I really should get my duff out of first gear and create an e-book or some darn thing with my poetry. I’ll do it … in due time. 🙂

      • Here was a Weaponized Haiku warning for more Weaponized Haiku to someone who owed me work:

        Beautiful wrath is
        just a text message away,
        spun fast from nothing.

        Prepare your tissues.
        Holes in your soul will appear
        from terrible words.

        Danger lies in wait.
        Mean haiku will surely fly
        as good intent weeps.

        • Priceless!! And IMPRESSIVE. 🙂

          “Beautiful wrath” … there’s an oxymoron in there somewhere. LOL!

        • Weaponized Haiku – LOVE it Nick. I think that needs to be a new type of armament on the Enterprise. Captain Picard could totally rock that.

  • Your poems made me smile, Melanie! You’re so creative, and this entire post was fun to read. 🙂

    • That means a lot coming from you, Molly. Thank you! We’re super lucky to have a beautiful bride-to-be and talented editor in the Word Carnival. 🙂

  • SandyMcD

    Ah Melanie, this is just so special. Sometimes things happen online that make me wish they were tangible, in as much as I could place them in my keepsake place and take them out to look at them whenever I needed my spirits lifted. Evernote just doesn’t quite cut it the same way! But I will find a way to make this a keepsake. Apart from anything else it immortalises you as someone completely out of the square. Love out of the square people. Beautiful and to be treasured sentiments.

    • Look! Is that YOU I see “out of the square”, Sandy?! Yes. I’m sure it’s you. Ahh … I’m in the finest of company. Thank you for walking with me down the road less traveled.

      Your remarks are to be treasured, as well, and NO, they won’t look or feel as sweet housed in Evernote. 😉

      The topic for this month’s Word Carnival was a perfectly wonderful opportunity for me (and Carol Lynn!) to write love letters.

  • I had fun reading each stanza and totally knowing exactly who you were talking about without peeking! I wish I was as talented as Cathy for answering in rhyme but I’ll just say… WHAT FUN! You really have to do something with this poetry talent of yours. I love how you made this post real and fun at the same time. Foes, beware! Mess with Melanie and I’ll challenge YOUR status quo!

    • I knew I could count on you to go into battle for me! (I just hope, in the meantime, I’m not squishing you too much when I sit down.) LOL!

  • As the Word Carnival’s Poet Laureate, you’ve done a damn fine job showing the world why you’re one of us. That heart of yours is something else.

    • Gracias, Tea! xoxo

      I’ve always believed you’re a direct reflection of those you hang out with. When I look in the mirror, I see you … all of you … and I love what I see. 🙂

  • To someone who understands life
    And all that is important to me
    We’d all have a lot less strife
    If Melanie’s blog was the place we’d be

    • A poetic reply! I believe it’s my first, Cathy. SO endearing and thank you. 🙂

  • Oh, Melanie, this is so cool. Thanks for immortalizing the carnies in poetry.

    • Glad you enjoyed this one, Sharon. I had fun rhyming my take on my favorite people in the whole world-wide web. 🙂

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