Reading the Online Marketing Obituary Column is a Joke

Death rules the internet

Good thing I own a nice black dress, packets of purse-size Kleenex, and dark glasses. Every time I sneeze, there’s another funeral to attend.

Nothing to do with humans, mind you.

Death rules the internet!

The latest from the obituaries:

  • “Email marketing is dead!”
  • “Guest blogging is dead!”
  • “Video marketing is dead!”
  • “SEO is dead!”
  • “Google Plus is the walking dead!”
  • “Newsletters are dead!”

And then there’s this: “Revive Your Dead Blog”

Can a blog really die? Of course it can’t. You can put your blog out of its misery, if you want, but it won’t just die. Your blog may be suicidal, however, but that’s a whole other Oprah.

I really wish people would stop making these death claims, although they’re sometimes good for a belly laugh — especially if you’re at all savvy when it comes to online marketing methods (and you possess a good sense of humor).

What you’ll usually discover if you click over and catch these posts is the complete opposite of what the title states.

And that pisses me off.

Blog post titles are designed to make a promise to readers — a promise the blog owner is supposed to honor.

If you’re claiming email marketing is dead, then don’t share all the ways you’ve had success with it (along with an affiliate link for the email marketing service you’re using). Pfft!

That’s what’s known as BAD FORM … and the worst kind of blogging etiquette. If you choose to mislead readers, plan on having fewer readers in the future. Or maybe zero readers.

Word gets around fast in the blogosphere — the good stuff and the bad.

Here’s the thing about online marketing strategies:

THERE’S SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY. Always has been, always will be.

Marketing activities you enjoy most and those that suit your personality, schedule, and budget are the ones you should keep in your marketing toolbox.

  • If you like being in front of the camera, video or Blab-ing is your friend.
  • If writing is your thing, blogging is the way to fly.
  • If you prefer to use your voice, podcasting or public speaking is how to roll.
  • Etc. and so on.

If the marketing methods you’re using are working for you, ignore the death notifications. That kind of nonsense is nothing more than drummed up hype, designed to grab your attention … and sell you something.

I’m not opposed to selling. I’m opposed to deceiving people.

Email marketing, guest posting, podcast interviews, networking, visual marketing, Google hangouts, forums, e-courses, internet T.V., blog tours, virtual book tours, membership sites, ezines, webinars, social media marketing, newsletters

All alive and well.

What have you seen lately in the online marketing obituary column? Are you ever alarmed at the “X is Dead!” claims?

Marketing Part 4: I Need A Marketing Plan To Promote My Talent Online. Thing is … I’m Clueless.

Did you catch Part 3?  No?  Then get your fishing pole and go catch I Want To Promote My Talent Via Social Media. Will It Work?

Dear Clueless,

You’re not alone.

Don’t despair.

Just please take my mantra to heart:

“Make a marketing plan or plan to make a marketing mess.”

Creating a marketing plan to promote your talent online does not cause migraines or paralysis. 

Heck, it can be fun! 

And your plan does NOT need to be a lengthy formal document … despite the nasty rumors.

I could go ahead and list all the essentials to include in your marketing plan but instead …

How about I toss you a spiffy Quick and Easy Market Plan AND Market Calendar from my friend and blogger extraordinaire, Michelle Shaeffer?

That should do the trick!

I’ll exit with this little poetic ditty:

To market! To market!

Without a plan

Means back to the drawing board

(Or vision board)

From whence you began

Comment Box Call to Action:

What do you think is the most important component of a marketing plan?  If you haven’t yet created a plan to promote your talent online – what’s holding you back?

Overcoming The Challenge Of Getting An Audience In Your Virtual Seats

Nothing spells disappointment like spending weeks or months creating, planning, organizing, and marketing a virtual event …

And then having no one show up or just a sparse handful of attendees.


3 Biggest Virtual Event Promo Challenges

1.)  You may not have a large network of contacts.
2.)  You may not have the resources to reach the people you want to connect with.
3.)  You may be an expert in your niche, but you may not be great at marketing.

Even if you’re not currently using virtual events to grow your business, read on anyway.  

You may be surprised to receive an unexpected invitation to co-host a teleseminar or webinar or be interviewed on Blog Talk Radio.  

So take the boy scout/girl scout approach and be prepared!

Enjoy Over The Top Attendance At Your Next Virtual Event

My colleague and friend, Chris Makell, and I pulled our resources and skills together at the end of 2011 and created a special presentation to help you succesfully promote your virtual events.

If you want to learn how to get an audience in your virtual seats, register at no cost to watch the replay of “Virtually Fantastic Event Promotions!”

You’ll be provided with a handout of event promotional tools.

Then be on the lookout for an opportunity to join me and Chris for a Facebook fan page Q & A session.  We want to get you inspired and motivated to rock your next virtual event!

Watch the replay today.

You’re up to bat …

  • How do you get the word out about your telesminars or webinars?
  • Are you getting awesome attendance at your virtual events?
  • What’s your #1 virtual event promotional strategy?

My Biggest Marketing Mistake In 2011

I didn’t “ask for the sale” nearly enough times in 2011.

I didn’t stay laser-focused on making money this past year — BIG mistake.  As you know, without sales, you can’t stay in business.

Believe me, I don’t plan on repeating that mistake in 2012.

Does that mean I’m going to pitch, push, prod, and pounce on people at the turn of every corner?


Am I going to include a promotional offer in every blog post and social media update for the next 365 days?


Will I transform myself into an abnoxious unrelenting spammer?

Heavens, no!

But I do intend to work a lot harder on asking for the sale.

What will that work involve?

  • Raising my level of confidence
  • Acknowledging my expertise has value
  • Charging what I’m worth
  • Targeting the right people
  • Testing new marketing platforms and modalities
  • Getting my marketing messages out there in a bigger way
  • Collaborating with colleagues for joint venture success
  • Building more brand awareness
  • Creating more Buzz!

Your turn …

1.  How do you plan to increase your sales in 2012?
2.  What was your biggest marketing mistake this past year?


Merry Marketing! Share Your Holiday Offer

Before the jolly bearded man in the red suit comes down the chimney …

I’m inviting you to participate in some Merry Marketing!

Do you have a special holiday offer you’d like to share?

Please use the comment box to post the link to your offer and a few details about the “benefits” of purchasing your product, program, or service.

Hope Santa is good to you this year!

Please do not post any MLM or Direct Sales opportunities to join your company.  

Thank you.

Virtual Event Etiquette: 7 Tips for Webcast Success

lady wearing white glovesUse the following guidelines to give your virtual events the white glove treatment!

1.  Send a reminder 

Send registrants a reminder at least one day before and an hour or two before your event. By sending a reminder, you ensure better attendance.   People have very busy lives, get mixed up with time changes, and simply forget about things even when they’ve purchased a ticket to an event.  Reminders also help clear up misunderstandings about time zones.

2.  Send an agenda 

In your final event reminder, include an agenda or menu of what is going to happen during your presentation.  It adds a very special touch that can create anticipation and excitement for your event. It also helps attendees think of questions they want to ask and encourage them to invite more people as last-minute sign ups.

3.  Greet participants upon arrival 

If you were hosting an in-person event, you would stand at the door and greet visitors as they arrived. It’s important you or someone you’ve assigned greet attendees as they come into your virtual conference room. This will make them feel included and welcome and avoid the tendency for people to click in and click out if they don’t know what is going on.

4.  Explain the technology 

Before your virtual event officially begins (and most of the attendees have arrived), take the time to explain the technology to them. Just a quick couple of minutes explaining how to mute a microphone, raise your hand to speak, and how things should look can go far in making attendees feel at ease.

5.  Keep track of time 

Someone should be keeping track of time.  It’s important to keep the event running smoothly and on time to show respect for your guest speaker/s and your attendees.  This is why practicing ahead of time is a must.

6.  Have a clear closing of the event 

Instead of just stopping your event abruptly, make sure to have a planned closing that has some sort of call to action — whether that is to sign up for a newsletter, attend the next event, or to remind participants to download their bonus materials and/or handout.

7.  Follow up 

Never ignore the follow up after a virtual event. Send participants bonus materials by email, a recording of the event, and thank them for attending.  In addition, include a survey that gives you their event feedback so you can improve with each ensuing event. Follow up is a very important part of the entire virtual event experience.

Regarding Tip #1:

Reminder:  If people are not signing up and showing up (in big numbers!) for your virtual events, Virtually Fantastic Event Promotions is happening this Wednesday, November 9th

Free webinar + Free event promo tools + Free marketing strategies + A special report for those who attend the presentation “live”.

Image credit:  DaizyB