Here’s The Thing About Personal Drama And Trauma On Your Business Blog

In short, it’s a mistake. I feel your pain.  I’ve also grieved the loss of a beloved pet.  But may I ask what the death of your parakeet has to do with XYZ?  You know, the social media marketing methods I came here to read about. Your sister is expecting triplets?! I gave birth to twin girls twenty-two years ago and I’m still trying to recover.  I could probably give your sister a few good pointers.  But may I ask what this glorious piece of news has to do with XYZ? You know, the healthy low-fat recipes your blog promises … Continue reading Here’s The Thing About Personal Drama And Trauma On Your Business Blog

Straight A’s And Not A Snowball’s Chance In Hell Of Making the A-List Online

Please play along with me.  I promise it will be relatively painless. I’m holding up a large flashcard that reads: “A-List Bloggers” Quick!!  Say the first name that comes to mind! Oh, darn.  It wasn’t ME, was it? That’s okay.  I love you anyway.  You’re here and you’re reading this.  That’s what matters to me. Not sure I want to rub elbows with the A-Listers.  Whaaaa ??!!  That’s right.  Know why? It’s not because I lack confidence or creativity.  I’ve got plenty of both.  I’m bright, capable, and loaded for bear when it comes to great ideas and worthwhile messages … Continue reading Straight A’s And Not A Snowball’s Chance In Hell Of Making the A-List Online

Marketing Part 1: I Want to Promote My Talent Online. Where Do I Start?

As I always say … “Begin at the beginning.”  (They don’t call me “logical” for nothing)  But before I dive in, I’m going on the premise you know exactly “who” you’re marketing to.  You’ve defined your target audience, right?  What!  Some of you haven’t done that yet?  Uh, oh.  Look for some tips in Part 2 of this series.  Today let’s stick to the subject of marketing. Start by determining the online marketing method/s and platforms you ENJOY most.  Which of the following statements resonate with you? I love being in front of the camera Hanging out on Twitter is … Continue reading Marketing Part 1: I Want to Promote My Talent Online. Where Do I Start?

Getting Back On My Blogging Feet Again

Absent from the blogosphere For so long Right now I’m feeling as if I don’t belong A major crisis fork in the road Compelled me to follow along I veered away from blogging Something in life went wrong Haven’t blogged in months Though I wrote a couple songs My blogging legs are weak But my lyrics legs are strong Been far away from my blog And I trust it won’t be long Till once again I feel as if My blog is where I belong An extra special thanks to my readers who’ve patiently waited for me to start dancing … Continue reading Getting Back On My Blogging Feet Again

I Have That Face

I have that face.  No, really.  I do.   You know, that you-look-like-my-cousin face that compels complete strangers to strike up impromptu conversations with me as well as ask for special favors. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the grocery store, for example, and find myself being asked questions like, “Which aisle is the mustard on?”  Or “Where’s the toilet paper?”  I must have that face that says I have the entire store’s inventory memorized. There are times I’ve been out walking my dogs and a car pulls up along the curb, the driver rolls down … Continue reading I Have That Face

Poem: “The Post Nobody Shared”

                  I published a post,                   That sat on my blog.                   Lumpy and lonely,                   As a bump on a log.                   Nobody noticed,                   And nobody cared.                   Nobody commented,                   And nobody shared.                   Content is king,                   That’s what they say.                   I feel like a peasant,                   Who’s lost my way.                   I carefully crafted,                   This fine little post.                   I might even tout,                   It was finer than most.                   The title was stunning,                   The message was grand.                   A post such as this,                   Is a far cry from bland.                   … Continue reading Poem: “The Post Nobody Shared”

Hiten Vyas Challenged Me and I Said Yes

Thanks, Hiten, for nominating me for the “7″ challenge! I’ve chosen to share “7 Random Facts” and nominate 5 bloggers to step up and take the challenge. 1.)  I’m extremely uncomfortable in large crowds of people.  I avoid them like the plague.  However, I can take the stage and speak to 100′s of people and feel totally at ease.  Go figure. 2.)  I’ve perfected the art of preparing 17-minute meals.   We single mums are some of the speediest goal achievers on the planet! 3.)  I helped renovate a classic 1956 Chevy longbed pick-up truck from the frame up.  Yes, I … Continue reading Hiten Vyas Challenged Me and I Said Yes

Flushing Blog Posts Down The Toilet

I’m flushing blog posts down the toilet today over at We Blog Better. Head over there and give me your thoughts.  Your opinion matters to me. Writing a blog post is one thing.  Even if it takes hours or days to craft a post, that’s the easy part. The hard part? Promotion! You, my loyal readers, have produced some works of art — so many beautifully-crafted, soul-driven pieces of work that aren’t getting nearly the attention they deserve. You’ve put in the sweat equity with little or no return on your investment. My goal is to end that misery for … Continue reading Flushing Blog Posts Down The Toilet

“F” is for Friday and Fun and Four-legged Furry Friends

It’s Friday and I feel like having some fun. We’re all working our fannies off to create a presence online, blogging our little hearts out, and trying to make some sense of this crazy thing called internet marketing. So let’s take a break from talkin’ shop and lean toward the lighter side of life! Do you have four-legged furry family members?  Or know someone with pets? I couldn’t stop laughing when I read what Melinda wrote here: “What I Could Have Done With $900″ And if you’ve ever forked out the BIG BUCKS to a veterinarian, this post will resonate … Continue reading “F” is for Friday and Fun and Four-legged Furry Friends

First Ever “No Questions Asked” Interview

Solo Mompreneur exclusive! Today I’m excited to post an extraordinary interview with Leanne Chesser and Cheryl Wilms of WAHM Solution — my first ever “No Questions Asked” interview. How is it possible to interview someone without asking any questions?  Not one single question?? Click the WAHM Solution logo below and find out!       Tweet