• I look forward to participating in this challenge. 🙂
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  • Hey Joyce ~

    Like Terrie Wurzbacher would tell you … there are no accidents in the universe! That darn apple juice was destined to hit your old keyboard so that you could end up with a fabulous new ergonomic one. Sounds really “cushy” and nice. 🙂

    As a medical professional, I learned recently that everyone over the age of 19 has some form of arthritis. So I have a feeling they’ll be selling a boatload of those ergonomic keyboards. There’s certainly a big enough target market for them!

    “Rest up”? You and I just won’t find those words in our vocabulary!


  • Rest up! Since when did we women bloggers ever rest up. We got important things to say – so let’s roll. I’ve got a new ergonomic keyboard ready to go. Oh, why did I wait so long to replace the old one? I only gave up on the old one when it got soaked in apple juice and the hair dryer still didn’t make some of the keys work. If you are going to invest in your business and yourself and keeping in mind your fingers, I recommend an ergonomic keyboard.
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  • Hey Terrie ~

    I’ll back you up 100% on that! I can see Jeanette has an amazing talent for creating buzz and building momentum. I want to be just like her when I grow up. 🙂

    Anxious to see everyone get going, too! I have a feeling this challenge is going to be even more exciting than the last (if that’s possible!!)


  • “rest up” – there’s no “resting” in blog challenging..>LOL.
    Can’t wait for this one. Isn’t it interesting how the momentum is building already….Can’t wait to see everyone get going

  • Hi Gwen! Did you say “rest up”?!

    I’m doing just the opposite. I’m doing as much advanced blogging as I can this weekend so I can relax a whole lot more this time as well as give myself more un-rushed opportunities to visit member’s blogs and leave comments.

    Really thrilled that you’re joining in again! And I’m totally impressed with Jeanett’s management of the challenge. I’m anxious to listen in on the training she offers as we march on to blog on!


  • I’m ready Melanie! (I think). I’m really looking forward to all of the training Jeanette is planning to give us. I guess I’ll rest up this weekend.

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