• Thanks for sharing your story, Joe!

    Sounds like you’re counting your blessings and your lucky stars to have Karen as an advocate and a vital member of your support system.

    The blogosphere, in general, is filled with people who are selfless and have a spirit of generosity. We ARE a family!

    So glad you stopped by to learn how Sheila and Kathy are rockin’ their partnership. 🙂


  • I have to share a similar story here. I have a friend I met doing the Blog Mastermind program her name is Karen and she lives in Australia. She has been supportive of me from almost day one. I guest posted on her blog Scraps of Mind for almost 6 months and since then we have always kept in touch maybe not hard core but we have been there quietly in the shadows for each other when we need to make an appearance in each others lives.

    You are so right in that we need those “Families” I will call it in the blogging community. Rather it be your online sister, brother, mentor whatever you wish to call it.

    I enjoyed reading this post and the comments.

  • Love your power-packed and energetic analogy, Sheila!

    And you and Kathy also go together like peanut butter and jelly. 🙂

    Looking forward to having you post here again,

  • When you think about it, we live in a two terminal universe….the North Pole and the South Pole, a car battery etc.

    All of these produce energy. They produce power. When you partner up it increases your power.

    Thanks for all the great comments!

    Melanie, thanks for having us.

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  • Hello from Montana,

    What fun to share success with your siblings. Our daughters have that kind of relationship and it makes me so happy. Our biggest success is that our adult kids and grandkids like themselves and each other.

    You go girls. Proud of you.

    Judy Helm Wright

    • So great to see you here, Judy! Thanks for knocking on my door to enjoy this wonderful post from Sheila and Kathy.

      And I’m so glad you used the word, “Fun”. Because if it isn’t fun to work with a partner (whether it’s your sibling or not), then don’t do it. Building a business requires a lot of work and no one needs the added stressfulness of trying to work with someone who just adds more “drudgery” to the mix.

      Sheila and Kathy are very good role models for the way a partnership should function!

  • Go Sisters!

    I have 3 sisters, not inclined towards social media, but a great source of support and inspiration all the way!

    You two have a perfect plan, it seems, to complement each other’s internet marketing strengths. What an opportunity to be able to work with someone so well “connected”!


    • Patricia …

      You’ve nailed it! The word “complement” is the key, I believe, to Kathy and Sheila being able to work together as sisters. They don’t “compete” … instead, they strive to benefit from their individual strengths.

      They are the epitome of my definition of “togetherness” and the wonderful rewards that come from blending the best of what two people bring to the table.

      P.S. My sincerest apologies to you, Patricia. I’m sure I mistakenly called you “Pam” in response to one of Sheila’s blog posts.

  • My heart is particularly warmed to find all three of you here – Melanie, Kathy and Sheila. Three of my very favorite online friends. I know that I can reach out to any of you for encouragement and an understanding friendship. I am in awe of all your unique gifts. Thanks so much for sharing with me once again.


    • Don’t forget, Jeanne …

      We’re all meeting at your place next summer for a big think tank, right? 🙂 I can’t really put my finger on exactly what transpired during the (Fab 50) blogging challenge, but …

      Those particular friendships and online connections, for me, are absolutely cemented in for KEEPS! And I’m exceptionally proud to say that you and Sheila and Kathy are on that list.


  • Here we go again… Thanks so much Melanie for inviting Sheila and I to be guests on your blog. It really is an honor.

    For me… having a partner is much more effective than a Mastermind group. In large groups, someone always lags behind and the group then moves at a slower pace. Having a partner is wonderful because you get quick results when you ask for help…and the accountability is more targeted.

    Again… thanks.. it was fun.

    • I’ve said this before, Kathy, but I’m looking forward to the day when I can meet you and Sheila in person. I so admire how the two of you bounce ideas off one another and have mutual respect and built-in (non-competitive) biz-building support.

      Love you both and thanks again for gracing my blog with your awesomeness!! 🙂

  • I had not really thought about how two Internet marketing sisters might be. I must say I have not seen it before.

    This would even be unique to our family. I have 5 sisters and could not do this with any one of them.

    I appreciate all the kudos!

    • LOL! I have only one sister and she thinks I’m crazy for doing online marketing. 🙂

      Hope you’re feeling blessed, Sheila, that you and Kathy have shared interests and can lean on one another for love and support.

      And all the kudos are well-deserved!

  • Martha, Deb, Yvonne, and Mike –

    I met Sheila and Kathy during a blogging challenge we all participated in this year and I was immediately magnetized toward them!

    They both bring a warmth and spirit of generosity to the table and their blogs are two of my favorites. I know I will always find good advice, valuable resources, and great online marketing lessons when I visit their sites.

    Sheila and Kathy make a great brainstorming team and a wonderful partnership!

    I really cherish their guest post today because of the awesome experts and friends they are and I will probably never meet up with “internet sisters” again. 🙂

  • What a beautiful post by two beautiful sisters. I could feel the love pouring through and can appreciate how wonderful it is to have a family member and partner who understands and can contribute to each other’s success.

    “Internet Sisters” is a great idea, Melanie, and look forward to discovering more sisters in the online world.

  • What a delicious and informative post, Sheila and Kathryn. I loved it. I’m actually thinking about finding someone to partner up with. Haven’t quite made the decision yet, if or who, but your post will be very helpful in my decision process. Thanks so much for sharing! XO

  • Sheila and Kathy are two of my all-time internet marketing favorites. I met them both in an online forum and they are both first-class acts! I have to laugh when I hear ya’ll call yourself tech geeks. Although you do know a TON of tech, your warm personalities and willingness to help others in the online community are what stand out in my mind.

    These two separately are awesome so I’m really looking forward to seeing their joint product. I should go ahead and sign up now!!

    Sheila and Kathy have both been instrumental in helping me achieve online success and I encourage everyone to follow them, copy them, and learn from them. They are a gold mind of knowledge!

    Good luck to you both in everything you do! xoxoxo

  • Have to agree that having someone you can share with makes a huge difference. That immediate input from someone who knows your business is invaluable.