• hello, this is really great information.

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, Samantha — and I’m a gal who watches her ‘budget’ like a hawk!

  • When buying or shopping around, always consider your budget. From there, you would know what you would like to buy. Yes, I definitely agree that you should be more people-oriented when dealing with businesses. Try to see what the other party needs even before engaging in a deal.

  • Fiona — Michelle Shaeffer just posted a really good Cinchcast about the topic of “needs vs. wants”. Give a listen if you like: http://www.cinchcast.com/michelleshaeffer/blog-posts/152555

    And you’re 100% right! I’m sure I would purchase something from you, for example, versus a total stranger — even though your price point might be a bit higher. Know why?? It’s risk-free! Our friendship has already been established and I already respect you and your work. No one really likes making purchases in the “blind”.

    Thanks for your thoughts. 🙂

  • I’m with you, Martha!

    If a salesperson takes the initiative to have a pleasant conversation with me (and doesn’t treat me like a walking-talking dollar bill!), there’s no question that I’ll become a regular customer.

    I can predict with 100% accuracy that YOUR target audience has that kind of positive, relationship-building experience with you. I’d like to personally thank you for being a really good (online marketing) role model!

  • Absolutely, Rebecca, and just being yourself is easy, right? No phony baloney — Give your prospects, customers, and clients something they simply can’t get elsewhere — YOU.

    Thank you for swinging by today!

  • Yes, people get to the “buy it now” button at different stages. Good breakdown! Relationships are the key. Who doesn’t like going into a store where you are greeted by your favorite sales person and you have a personal conversation along with the buying experience? It makes buying fun and and easy. That’s exactly the kind of experience we want our clients to have and it’s possible with all the avenues you mentioned! Great post!

  • I completely agree – Authenticity is key!

  • True, I was only reading this morning – People buy what they want, not what they need. And most times, people will buy from people they like, even if it’s slightly more than a competitor.

    Social Media really does let people get to know you, and I think this is why so many businesses are finding success in investing in this area at the moment.

    Awesome post. Thanks again Melanie 🙂