Pleasure Revenge, Cocooning, and Clanning

Did you know Pleasure Revenge, Cocooning, and Clanning are just three of 17 trends to watch for in predicting the future in ways to connect with consumers?

I didn’t either.

Then I read a truly fascinating post from Denese Bottrell of ThoughtfulContent.  I was lucky enough to discover Denese and her blog via the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge.

What amazing adventures she’s had!

Denese didn’t just leave corporate life …

She obliterated it!

She squashed it!

She wiped it away!

Read “17 Trends Track Business Opportunity (and Personal Sanity)” and learn the meaning of such trends as 99 Lives, Icon Toppling, Cashing Out, and Down-Aging.

Denese’s post will have you taking a careful look to see if you can find ways your business can solve one of these problems, enhance a life, or improve communication.

  • Several years ago, I went to a lecture by a woman named Faith Popcorn. She is a consultant for business marketing. She coined the word “Clanning” “Cocooning” and many more terms. Because of the “Cocooning” trend, she predicted the increased interest in “Candles.” Those who took her advice made a killing selling Candles. Because of “Cocooning” she predicted the video market long before it was popular.

    She has several books and you can get them on Amazon. I purchased some of her earlier books. Melanie… she has a real focus on marketing to women which you may be interested in.

    Thanks for the reminder. I’m going to bring out my old books and purchase some new ones.

    • Thanks SO much for your insight into Faith Popcorn (love the name!), Kathy.

      Denese Bottrell referred to her at the top of her Blog post. Isn’t Faith an incredibly phenomenal woman? You’ve inspired me to check out her work on Amazon — I’m definitely more than interested in connecting with true professionals who focus on marketing to women!