Online Revenue Workshop Recordings If You Can’t Make It To Las Vegas

I know you are interested in building your online business in 2010 … or you wouldn’t be reading this.  Today’s post is an important announcement I wanted to pass along to you.  I don’t want you to miss out … and you’ll want to take action right away.

A couple of friends of mine are giving a workshop in Las Vegas called the Online Revenue Workshop. And while I think it’s too late to register, you can still benefit from this workshop with the recordings.

When I asked Dr. Jeanette Cates, one of the organizers, about the recordings, here’s what she told me:

YES, the recordings are available.

YES, the recordings will include both audio AND video replays of the sessions. Any time we use a computer for the presentation, whether it’s slides or a live demonstration, we’ll be recording the screen.

These are not the “talking heads” videos you sometimes get from conferences. I mean, do you really need to see the presenter in order to “get” the content? Instead, these are the visuals that make the information clear and ready to implement in YOUR business.

YES, there is a special pre-publication price of only $97.

YES, we’ll be raising the price immediately after the conference. It will go to at least $197 – twice what it is right now.

So it sounds like you need to take action today. They are only guaranteeing the special pre-publication price when you buy before the conference kicks off on January 22.