• Ever after your blogging dues are paid this still doesn’t all seem to just fall in a row haha!

    • You’ve brought up a good point, Franki, and thanks for the visit!

      Blogging is a strange animal.

      Blogging dues, by the way, is never paid in full. 😉

      It’s an ongoing process of beating that drum in a way that attracts the right people to your blog.

      The best and most successful bloggers are not only persistent … they’re relentless! They crank out more beefy content than I could produce in a lifetime.

  • omg……………if you (of all people) have a large balance due, what hope do the rest of us have? lol. seriously though….i love how practically everywhere i go online….i see your tiny little icon saying “melanie kissel likes this”! you are an inspiration!

    • Great to know I’m showing up somewhere other than here on Solo Mompreneur! LOL! 🙂

      Let me tell you a secret …

      Even bloggers who are on top of their game and have a huge following still have “dues” to pay. It’s never really paid in full. You have to continue to make installments of “persistence” and “consistency” and keep adding value to your target market.

      But you know what?

      It’s a wonderful bill to never get paid off! And the payoffs in it for you as a blogger are immeasurable. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by,

  • Melanie, I admit I’m one of those who closes my eyes when I hit publish and wears a hat so the confetti won’t get stuck in my hair. 🙂 Ahhh! If it could only be that easy!

    I’m still paying dues, but I’m beginning to see the benefits of not giving up. I’m also learning that the payoff comes in helping others succeed more than in how eloquent I sound or how pretty my site is… And, YOU, Melanie, are teaching me that valuable lesson more than anyone else has been able to.

    So, for now, I will just keep learning, helping others, and celebrating the small successes along the way.

    Thanks for the wisdom in this post!


    • Hey Roz — so excited to see you here! Thanks for knocking on my door today. 🙂

      You hit the bulls eye with this …

      ” … the payoff comes in helping others succeed more than in how eloquent I sound or how pretty my site is.”

      Always keep that in the forefront of your (blogging) mind and I’ll see you at the top!

      Confetti – less and still paying my dues,

  • I would love some magic blog dust as well, Melanie! It is so easy to think that if you build it they will come.

    Unfortunately, writing and posting is only a small part of blogging. Promoting, interacting (on your blog AND others) and “paying your dues” is a big chunk of creating blog magic.

    Obviously, looking at your blog community, you have paid a lot of dues!

    • Thanks so much for the compliment, Daphne, and for your visit today!

      You spoke VOLUMES with this …

      “Promoting, interacting (on your blog AND others) and “paying your dues” is a big chunk of creating blog magic.”

      Crating a post and hitting the big publish button is just the beginning, isn’t it? A lot of energy and creativity goes into writing a post but even MORE work goes into what you do with that post AFTER it appears on your blog.

      I want some of that magic blog dust, too! 🙂


  • As a lawyer once said, “Never ask a question you don’t already know the answer to!”

    What a wonderful post to both give encouragement as well as provide an opportunity for the uninitiated to glean a better understanding . . . An understanding encompassing the fact that there are indeed dues to pay, the gurus aren’t telling the truth, and those espousing all-play no-work are pulling your leg.

    This reminds me of a guest post I read recently about exposing yourself and social currency. 🙂 🙂 It’s good to have some (exposure and currency) as we’ll be paying these dues for a long while yet.

    Another entertaining read. You know your stuff Melanie!

    • Hi Vernessa,

      That attorney was one smart cookie! 🙂

      You did a beautiful job of putting my thoughts in synopsis with this …

      ” … there are indeed dues to pay, the gurus aren’t telling the truth, and those espousing all-play no-work are pulling your leg.”

      I couldn’t have said it any better — thanks!!

      Ahh … “social currency”. Keep spending it, Vernessa!

      We’ll both be paying our dues for a long while yet,

  • Ah yes, paying of the dues…hee hee

    Melanie, amazing how you bring it out of us! 🙂

    Try signing up for a blog challenge, being incredibly focused and getting it done. Even created an article to tout the benefits and how “easy” it can be…and then…falling off the wagon! 🙂

    So back in search of the magic and knowing how good it can be keeps me in the hunt!

    Thank you for clearing the air! lol

    • We’ve all been there, Chris …

      And thank goodness we don’t have to fall too far when we fall off the blogging challenge wagon! 🙂

      Speaking of challenges …

      I was SO tempted to get on board with the Ultimate Blog Challenge again. But my better judgement, common sense, and good logic stood in the way.

      I’ve done 5 challenges in the past year and loved every one of them. But it’s a no-go this time around for me. I’ve got to stay on a steady path of biz-building activities and keep my nose to the grindstone. I’ll be keeping an eye on the participants, following some of them on Twitter, and cheering on my fellow blogging buddies from the sidelines!

      Thanks for being transparent — very refreshing! 🙂


  • Hi Melanie,
    A good waffle cone ice cream costs about 3.50 in US, about 1/3rd of it in Buenos Aires. Nevertheless, whether in US or BS you’ve got to pay!
    Same applies to blogging. You’ve got to pay the price.
    Now…I’m ready for some chocolate/cherry-vanilla goodness:)

    • I would love to join you for one of those yummy-sounding waffle cones, Derek! 🙂

      And you are right, my friend — you gotta pay the price.

      Thank you for visiting today!

  • Great question, Melanie!

    1. Consistent, constant publication of relevant, quality content.
    2. Do unto others… retweet, post, comment on other blogger’s content if you want them to help you with your blog visibility
    3. Call to ACTION. Let your audience know what you want them to do with your content.

    Blog on!

    • If people don’t catch any of the other comments here, Denise, I sure hope they read YOURS. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

      You captured the literal essence of blogging “dues” with 1, 2, and 3!

      In case some of my readers aren’t aware …

      Denise is the quintessential “Online Visibility” expert and the founder of the “Blog Squad”. Do yourself a BIG favor and follow her. I’ve been following Denise for years and my blogging world and online presence would be garbage without her!

      Here’s the perfect place to begin if you’d like to get acquainted with Denise’s awesomeness! http://bit.ly/VisibilityBoost
      This is a free 7-part online visibility boost course. Enjoy!!


      • Melanie, I am flattered. Thank you for your kind words and sharing the visibility ecourse with your audience. I appreciate you…blog on!

        • You’re quite welcome, Denise.

          As Nancy Marmolejo would say …

          “You da bomb!” 🙂

    • Great post, Melanie, and great comment, Denise!

      I’m certainly not an expert blogger, but I do know that a call to action is so very important – and often missing from blog posts.

      I’m a new fan of yours, Denise!

      • Thank you, Pamela! I rarely see a call to action on blog posts (and sometimes even I forget!). Blog on!

      • Delighted to see you here today, Pamela, and thanks for the invitation to connect at LinkedIn!

        I’ve been following Denise for quite a long time. Let me tell you, you’ve picked the cream of the crop EXPERT in blogging and online visibility! (You can stop blushing now, Denise). 🙂

        Glad you found some value in this post,

  • What a timely post! This is my 13th month of posting. And, like many others, my expectations are both met and unmet.
    What IS blogging success? My clients are both thrilled and annoyed- thrilled that they can see things I tell other clients, thrilled that I truly believe the things I tell them privately (and advise others in similar fashion), and thrilled to see they are not along in their problems. Annoyed that they pay for their advice- which others are seemingly obtaining sans lucre, annoyed that maybe a little too much was divulged, etc.
    The issue is that our blogs are, indeed, our creations- and, as such, are perfect for us. When the sweet spot of our perfect offering and our readers perfect reading occurs- then, a tipping point is reached upon which our success can be built. If we continually proffer our perfect offerings!

    • Roy,

      I would love to see a post from you where you expound on these thoughts …

      “The issue is that our blogs are, indeed, our creations- and, as such, are perfect for us. When the sweet spot of our perfect offering and our readers perfect reading occurs- then, a tipping point is reached upon which our success can be built. If we continually proffer our perfect offerings!”

      Hurry along and get busy with that!

      I’ll be waiting …


  • I want the confetti!! LOL

    This is a great reminder, Melanie, that there’s more to success as a blogger than throwing up a blog and posting a few times, sporadically, whenever it’s easy. We’ve got to work hard to create good content, and get out there and promote our blogs, as well as build relationships with other bloggers.

    • Okay, you can have the confetti, Michelle! LOL

      Thanks for passing along this excellent piece of advice …

      “Sporadically throwing up a post” is not going to create blogging success. If only it were that simple, but it’s NOT.

      Appreciate the visit and have tons of fun hosting the Ultimate Blog Challenge! I’m going to miss not participating this time around, but I’ll be catching some of the posts and cheering everyone on from the sidelines!


  • Let’s see…
    Recognize (spiritually AND practically) all the awesome bloggers and people that helped you with their example and advice to approach your goals?
    It’s the first that comes to mind.

    • Oh, Helenee, that’s a wonderful thought — love it!

      Yes! We all need to pay homage to our blogging mentors and fellow bloggers who have taught us by example.

      I would say this is the kind of blogging dues no one would ever mind paying. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by to join in the conversation!

  • Wouldn’t it be nice …. but I’m not sure if we will get to a time when it all comes together like that. After all, this crazy social media marketing changes so much, you just never know.

    Really enjoyed this post. Melanie I love your creative thinking, it boggles my mind and I wish I had just a small portion of your wonderful way of writing!

    • You’re a sweetheart, Lynn, and a really good friend.

      Thanks for the compliment about my writing. It’s a comfortable, natural activity for me and something I’ve loved to do since elementary school. Writing makes me happy.

      I only wish I could do video interviews and webinar tutorials like you! 🙂

      Glad you stopped by today,

      • Give credit where credit is due, right? 🙂 Why don’t we have you write the scripts and I will do the videos, lol! I was happy to stop by today as just as writing makes you happy, reading what you write Melanie, makes me happy!

        • Oooh … “collaboration”! One of my favorite words in the dictionary. 🙂

          Thanks, Lynn! 🙂

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  • With any level of success there are dues to be paid. Unfortunately many people have bought into the garbage that you don’t have to work for your success.

    I have owned my business for 17 years and definitely have paid my dues. I enjoy a wonderful business today but not without still having dues to pay. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

    • Right on, Kathleen!!

      I hope people who stop by to read this post truly wrap their minds and hearts around your message.

      You’ve been diligently and steadfastly staying on your business path for 17 years. I can only imagine the dues you’ve paid to date!

      “Is it worth it? Absolutely.” I agree.

      And I have nothing but disdain for people who profess business success requires no work.

      Rubbish! I’d like to have them look YOU in the eyes and have the crust to make that claim.

      You have paid mounds of dues in Sweat Equity, Stress, Servitude, and Sacrifice — your story of success!

      Thank you for being here today,

  • I don’t really look at it as paying my blogging dues. I love what I do so it doesn’t really seem like hard work although it IS time consuming. What has paid off for me are the connections and many of my core group was formed offline at a marketing event.

    I’m curious about this post though. It seems like you are a super blogger with a nice following but are experiencing frustration of some sort. It looks like you are beginning to reap some of the benefits of your blogging. I don’t think every post will be a confetti moment but surely your recent contest win qualifies as one.

    I don’t think even the top bloggers have EVERY blog post be recognized in a big way but shortening the time between the ones that don’t take off is the goal! Just my opinion . . . .

    • Thanks for expressing those sentiments, Martha, and like I mentioned to Maureen …

      I’m not feeling frustrated at all. Just he opposite!

      I want to make sure my readers (in particular, newbie bloggers) don’t give up the ship if they’re having days when the frustrations set in.

      I’ve been reaping MAJOR blogging benefits right and left (especially as of late) and I’m totally elated with every little victory along the way. I’ve paid a lot of blogging dues and my hard work is paying off. 🙂

      BTW, I think of YOU as a SUPER blogger, too!

      Love ya,

  • OK. I suppose the instant “magic” you’ve listed might be nice. I suppose it could be cool or fun or amazing to focus on a blog post, hit publish, have confetti fall from the sky 🙂 and have it be all about ME getting all those things.

    Or the magic could be from the one person who benefits from something I wrote . . . and from the fact that I wrote it because I saw a need voiced on Twitter and I knew it was what people needed help with.

    Or the magic could be the relationship that develops with a commenter through a fun or funny interaction we have or through a phone conversation that evolves from a question that’s asked.

    Or the magic could be from a fellow blogger adding some awesome value to the discussion by commenting :).

    Or the magic could be from the process that blogging and building a business is . . . a journey of building relationships, of providing value, of working hard on what you love, of helping others . . . a gradual increase in readers and retweets and sales and confetti (see, I like the confetti thing), built on a solid foundation of relationship and service. Those “dues” (if you want to call them dues) are ongoing and never-ending. It’s about giving as well as receiving.

    • I agree with you Leanne about “one person.” Every time one person signs up to work with me on their marketing strategy, buys one of my products, or even asks a question I can help with, I feel like everything I’ve done paid off 🙂

    • Now we’re getting somewhere, Leanne! LOVE the way your brain works!

      Hope everyone reading your comment doesn’t gloss over this part …

      “Those “dues” are ongoing and never-ending.”

      You’ve lent SO much value to this post via your remarks, I would like to strongly and wholeheartedly suggest …

      You share what you’ve commented here in a post on WAHM Solution!

      Let us know when it’s published. 🙂

      • Thanks for your reply, Melanie.

        Just to clarify, I was referring to you when I mentioned commenters adding value :). I was referring to your addition of items to my list of opt-in offer ideas. You’re a great one for adding value through comments and I appreciate that.

        Anyway, I’d love to make this into a post and link back to you. I’ll definitely let you know when it’s posted, although it’ll be a while. I have an series from my Building Blocks blog running through the summer (since I closed that blog down). Cheryl and I are planning a Blogging Basics series in September though. It would fit perfectly then.

        Thanks again for your reply. You always put a smile on my face :).

        • Sounds like an awesome plan, Leanne! September it is!

          BTW, I was sad to see you close down your Building Blocks blog but I imagine it was a ton of extra work trying to maintain two blogs. Yikes! It’s great that you can take some posts from BB and put them to good use on WAHM Solution.

          You keep a perpetual smile on my face, too! 🙂

          Thanks for the blog love,

          • Well, it was extra work but mostly because I was doing two blogs for the same audience. It was best to combine things, even though it was sad for me at first too.

            You’re welcome for the blog love :).

          • I can definitely see your point, Leanne.

            You’ve zeroed in on your target audience, you’re serving them beautifully on WAHM Solution, so there genuinely would be NO need to serve them in two places when one place will suffice!

            It was just one of those “executive” decisions that needed to be made. 🙂

  • I think you need to be dedicated to blogging on a regular basis and provide good content. You also should be active in the blogging community.

    I have read several books written by “blogger rock stars” and they all put in a tremendous amount of time networking and connecting with other bloggers.

    Great article, Melaine ~ I think you are reaping the rewards for the dues that you have paid in the past.

    • Thanks for saying that, Janette! Very kind of you.

      Sometimes I think I’ve walked through (blogging) hell and back to get to this point. Not that it wasn’t worth it but it certainly wasn’t easy. And no one should ever tell people it is!

      Blogging on a regular basis (but I insist on telling people to create a blogging schedule that COMFORTABLY fits into their life and lifestyle) crafting good quality content, and being active in blogging communities are the biggest chunk of blogging dues you’ll pay. 🙂

      Nice to find you here today,

  • Hi Melanie,

    I want to know the answer too! LOL As you know I have a newbie and I have seen the dues take a toll on a few occasions but I promise myself to hang in there for at least a year. I am trying to keep a balance because I have realized that spending a good chunk of my time on my blog and therefore neglecting my family and things I enjoy offline is not worth the sacrifice.

    For me part of the blogging dues which have been paid is the wonderful people and relationships I have formed since I have started. Although there have been few dollars and cents, I am still in it because I enjoy connecting with the people I have met.

    They have taught me not about blogging but about life and living. They are just an amazing bunch including you.

    Just love your posts 🙂

    • You’ve brought up a very critical issue, Diana …

      ” … that spending a good chunk of my time on my blog and therefore neglecting my family and things I enjoy offline is not worth the sacrifice.”

      And you’re 100% right!

      Life must go on despite the fact we’re blogging our little hearts out. No one should EVER sacrifice their highest priorities in life for the sake of blogging. Never.

      Good for you for making the commitment to stick with it for another year. For what it’s worth, when I first started blogging, I wanted to quit a million times!

      Perseverance will prevail! I promise you.

      Thanks for the beautiful compliment,

  • Melanie I would go with Hajra, the first thing that came to mind was lots of hard work and dedication. Having seen that your Alexa ranking is #640 I’d say youve paid your dues. Do I sense some frustration in your post????

    • LOL! I can see where you might think that, Maureen, but no. I’m not feeling frustrated …

      I just want to make sure my readers aren’t feeling that way! 🙂

      Happy to have you here today,

  • A lot of hard work on the net, a lot of dedication to blogging, being blog crazy and blog eager, doing more research brain storming than aimlessly roaming the net, great networking capability, the strength to comment regularly, being nice on the web and fighting with mom justifying the time you spend tapping fingers on the laptop!

    Have I payed my dues? I still am!

    • After ALL the dues you’ve paid so far, Hajra …

      How much more do you think you need to pay?

      How much more research? Networking? Blog commenting? Dedication? Fights with mommy dearest? Finger tapping on the laptop? Interviews? Guest posts?

      Have any idea when you’ll be paid in full? 🙂

      Glad you were first to comment!