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  • After I returned home from the Online Revenue Builders Workshop in Las Vegas in January (Connie and Jeanette’s gig) I UN-subscribed from almost 30 sites who were emailing me regularly. Unfortunately, I think I filled those slots again and I need to go back and be ruthless and do it again. What in the world am I thinking? I live in a rabbit hole about all the time. Gosh, I hope Robert and Lance don’t see this!
    .-= Jeanne Kolenda´s last blog ..Don’t Let the Gators Steal Your Swamp Magic! =-.

    • Jeanne ~

      My inbox is totally out of control. And now that I’m meeting all these wonderful online marketers in the blogging challenge, I’ve put myself on more lists! Darn these cool people! But I still need to purge tons and tons of stuff. It’s one of those “monkeys on my back” issues.

      Don’t worry about Robert and Lance. I doubt they’d have any interest in a “mom” blog. 🙂


  • Great post that made me laugh!
    I know several people that suffer from this as well.
    I suffer from being the opposite actually. I am very cautious to sign up for anything! Although I jumped on the chance for blog#30 and I am sure glad I did!
    See you tomorrow 🙂

    • Danna ~

      I’m glad you jumped on, too. I just completed the last 30-day challenge on May 9th and the results from that were phenomenal! This is the type of event that’s like no other and it will give you the chance to meet people you won’t meet in other arenas of internet marketing.

      I’m also glad to hear that you’re very cautious about signing up for things. There’s just TOO MUCH out there that’s tempting and most of it just keeps us from doing the activities that we really need to do to be successful. I used to get sucked into almost every offer that came down the pike and I think it’s a “leaning curve” experience for many of us.

  • I know sign-up-itis well. Fortunately, limited funds keep me from spending too much so mine is the free kind. I’ve got an awful lot of emails coming into my inboxes. Thank you for giving the disease a name. Maybe we should start a support group! Great post.
    I’m signing up for your Mompreneur Kit right now!

    • LOL! I’m the one who usually says that, Diane! Yes, somebody should start a support group for sign-up-itis. 🙂

      Thank you signing up to receive my Mompreneur Survival Kit! It falls under the category of sign-up-itis that’s not harmful at all and it won’t hurt your bank account!

      In a way, Diane, it’s really a good thing that you have limited funds to spend on your business. Me, too. It helps you to focus in carefully and set some rock solid priorities for only those items that will help you to reach your goals.

      Appreciate the visit and I hope you’ll stop by again,

  • I have a separate gmail account for sign ups, and a prepaid card with $20 on it — so I’m usually able to keep my sign up itis in control. Usually.

    Great article, I’m adding you to my have to read bookmarks.
    .-= Jacki´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

    • Jaci ~

      That’s so sweet of you to add me to your “have-to-read” bookmarks. It means a lot to me!

      A couple of other people have told me they also maintain separate accounts for sign-ups and I think that’s a very smart approach. I know that Jeanette Cates does that, as well, and she’s a really sharp cookie that knows her stuff!

      Stay tuned … I’ve got some more cool things coming your way!

  • The biggest side effect of signupitis for me was the full inbox. Like Suzie, I created a gmail account for the items I just couldn’t say no to. Now I have much better control, and my inbox is tidier.

    But thanks for sharing. Nice to know I’m not alone.

    • Oh, you’re definitely not alone, Andrea! Not by a long shot!

      From my experience, I would have to say a good 70% of the people who spend a fair amount of time online are dealing with or have had to deal with that ever lovin’ sign-up-itis.

      I like the word you use to describe the current condition of your inbox – “Tidier” I encourage people on an ongoing basis (actually, I’m a pest about it sometimes!) to start giving their “delete” button a workout and to subscribe to a maximum of 5 newsletters.

      I’m glad you came by to take a peek at my blog!

  • Thankfully I suffer from the free “sign up itis” which has only affected the space on my hard drive and not my wallet

    This was a fun yet true to life read thanks Melanie!
    .-= Joe Cheray´s last blog ..In Rememberance of My Dad and Grandfather =-.

    • Nice to see you here, Joe!

      And I want you to count your blessings and your lucky stars! You’re the rare bird that can stick to the harmless kind of sign-up-itis. Hitting you hard drive “hard” is a lot better than hitting your wallet hard. 🙂

      I’m glad you picked up on the humor in this piece. I think a sense of humor is a person’s greatest asset!

      Thank you for your comment,

  • Good luck with the Comment Luv issue, Suzie! If you get stuck, just put out a question to the #blog30 group – lots of great technical talent there.

    I like the idea of “Out of sight, out of mind”. Having a separate account is at least one way of not having that stuff staring you in the face every day. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by today!

  • This is wonderful Melanie-I just made a new gmail account to put those items in one place so they don’t hit my email daily to keep me focussed!
    I called it Suzielist LOL

    Nor cured yet- also just discovered my new blog is not being picked up by comment luv? More work to do on that feed
    last post

  • ooh, I agree Melanie- Jeanette’s site gives us a mantra to repeat whenever we have that “urge” – thanks to both of you.


  • Ooh … Jeanette, I can’t thank you enough for the “5 Questions” link. EVERYONE needs to set their eyes on that valuable advice.

    And “Learn to earn” is the way to go! I think the problem is obvious in that we have these irresistible tendencies (like Heather Bestel eluded to) of wanting to sign up for everything because we think we’re going to miss out on something super-duper if we don’t. Not so.

    I’m so ecstatic that you stopped by today to comment and share your viewpoint and expertise. Appreciate you immensely!


  • Terrie ~

    Yes! There’s quite a membership in this club! I’m glad I met you, too, and thanks for playing along with me on this one. It just shows what an authentic, open-minded person you are.

    We may never find a cure for sign-up-itis, but at least now a lot more people will know they’re not alone. 🙂


  • I don’t think you “signed up” for permission to use my disease against me…LOL

    Looks like I have many members of my 24 step meetings (12 steps just isn’t enough for me on this one).

    Great responses – you are so funny Melanie. I’m so glad you’re in this world AND that I got to meet you.


  • It took me WAY over three years to get over sign-up-itis. I still suffer from it some days, so I try to leave the office on those days. Of course, the iphone has made it so much easier to handle…

    And what’s this about putting away your credit card? Just use paypal- it’s “free” money anyway, right? (Besides, I memorized my credit card number years ago – so need to even pull it out!)

    Obviously you can see that I recognize ALL of the symptoms. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been working really hard to pare down my courses to JUST the essentials – so that I don’t overload MY customers with more stuff than they need.

    On a more serious note – two tips.

    1. Learn to Earn – learn ONE thing, apply it in your business so you can earn from, then go on to the next thing. If you’re just learning, you’re not earning.

    2. Ask yourself these 5 questions before you buy. http://dld.bz/fJFw

    If you do those two things, then regardless of what you sign-up-for you’ll be moving forward in your business.

    Great post, Melanie!
    .-= Jeanette Cates´s last blog ..How To Start A Blog =-.

  • Karen, you’re a godsend!

    I don’t think people realize (but they will) how much personality you have! I’ve been giggling the whole way through your comment. 🙂

    And you’re SO right. What good does having a bunch of “stuff” that we’ve signed up for just collecting dust on our hard drives?! I’m with you. Let’s start a new trend of UN-signing up and I think we’ll all feel a lot better. Plus we’ll be a whole lot more organized, too. (But that’s another post) LOL


  • Oy! You should see my email inbox! Sometimes I do a search for a name I barely recognize and discover hundreds of emails from that site or person. Yikes!

    What good does it do me if I don’t read them? There’s no chance in Hawaii I’ll ever get to read them all. Makes the unsub/delete buttons easy to hit. Ha!

    I signed up for your toolkit, even though my child is long since full grown. Hee!

    Yes, I noticed my lack of funds limited my sign-up-itis. I’m glad SOMETHING did! Thanks for the giggle. Glad Terrie giggles too.

    Let me go see what I can unsign up for. Just one. Only take a moment. Might feel good?

  • You gals are awesome!

    HEATHER – Considering the monumental number of internet marketers, we should be able to drum up enough counseling clients for you to last a lifetime!
    I like getting stuff, too. That’s why there’s so much stuff on my hard drive, I won’t be able to read it all if I live to be 100! 🙂

    ANGELA – You’ve delighted my heart today. I can see you’re a gal who appreciates a splash of humor. Thanks for downloading my survival kit! And don’t worry – it’s the “harmless” kind of sign-up-itis and requires no medical intervention. 🙂 Enjoy!

    GWEN – Hurry! Put that credit card away right now! 🙂 Ice cream and movie tickets? My twins find free stuff like that ALL the time. They’re just like us as internet marketers – they get on a gazillion mailing lists! LOL

  • Hi Melanie,

    That’s so funny because my credit card is still on my desk from my last online purchase, sometime last week. But I don’t use it – I just didn’t feel like putting it back in my wallet. I’m pretty good with reasoning why I shouldn’t purchase something LOL

    But where do you find free ice cream and movie tickets?? I would definitely sign up for that!

    Thanks for the post.

    .-= Gwen Tanner´s last blog ..Post Hoarding for the Blog Challenge =-.

  • I’m here if you need me to come and help with the intervention LOL.
    I love reading your posts – you always talk a lot a sense.
    I looked in my email in-box this week and thought “I can’t possibly have signed up for all those monthly newsletters – could I?”
    I remember when I first came on-line, there was this overwhelming feeling that I would miss out on some really juicy or important bit of info if I wasn’t on absolutely everyone’s list.
    Now, I’m not so bad….. really. OK, just a bit. I like getting stuff lol x
    .-= Heather Bestel´s last blog ..Life’s Instructions – Dalai Lama =-.

  • Sign-up-itis is definitely a problem! I once had a terrible case of it and signed up for Ancestry.com lol…but mostly mine’s the harmless kind. And I’m pretty sure your Mompreneur kit is causing a relapse…must…sign…up…

    Thanks for a funny post, and thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂
    .-= Angela Atkinson´s last blog ..Help Bring ‘Owning Pink’ to Your House (And Mine!) =-.