• My preference is to read, only because I look at blogs when it wouldn’t be appropriate to have audio or video going. But audio can be great to listen to when you’ve got time to fill (housework springs immediately to mind).

    I’m not sure about shorter posts as audio, maybe make it more of an occasional treat for longer posts (or, in place of the posts in that case)?

    • Good thoughts, Thom!

      I like the idea of doing podcasts as posts on occasion or maybe even a video post in lieu of text. I think mixing things up a bit makes it more interesting for your readers.

      Thanks for stopping by today,

  • Hi Melanie,

    I think having an audio option is a nice choice. It’s hard to say if your experiment is a flop after only 13 trials. I think sometimes we get caught up in trying to add the latest thing to our website because we are convinced it will bring more people.

    The only way to know for sure is to see if there is an increase, decrease or no change in the number of people coming to your site and how long they stay with and without audio. If you don’t want to test, but like offering the audio link, then do so. Those who will respond to audio will, those like myself who prefer to read will either be erratic or won’t bother. Either way, you leave a sense of being professional by offering the choice.

    So, please put back the audio Melanie and make your audio listeners happy.

    • Great points, Joyce, and thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts!

      I think I’ll put audio clips on the blog when time allows and I feel an audio would “enhance” a post. It is good to know that some folks have a preference for listening and others, exclusively for reading.

      Happy Friday and have an amazing day!

  • I do not listen to audio on blogs. I like to read them.

    I have seen stats for audio on sales pages, so I do that. Like you said it they are easy to produce and it looks like some readers really like it- so giving that extra option is a good idea.

    • Thanks for your input, Sheila!

      So far, it’s a 50/50 mix of people that would prefer to read and those that really like listening. So I think what I’ll probably do is record my posts when I have the time and not worry about it when I don’t. 🙂


  • Melanie,

    I’m sure you know we wouldn’t point out if your audios were missing, right? We all know the last thing you need is a bunch of nagging blog challengers! LOL

    I hope you bring them back 🙂

    Honestly, one of the things I was going to do differently this blog challenge was create more videos – that didnt happen, not a single video so far.


  • Hi Melanie,

    I love reading your posts but I must admit I pretty much keep my speakers muted. I did listen in once just to hear your voice, though.

    It’s a wonderful thing to offer options to your readers and if they like it, keep it up! But don’t bog yourself down with a “must do”. I happen to know (on very good authority, I might add)… you’re a very, very busy woman!


    • I know your “good authority” very well, Deb, and she’s right!

      Actually, the audios are lots of fun to do and they only take a couple of minutes to produce. In the bigger scheme of things (and life), I consider them “therapy”. 🙂


  • No kidding Melanie… I didn’t even see the audio. I have enjoyed reading you blog… because you are an excellent, clever and witty writer.

    I went back and listened to a prior post. The audio is great because I get to know your better by way of your voice. However… for me.. reading the text is best. Pssst… I too need to get off my duff and do a few videos for my blog in the online marking niche.

    • Never, ever, ever lose your sense of humor, Kathy!

      Rob Britt commented that he likes reading best, too. What’s that old saying? Oh, yeah —> “Different strokes for different folks”.

      Thanks for taking the time to go back and listen to one of my posts. The gesture means a lot to me.

      We’ve made it to the halfway mark in the challenge – HOORAY! (What? No parade and no prizes?!) 🙂


  • I’m not an audio person as far as websites go. even on the Get Inspired Project I am much more likely to just read than listen.
    I think having the option opens things up for more visitors, though. and I do like knowing what people sound like..

    • Thanks so much for coming by today, Rob!

      I’m much more of a reader online, too, but you have a really good point and that’s exactly why I decided to give people an option. I use my voice to make a living offline and I know that hearing someone’s voice helps an audience to connect with you. Using audios online causes you to become a tad bit more “real” – if you know what I mean.

      Blog On, Rob! And congratulations on making it to the halfway mark in the blogging challenge! Can you believe we’re both crazy enough to do this TWO times in a row?!


  • I think I need to agree with Melanie on the OdioGo solution. I went over to their blog and listened to a few posts. The robotic voice and timing may aid the visually impaired, but to a blog reader that could be looking to digest the blog as a podcast, I don’t think they would stick around to long listening to the robot. I would say it depends on the content, but in this case I don’t even think good content would save the robotic voice.

    Maybe one day we’ll get there. Until then, I am considering recording my posts as well. It sounds like a great added feature for my blog readers.


    • Hello Kevin! Glad you knocked on my door today.

      I had a feeling I wasn’t alone in my thinking regarding Odiogo. It’s just too “mechanical” for me — not my cup of tea. Perhaps someday soon they’ll make some improvements and I really hope so because it COULD BE a great tool.

      Jump in and start recording your posts! I prefer the ease and simplicity of using Audio Acrobat and I highly recommend their service.

      I’ve been teaching for many, many years and I’ve discovered that everyone absorbs information a little differently and has their personal preference for “how” they learn. 90% of adult learners are visual learners, so I need to get off my duff soon and start adding video to my blog. 🙂


  • virtualfreedom

    RT @MelanieKissell: @JeanetteCates My Experiment Bombed https://www.melaniekissell.com/2010/06/my… #blog30

  • I am a big fan of experiments and I thank you for sharing. Will be interesting to see the comments!

    • Hi Kat!

      Nice to meet a fan of experiments. I rarely do any testing, surveying, or trying out of anything — so I’ll be interested to see what kinds of comments come rolling in.

      What are some of the experiments you’ve conducted? Would love to know.


  • Melanie,

    You might look at Odiogo…it takes your RSS feed and turns it into an audio stream. You don’t have to do anything extra and every post is turned into an audio.

    Check it out at: http://www.odiogo.com/ …it’s free too.

    • You’re a doll, Todd. Thanks for coming by. 🙂

      Yes, I’ve visited a lot of blogs that utilize the free Odiogo service. I’ll be absolutely right off the cuff with you here — Odiogo is super convenient but I really don’t care for the robot-like, computer-generated “sound” of the voice. And sometimes the enunciation is very choppy.

      The title of your most recent post has piqued my curiosity — better get over there and check it out!


  • I love the audio – please keep it going. I’m willing myself to try it as well. It makes such a more personal touch. 🙂

    • I like that thought, Fiona!

      Thanks. I was hoping the audios would add a personal touch and help people to feel a little more connected.

      Give it a try yourself — it’s fun. I’ll be waiting to “hear” from you on your blog sometime soon! 🙂


  • TheHighRoad

    @MelanieKissell If my comment issue was straight you would know that I thoroughly enjoyed the option of listening to these short quips.

    • Thank you, Vernon!

      This is the first time I’m actually finding a comment from you on my dashboard. Hooray!! Maybe it came through because you used the @ sign in front of my name?? However it happened, I’m happy. 🙂

      Hope you can get some satisfaction soon and get all your technical issues untangled.