Straight Talk On Why You Should Use Social Media To Market Your Business

The new way of marketing with social media is not just a different set of rules; it’s a whole new game.  Marketing is being totally transformed and the internet is a game changer.

For the minimal cost of internet service, it’s possible to reach the entire world from your computer.

The days of old fashioned (traditional) advertising are numbered.  Have you noticed how many newspapers and magazines are either closing or moving online?

Even television commercials (yuck) are slowly becoming less and less effective.  Why?  Because more people are spending their valuable time online and much less time sitting in front of the television.

The game changer, the internet, has created lots of different venues for reaching prospective customers and clients.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Blogging, just to name four, are all effective platforms for engaging your target audience and making valuable and lasting connections that can lead to sales.

Social media venues are ideal places small business owners can go to interact with their target market and with other business builders.  The days of shouting out sales messages are over!  Entrepreneurs can now create their own communities based on their passion, products, or services.

Know what’s really cool?

Larger corporations do NOT dominate this game!  And right now they’re a little hesitant to place themselves in social networks.  A lot of them are still trying to figure out how to use social media marketing to their advantage.

But small businesses are grabbing the ball and running with it!

So why should you use this new way of interacting (social media) to market your biz?

  • Bring attention to your products, programs, and services
  • Engage customers on a more personal level
  • Make a real impact on your target audience while only spending minutes a day
  • Forge real relationships with your prospects and customers
  • Drive traffic to your blog or website
  • Build authority and become the go-to person in your niche
  • Pump up your profits!

Anne Robinson of Saucy Social Media says:

“Social Media isn’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.”

And a  survey conducted last year by The Nielsen Company reported:

“Recommendations from personal acquaintances or opinions posted by consumers online are the most trusted forms of advertising.”

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  • Thanks for your thoughts, Annie, and you’re quite welcome for the mention. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed making your acquaintance through the blogging challenge and I like the sauciness of your website and approach to social media marketing!

  • Hi Melanie, your post is right on the mark, everything has changed and put the power firmly back into the hands of the consumer. Understanding this shift is essential to the future of marketing! Good post and thank you for the plug 🙂