Marketing Part 4: I Need A Marketing Plan To Promote My Talent Online. Thing is … I’m Clueless.

Did you catch Part 3?  No?  Then get your fishing pole and go catch I Want To Promote My Talent Via Social Media. Will It Work?

Dear Clueless,

You’re not alone.

Don’t despair.

Just please take my mantra to heart:

“Make a marketing plan or plan to make a marketing mess.”

Creating a marketing plan to promote your talent online does not cause migraines or paralysis. 

Heck, it can be fun! 

And your plan does NOT need to be a lengthy formal document … despite the nasty rumors.

I could go ahead and list all the essentials to include in your marketing plan but instead …

How about I toss you a spiffy Quick and Easy Market Plan AND Market Calendar from my friend and blogger extraordinaire, Michelle Shaeffer?

That should do the trick!

I’ll exit with this little poetic ditty:

To market! To market!

Without a plan

Means back to the drawing board

(Or vision board)

From whence you began

Comment Box Call to Action:

What do you think is the most important component of a marketing plan?  If you haven’t yet created a plan to promote your talent online – what’s holding you back?

  • I agree, a marketing plan really makes a difference. You can’t go into battle without a master plan after all!

    • Are you hinting that marketing your business is a “battle”, Lexi? LOL!

      Well, it CAN be a battle if you approach the new year without some kind of plan in place. Even if you’ve got just the first two months of the year planned out, that’s a great start.

  • You’re right about the marketing plan that needs to be prepared thoroughly before every start of the year.

    It truly helps. Being prepared is one of the most important way on how you can succeed.

    • Thanks for joining the conversation, Jessica. It’s always wise to have a “plan” so you can stay ahead of the marketing curve. 🙂

  • I have tried to work without a marketing plan and I end up flying by the seat of my pants. I actually spent some time at an event to fill out my marketing calendar. It was the main reason I went to the event, to work ON my business, instead of IN it.

    It is so freeing to have all my 2013 projects on my calendar, even if I don’t know yet what they will look like. I now know what I will be doing day to day to market my biz, so expect great things from me next year! Watch out 2013!

    • WAY TO GO, Daphne!!

      I feel your joy here:
      “It is so freeing to have all my 2013 projects on my calendar”

      Congrats on expending the energy and taking precious time to create a marketing calendar for 2013. Now go and treat yourself to something wonderful! 🙂

  • Although making plans can be bothersome to many, I actually like doing them! It gives me the guide for what to do next when I get stuck. Love your poem, btw!

    • Hi Miz Martha

      Given your bubbly personality and perpetual positive outlook on everything in life …
      it doesn’t surprise me you enjoy the “planning” part of your business. 😉

      “It gives me the guide for what to do next when I get stuck”
      Having a “guide” is the key, isn’t it?

      I’m a gal who likes to work from an “outline”. I need a road map, a blueprint, some A,B,C, 1,2,3 instructions, etc. To me, working in the blind never works.

      Thanks for dropping in and I’m glad you liked my itty bitty poem. 🙂

  • Melanie, you are so kind to include the marketing plan. I’ll be sure to take your advice and make 2013 planning fun!

    • That’s the spirit, Nancy! 🙂

      Thank you for catching this post and have an awesome weekend.

  • I think it’s great that you’ve not only told people about marketing and how to get there, but given them FREE tools to do so as well. Blogs like this are hard to come by!

    • You’re a doll, Brooke!

      Thank you kindly for your compliment … absolutely made my day. 🙂

      And if you haven’t yet connected with Michelle Shaeffer, she’s a great gal to network and blog along with. I love her as a friend and she’s one of the brightest stars on the net.

  • Thanks for that Market Plan and Calendar from Michelle. I love your poem too.

    It’s definitely time to do that planning for 2013. Whew! I need to boogie.

    • Boogie on down the lane, Flora!

      Glad you liked my teensy weensy poem and you’re more than welcome for market plan and calendar.

      Just promise me you’ll have fun with that cool little resource as you gear up for 2013! 🙂

      You are such a loyal reader. May I clone you, please?

      • LOL about cloning me. That can be a problem. Remember Michael Keaton’s movie, “Multiplicity?” Those clones can complicate your life before they ease it.

        I do promise to have fun with that resource as I gear up fof 2013.

        • Happy Sunday, Flora!

          Hope you’re enjoying the wrap-up of your weekend and thanks for jarring my memory about the Michael Keaton movie. LOL!!