Marketing Part 1: I Want to Promote My Talent Online. Where Do I Start?

As I always say …

“Begin at the beginning.” 

(They don’t call me “logical” for nothing)  🙂

But before I dive in, I’m going on the premise you know exactly “who” you’re marketing to. 

You’ve defined your target audience, right? 

What!  Some of you haven’t done that yet?  Uh, oh.  Look for some tips in Part 2 of this series. 

Today let’s stick to the subject of marketing.

Start by determining the online marketing method/s and platforms you ENJOY most. 

Which of the following statements resonate with you?

  • I love being in front of the camera
  • Hanging out on Twitter is really cool.
  • Blogging makes me happy.
  • I’m proud to say I can put together an e-course in no time flat.
  • Article writing is simple and fun.
  • Teleseminars are my comfort zone.
  • Creating a press release is a piece of cake.
  • Podcasting is awesome.
  • LinkedIn groups are the greatest way to network.
  • Making a Squidoo lens is a cinch.
  • I totally enjoy being interviewed.
  • Answering questions on Quora is the perfect opportunity to showcase my expertise.
  • Joint ventures can’t be beat.
  • I can write an e-book effortlessly.
  • Slideshare presentations let my creativeness shine through.
  • I’m hooked on Pinterest.
  • The microphone is my friend.
  • My day isn’t complete without a visit to Facebook.
  • Webinars are my idea of how to have a good time.
  • I’m the Prince/Princess of Power Point presentations.

Look for a “common denominator” in the statements you’ve chosen.  That link is a BIG CLUE that will instantly and clearly reveal where you should be focusing your marketing efforts.

One of these four online marketing methods will be the RIGHT one for you:

1.)  Writing

2.)  Speaking

3.)  Video production

4.)  Social Networking

If you get out of bed every morning feeling totally motivated and eager to work on marketing your talent online, then you’ll know you’re traveling down avenues that will lead to success.  Stick to it!

But if you awaken uninspired to tackle marketing for the day or, worse yet, dreading your online marketing tasks …

STOP doing what you hate and start doing what you love.  Letting your target audience in on your talent shouldn’t be painful.  It should be enjoyable.

Comment Box Call to Action:

Share an online marketing method or platform you’ve tried that didn’t give you the results you were looking for.  Why do you think it didn’t work?  

  • Excellent focus and perspective! I, for one, REALLY need to get my butt in gear with Google+. It mystifies and boggles me and I lose patience too quickly. There are only so many hours in the day! As you so eloquently pointed out …. focus, focus, focus!

    • I don’t possess an endless supply of patience, either, Tammy, but I’m falling in love with Google+. Give it a whirl once or twice a week. I have a hunch you’ll quickly see the benefit. 🙂

  • Melanie,

    This is a great approach to deciding where to focus marketing efforts.

    I enjoy doing most of the tasks you listed, but have discovered that in the interest of sanity it’s not wise to try to do them all. As my business has grown I had to take a hard look at how I was using my time. I realized that just because I enjoy a task or am eager to learn how to do a new skill, it doesn’t mean I should invest time in doing that.

    The business owner is like a boat captain and must spend time setting the vision, planning the destination and overseeing the navigation of the vessel.

    So my problem isn’t that I hate the many ways to share my talent (well, except maybe getting on camera) but that I can’t do all of them well by myself. Thus, hiring a virtual assistant saved not only my time, but my mind.

    Even with a virtual assistant to help, however, I still had more hard decisions to make. The toughest is still focusing on one project at a time and shelving my other great ideas for later.

    Thanks for your keen tips.

    • I hear ya knockin’, Ms. Brown …
      and ya CAN come in!

      You’re a “creative” like me, Flora. We creatives have ever-flowing (and overflowing!) ideas twirling around in our heads all the time. 😉

      I wish I had a nickel for every time I said THIS (especially to newbies):

      “Choose online marketing methods that mesh with your personality, are in alignment with your skill set, conducive with your lifestyle, and those that fit your budget.”

      ” … in the interest of sanity it’s not wise to try to do them all”
      We can’t do it all … and we can’t do it alone. You’re a smart cookie for hiring a virtual assistant.

      A myriad of thanks for dropping in to share your insights.
      You Rock, Flora!