• LOL — and I’ll do the happy dance right along with ya, Martha!

  • Being authentic is the key. For social media and the web in general, it’s always good to think twice before putting something out there. Once, it’s there, it’s there. As for me? Anything that has my name attached that goes viral, I’m doing the happy dance!!

  • Thanks so much for your input, Leanne! And I know you are one busy lady whose juggling more than one website and keeping up with more social media than any three WAHM’s I know!

    I applaud you and I can tell you know your stuff when it comes to branding yourself and your businesses online. 🙂

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  • Fantastic post and great title! I agree about transparency, conversation and how it’s viral. I also agree that it’s personal and about the individual. I’ve branded myself online as myself and my business names but when I engage with people in blogging communities and on some social media sites, I post under my own name, or my own name as part of the company. On Twitter, with two of my businesses, I post as my company name, but it still all has a very personal feel to it.