I’m Rubber. You’re Glue.

Do you remember that old saying from your younger years?

When I was in elementary school, we used to say, “I’m rubber.  You’re glue.  Whatever bounces off me sticks to you.”

Your version may be a little different, but the meaning still holds true.

As I march along through this 30-day blogging challenge I entered, I’m noticing something interesting taking place.  Everyone is learning from everyone else.  What a concept, huh?

Every member of this challenge has a unique writing style and a unique message to convey.  No two bloggers or blogs are alike.  So many amazing individuals and possibilities for enrichment!

So how does this rubber/glue theory come into play?

As members of this event get better acquainted, we are …

  • Bouncing ideas off one another
  • Becoming better storytellers
  • Establishing joint ventures
  • Gathering new business building tips and resources
  • Offering encouragement and support
  • Sharing talents and expertise
  • Honing copywriting skills
  • Creating friendships
  • Planning future get-togethers
  • And having tons of fun!

The benefits and rewards of joining this blogging challenge will “stick” with me forever.

The 30-day blogging challenge is sponsored by Connie Ragen Green. If you’ve never had the joy of participating in the challenge, here’s a GREAT place to start and learn more about Connie:  “5 Pronged Approach to Online Writing Success”.