• One this is certain, Samantha …

    You’re NOT alone! It takes discipline to create disciplines in our lives and in our businesses. Hang in there — all your ducks will line up in a row. Patience and perseverance are your best buddies. 🙂

  • My major problem is that I’ve been organizing things using scheduling software installed in my mobile, desktop and laptop but I never made it to strictly follow all of these stuffs. I even bought a white board so that I can do it manually but no success. Before starting the process, I still need to develop my sense of discipline so I can strictly follow my schedules.

  • The comments so far assure me that I have contributed to readers of Melanie’s blog. I am grateful for this opportunity to do so.

  • When I hear take time to think it reminds me of figure figure, worry worry, must create and must do.

    I do like your idea of setting your priorities. I totally believe in getting rid of anything that is standing in the way your purpose in life. But it is easy to rethink on old data or use data that does not work.

    We are so inundated with with information the ability to pick through that data can become an impossible task and lead to figure figure and worry worry.

    Writing out your Graph is a good chance to really look at what is important. Then pick out what you “Know” and go with that stable datum.

    I believe the in the bicycle theory…going fast creates balance. The things that unimportant in life will fall away and you make time for those that are important. It is actually quite magic.

    like you say, you have to take a look – graphing it out is a great way to look.

  • Oooh, I like this. I’m always one to love to put information in a visual format. But I’ve never thought of a “balance” chart for my health and well-being. I think this would be a great tool, especially when trying to determine priorities.

    Lucky for me, I think I spend at least 10 hours a day thinking (not reading) and 0 hours a day playing Solitaire – so I think I’m heading in the right direction 🙂

  • Kathryn, sounds like yur father was a wise man.

  • Ken has nailed it.

    I like the idea of finding our own “gravity.” Each person is different and their matrix is personal. I’m finding… as I have gotten older (darn).. that I should have taken more time to “smell the roses.” I have grown to appreciate simple things… like watching my tomatoes ripen, watching the birds outside my window and not be in such a rush as to not enjoy a chat with my grands.

    My dad was an entrepreneur. He was an advocate of “thinking.” He said, “You’re 90% ahead of every other business person… if you just take time to meditate and think.”

    Thanks Ken and Melanie