• Hi Mel,

    I can so believe this about you!

    You radiate so much amazing warm energy online. I only imagine how much good vibes you give off in the real world! 🙂

    • Thank you, kindly, Hiten.

      It does my heart good to have fellow bloggers like you in my circle of influence. 🙂

  • Hi Melanie,

    Thanks for the laugh! Oh gosh, how I’ve missed you and your blog. My deepest apologies for being absent so long. I happened to have a bit of free time (I have a conference in half an hour though). Suddenly you popped up in my thoughts and I decided to come by and see what you’ve been up to.

    I so enjoy your writing and the smiles I can count on when I come here.

    You know, I have that face, too. I like to think it’s because we appear approachable and friendly, as I know you are! So there you go. People like you whether they know you or not. Now there’s a know, like and trust face if ever I saw one!


    • Kisses and hugs right back at ya, Deb!!

      I had a hunch you have “that face”, too. 😉

      It warms my heart and tickles my fancy to see you here.
      I’ll be honest. I’m not doing nearly as much blogging as I used to. But as you know, it’s my all-time favorite social media platform and writing will ALWAYS be one of my greatest passions. Real life issues have taken precedence over my online alter ego and there’s only so many hours on that doggone clock.

      The next time someone asks you for change for the meter …
      Think of me. 🙂

      Love you!

      • Indeed! I will think of you. I understand the clock too. I’ve been working for 3+ months on a new site with some partners (Crowdfunding, have you heard of that?) and it’s been seriously hectic, but we went live Monday and I’m thrilled. It’s something I’m truly passionate about. I hope you’ll check it out and tell me what you think — when you get more hours on your clock that is! LOL. Special hugs and kisses, my very dear friend. PLEASE let’s do not lose touch, no matter what life brings our way!

        • WOW-WEE, Deb!!

          I’m so excited for you! You must have worked your fanny off to create this site. It’s awesome-o-matic. 🙂

          I couldn’t hit the share buttons fast enough!
          Tweeted, FB’d, +1’d, Stumbled, Pinned, and posted to LinkedIn updates.

          Wishing you truck loads of success! YOU DESERVE IT BIG TIME.
          And there’s no way you’re ever getting rid of me. 😉

  • Good afternoon Melanie!

    Do hope you didn’t mind me butting above – just couldn’t resist it 😉

    I’ll bet you also have folk stopping you and insisting they ‘know you’ from somewhere and no matter how long or hard you protest you’ve never been to Outer Mongolia, Zubber Zubber land or wherever, they still insist they know you. Can be interesting and fun in an innocent sort of way.

    I have a different problem with my face – apparently it shouts!

    Seemingly I have no need to utter a word as my face ‘speaks volumes’ – only trouble is, I never quite know what it’s saying! And yes, it has got me into some sticky situations….

    • Fabbytastic to meet you, Linda!

      “I have a different problem with my face – apparently it shouts!”
      Then I bet you’re a gal with lots of spunk, spirit, and high levels of energy. 🙂

      You’re ONE HUNDRED PERCENT right about people insisting they know me from somewhere — Transylvania, perhaps?! LOL!!
      I’ve stopped counting the number of times that’s happened to me. I’ve worked in patient care for the past 40 years and I’ve had a bazillion patients tell me I look like someone they know or they’re certain we’ve met before. Go figure. *Grin*

      Would love to hear about some of those “sticky situations”. And I bet my readers would, too. They’re a curious bunch of coconuts. 😉

      Thanks for knocking on my door today. The coffee pot is always brewing. Please drop in again soon!

  • Melanie –

    This happens to the best of the people! You have a caring aura about/around you. Everyone wants to chat with you and feels comfy approaching you.

    While it may seen quirky, it is a compliment!

    Be Well.

    • Paul! What a treat to find you here!

      I think you’re on to something …
      “Comfy” is the key word. 🙂

      I’m a people person all the way around and I’ve never made any bones about it. And so I must somehow be “oozing” the message, “I’m approachable. Anything I can do for you?” LOL

      Wishing you buckets of joy and I’m grateful for your friendship! 🙂

  • I think it means you have your stuff together.

    Loads of folks talk about having presence – presence is the equivalent of confidence but it’s more professional and less ego in your case.

    It’s a good problem to have, I believe! 😀

    • Oh, Nick … thank you!

      I really wish I could give you a hug.
      What a beautiful thing to say. 🙂

  • I love the 210…such an easier freeway to travel on for the Inland Empire…did not know you were in Southern Cali…we will have to have lunch some day…I have that face that people always say..I look like a relative….or a long lost friend. Recently and new FB friend asked if I was someone they knew years ago and sent a picture of the person…a lil similar but definitely different….I suppose it’s what we attract. Great post!

    • I’m excited to realize you’re in So Cal, Michelle!

      ” … we will have to have lunch some day”
      No need to ask twice. 🙂

      Sounds like you have that face, too. Let’s face the music … we’re both QUIRKY .. and proud of it! LOL

  • I’m imagining a brainstorming session where you list your assets, and consider how to best protect them. Would Lloyd’s of London insure for your face for approachability?

    I agree you DO have that face, and I love that you’ve embraced it. I tend to get asked questions a lot too, but I think that’s because I still smile at people, open doors and say hello. You can take the girl out of the small town, but you can’t take the small town out of the girl.

    • Nicole, you’re a riot! LOL!

      “Would Lloyd’s of London insure your face for approachability?”
      I’ve often wondered that same thing myself. High time I checked into it! 🙂

      Ah-Ha! You’ve uncovered a very precious and meaningful part of my history, Nicole — I was born and raised in a “small town”. Let’s face it … we small town girls have our own special brand of QUIRKS.

      Thanks for knocking on my door today!

  • Ha! Awesome! I agree, you do have a lovely, trustworthy face. Trust is such an important part of any brand, so what a powerful “quirk” to have working in your favor. What a fun post.

    • Good point, Katrina …

      “Trust is such an important part of any brand” … along with “Know” and “Like”. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Melanie, so funny…what a curious quirk indeed! Say, I live in Southern California….where DO you find the best deals on toilet paper? 😉 This post inspired me to visit and read your “Meet Melanie” page, which I loved. Glad to know you a little better!

    • Hey Evan!

      So you’re in need of a good deal on TP, huh?
      I can definitely help you with that. (Bet you thought I wasn’t really going to answer this question) Shop at VONS. But first you’ll want to register for their “Just for U” program online so you can get customized and exclusive toilet paper specials and coupons: https://rss.vons.com/rss/UserRegistration.do

      That was fun and thanks for indulging me. You’re such a good sport. 😉

      You actually read my “Meet Melanie” page?! That’s amazing. No one ever reads it. I had a hunch there was something QUIRKY about you. LOL!

      Proud to know you as a fellow Carney, Evan, and don’t forget to tell your wife you know where to find a good deal on toilet paper. 🙂

  • what a great point about how the online world is different!

    i must not have ‘that face’ because i rarely get approached in public.. i think the kids take all my attention, though, and i wouldn’t notice anyways.

    • I think you’re on to something, Denise …

      When you’re out and about with children in tow (Been there. Done that with four daughters), you practically become oblivious to everything else around you. The good news? They eventually grow up. 🙂

      • Now Melanie…. don’t tease the poor girl!

        You know very well they might grow up, but they still follow you round – usually doling out the words of wisdom about what you should and shouldn’t be doing at your age!

        Or is that just son’s?

        • NO!! It’s not just sons, Linda.

          Now that my daughters are all adults (chronologically speaking) …
          They don’t hesitate to lay all their worldly wisdom on me. And isn’t is a gas to have your children telling you how to run your life?! LOL

  • Hi Mel

    “I believe my greatest strength is in relationship building – the most essential factor in building success online. My interpersonal skills are where I shine. ”

    Can’t really add much more other than to say that people don’t ask me for money… I’m usually the one asking.

    Good to have you back Mel.

    • Hi Keith

      It’s great to plant my feet back into blogging but you know what’s even GREATER?!
      Having YOU back in the comment gallery. 🙂

      “I’m usually the one asking” (Why does that not surprise me?) LOL!


  • This is a classic Melanie. I know exactly what you mean. Just the other day I was at Staples, now you know they all wear red smocks or aprons right. Well this woman came right up to me and asked if I could help her with printer ink cartridges. I told her that I didn’t work there and she said, oh, you looked like you did.

    What does that mean?!! But all in all, I think that is a good trait to have Melanie. That means you are a wonderful magnet of peoples hearts. And I know how helpful you are so that probably is what the attraction is all about. So it is a fine compliment and one I’m glad that you shared here today!

    BTW…. can you give me the best directions to get on the 210 in LA. LOL!!

    • Lynn, if all else fails …

      Sounds like you could get a job at Staples. LOL!

      Kidding aside …
      Thank you, kindly, for this beautiful remark:
      ” … you are a wonderful magnet of peoples hearts”

      I believe some folks are just more “approachable” than others, whether online or off. People most likely don’t hesitate to approach me because I usually smile and oftentimes say hello when I pass someone in an aisle, let’s say, and I always establish eye-to-eye contact.

      Thanks for swinging by and I hope you’ll catch the other Word Carnivals posts. They’re a truly awesome group of writers!

  • Word carnival or not; I simply love the way you write… that is all! 🙂

    • Hajra!

      Thanks for the compliment and it’s GREAT to see you here. 🙂

  • It’s a good face to have, Melanie and a real strength online. Thanks for sharing.

  • I’m pretty sure people get your helper vibe because you don’t try to hide it. And yes, online, too. We may not be asking for parking meter change, but we certainly know who will be there in a pinch. Thanks for being there for us, Melanie!

    • But if you do “happen” to be short on change for the meter, Tea …
      Don’t hesitate to ask. Everybody else does. LOL!

      My “quirk” is out of the closet …
      I’m sending off “helper” vibes. 🙂

  • Our quirks are with us always, online or off and what a glorious thing that is for us all!

    p.s. I have that face too 😉

  • Hey Melanie, I was wondering if you know where I could buy a good lounge chair?

    Maybe you just look sweet, pleasant, helpful and non-threatening! Quite possibly you also don’t walk around with your face stuck in a text message? A lot of people look pretty pissed off and preoccupied these days. The fact that you are even open to a question is unique in itself.

    This is a great quirk to have because marketing and business is all about relationships and this comes naturally to a lucky, lucky you. Sounds like being online is practically a vacation for you. No questions! Now about that lounge chair…

    • Carol Lynn, you’re MY kind of gal!

      “Quite possibly you also don’t walk around with your face stuck in a text message?”
      Well, let’s just keep this between the two of us, but I DON’T TEXT. EVER.

      I actually could tell you where to buy a good lounge chair. LOL! And I’d go the extra ten miles to make sure you got the best doggone bargain this side (or the other side) of the Mississippi!

      I can clearly see you have a magnificent knack for “reading” people. Hang on tight to that “quirk” — it’s going to serve you well.

      You’re darn tootin’ being online is “practically a vacation” for me! I love it.

      Welcome to Word Carnivals — it’s going to be one fun shooting gallery experience after another! (That’s a private joke. My loyal readership will just have to read your carney post to find out what I’m talking about) 😉

  • That’s a bonus in the digital marketing world! I think in the new attention-based digital economy, the ability to make connections, provide the quick answer, the spot-on link, and most of all to form relationships – that’s a skillset that has success written all over it. Great post Melanie!

    • You’re a keeper, Annie!

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for considering my quirkiness to be a “bonus”. 🙂

  • Melanie, I love the fact that you have a face that people just trust to ask. That is a cornerstone of clan making and online that same quirk doubtless works to build you a very loyal following!

    • ” … a cornerstone of clan making”
      LOVE that phraseology, Sandy, and thanks for your kind remarks!

      I guess you could say I have your basic “friendly” face and demeanor, which has definitely served me well in creating a beautiful community of loyal readership. 🙂

      Appreciate the visit!

  • You must have that face that makes strangers feel safe. You must have that face that says ‘I get you, and I still love you.’

    Quite a gift, if you ask me.

    • Ah, Jenny …
      What a wonderful outlook! 🙂

      Thanks for catching this post and I love your perspective.

  • So awesome Melanie, I have that face too! I’m also told quite often that I look like someone else.

    Love this perspective on quirks!

    • You, too, Sandi??!

      You and I must have “universal” faces. LOL!

      It’s said that everyone on earth has a twin. But as often as someone tells me I remind them of someone else …
      I’m starting to believe there are several sets of quadruplets out there with my face! 🙂

  • Melanie,

    I thought I was the only one who had that face.

    My kids say it’s because I look like I know something, and mine does carry over online.

    Online I get asked to send money to friends stranded in Nigeria, and to accept the proposal of a poetry-wielding new Facebook friend young enough to be my GRANDson.

    So, let’s just embrace our quirkiness, but recognizing its power, handle it with caution.

    Thanks for another enjoyable post.

    • Nice to know someone else with “that face”, Flora! 😉

      Good point about being cautious online.
      I think the majority of us have been approached by … let’s say … less than savory individuals on the net. Unfortunately, you’ve got to constantly keep your guard up.

      Here’s to embracing quirkiness!

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